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Integrated Fridge & Freezer Door Hinge


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0415550 Fridge & Freezer Door Hinge

  • 0415550 Fridge & Freezer Door Hinge
  • SKU: 0415550
  • Manufacturer: Siltal

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Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Fridge and freezer door hinge that fits a wide range of built in and integrated fridges and freezers

This door hinge is to fit the upper left hand or lower right hand of the fridge as you look at the front of your fridge or freezer. It will not fit to other positions so please, if ordering only one, please to ensure to order the correct hinge that you require. If you are unsure if this door hinge fits your fridge or freezer please contact us for more help.

NOTE: These hinges are designed to only fit in the positions given above

Aztec Fridge & Freezer

AR260, AR261

Baumatic Fridge & Freezer

BR11.2, BR11.2B

Sarena Fridge & Freezer

SC100, SC101

Butler Fridge & Freezer

BFR1709, BFR1710, BFR1711

Caple Fridge & Freezer

C125F, C155L, C165R

CDA Fridge & Freezer

MX181, MX183

Cookers Fridge & Freezer

02-900391, 02-900392, 02-900393

Essentials Fridge & Freezer

ES60FZ, ES60LA, RF006, RF006/1, RF008, RF008/1

Eurolec Fridge & Freezer

RF006, RF006/1, RF008, RF008/1

Gourmet's Pride Fridge & Freezer


Homark Fridge & Freezer

02-900391, 02-900392, 02-900393

Kompact Fridge & Freezer

BUF600, BUL600, BUZ600

Teka Fridge & Freezer

TGI115D, TKI140D

White Westinghouse Fridge & Freezer

02-200391, 02-200392, 02-200393, 02-900391, 02-900392, 02-900393

Additional Information

Alternate Part Number No
Manufacturer Siltal
Genuine Part Yes

Can't Find The Door Hinge You Need, Not Sure?

Buying replacement door hinges for a fridge or freezer can be difficult as you try to identify the correct replacement door hinges you require and people are often confused by different hinges being used in different mounting positions.

We do try to make it as simple as possible for you to buy a spare part but, sometimes, we know people will need a little help to correctly find the spare parts they need. And we encourage you to contact us if you are even a little unsure and we will locate what door hinge or any other spare parts you need.

So please, if you're unsure if the replacement listed here is for you model of fridge, freezer or fridge freezer or are trying to identify spares using only photos then please contact us as we are only too happy to help you make sure you get the correct spares you need and, not ones you don't.

Common Integrated Fridge & Freezer Door Hinges

The two most common types of door hinges are often made by either Hettich or Ingol although there are other more specific hinges for certain brands and models.

If this is the case they will almost always be different hinges that are used in each position. That is to say that the top and bottom hinge are "opposite" of one another and that when the door is reversed they will swap from one position to the other. For each hinge we will normally note the positions that each hinge can be fitted to and/or provide a small diagram to show which hinge fits to what position as you look at the fridge or freezer.

We strongly recommend that both hinges are replaced at the same time as, almost invariably, when one goes the other is on the way to failing and many manucaturers will now only supply door hinges of this nature as a kit and not singly for this reason.

TIP: If your fridge, freezer or fridge freezer has Hettich hinges fitted you can find various options and pricing by doing the following.

Remove the outer wooden door and look at the number stamped on the plate that fixes to the wooden kitchen door. That number will normally be in the format of 3362 5.0 or 3363 5.0 and this gives you the hinge version.

Now look at the end of the hinge if you can but you may have to pull the fridge or freezer out a little to see this. There will be a number stamped on there that will either be 41.5 or 45, if the number is 45 you must contact us before ordering as these can be model specific.

The number that you can easily see and that are commonly asked for are 3702 ** and 3703 ** or similar and these alone are not enough to identify the correct Hettich hinges that are used.

More Information

If you want to know a little more about fridge and freezer door hinges there is an article about door hinges here that wil give you more insight into what door hinges are common, why they fail and why we advise peope to avoid the cheap copy door hinges.

For fault finding tips and tricks for appliances please start with our self help and repair section and explore the articles in the self repair section of the main site, including the spares articles that contain a lot of help, hints and tips about how to diagnose and repair appliances.

Below you will find the various ways in which you can get in touch with us about spare parts and get answers as quickly as possible but do please use our contact page or email as a first resort as this allows us time to look up parts for you and find any low cost compatible spares as well, so you get the best options.