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Washing Machine Fluff Filter


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172339 Bosch Washing Machine Fluff Filter

  • 172339 Bosch Washing Machine Fluff Filter
  • SKU: 172339
  • Manufacturer: Bosch

Availability: In stock


(Delivery from £3.44)
Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Washing machine fluff filter to fit the washing machine models shown

Bosch Washing Machine

B1WTV3000A/01, B1WTV3002A/01, B1WTV3002A/05, B1WTV3003A/01, B1WTV3003A/05, B1WTV3005A/01, B1WTV3006A/01, B1WTV3600A/04, B1WTV3600A/05, B1WTV3601A/04, B1WTV3601A/05, B1WTV3602A/04, B1WTV3602A/05, B1WTV3800A/04, B1WTV3800A/05, B1WTV3800A/06, B1WTV3800A/07, B1WTV3800A/08, B1WTV3801A/04, B1WTV3801A/05, B1WTV3802A/04, B1WTV3802A/05, B1WTV3803A/04, B1WTV3803A/05, B1WTV3804A/04, WAE16060ME/01, WAE16060ME/04, WAE16060ME/08, WAE16121IT/01, WAE16121IT/10, WAE16122IT/01, WAE16122IT/10, WAE16160EE/01, WAE16160EE/02, WAE16160EE/03, WAE16161GR/01, WAE16161GR/08, WAE16161GR/10, WAE16162EE/01, WAE16162EE/08, WAE16162EE/10, WAE16260IL/01, WAE16420IT/01, WAE16421IT/01, WAE16421IT/04, WAE16421IT/06, WAE16421IT/08, WAE16421IT/10, WAE16422IT/01, WAE16422IT/10, WAE16427IT/01, WAE16427IT/08, WAE16428IT/01, WAE16460TR/01, WAE1816KBC/01, WAE1816KBC/02, WAE1816KBC/03, WAE1816KBC/04, WAE1816KBC/05, WAE1816KBC/08, WAE20061EE/01, WAE20061EE/08, WAE20160PL/14, WAE20162EP/08, WAE20166GR/08, WAE20170EP/08, WAE20260ME/04, WAE20361BY/04, WAE20361BY/05, WAE20362GR/05, WAE20382GR/05, WAE20461EE/10, WAE20462EE/10, WAE2416SGB/01, WAE24170EX/14, WAE241K0NL/15, WAE241Y0/14, WAE241Y0/15, WAE241Y0/22, WAE24361BY/04, WAE24363GB/05, WAE24363GB/06, WAE24363GB/11, WAE24461SN/07, WAE24461SN/08, WAE24461SN/11, WAE24462EP/08, WAE24462PL/01, WAE24462PL/06, WAE24462SN/01, WAE24462SN/02, WAE24462SN/05, WAE24463EP/08, WAE24463SN/02, WAE24468GB/02, WAE24468GB/06, WAE2446BUK/02, WAE2446BUK/06, WAE2446XEE/01, WAE2446XEE/02, WAE2446XEE/03, WAE2446XEE/04, WAE2446XEE/08, WAE2446XEP/01, WAE2446XEP/04, WAE2446XEP/08, WAE2446XME/01, WAE2446XME/04, WAE2446XME/08, WAE24472FG/01, WAE24472FG/06, WAE28162FF/03, WAE28162FF/04, WAE28173EX/06, WAE28361FF/05, WAE28361FF/06, WAE28361FF/08, WAE28363GB/05, WAE28363GB/06, WAE28363GB/07, WAE28363GB/10, WAE28363GB/12, WAE28364GB/05, WAE28364GB/10, WAE28364GB/12, WAE28370FG/04, WAE28370FG/05, WAE28370FG/06, WAE28370FG/08, WAE28370FG/10, WAE28461NL/08, WAE28461SN/07, WAE28461SN/08, 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WLF16261PL/18, WLF20060BY/12, WLF20060BY/13, WLF20060BY/14, WLF20060BY/15, WLF20060BY/16, WLF20060BY/18, WLF20060OE/12, WLF20060OE/13, WLF20060OE/14, WLF20060OE/15, WLF20060OE/16, WLF20060OE/18, WLF20060PL/15, WLF20060PL/16, WLF20060PL/18, WLF20061BY/12, WLF20061BY/13, WLF20061BY/14, WLF20061BY/15, WLF20061BY/16, WLF20061BY/18, WLF20061PL/18, WLF20062BY/18, WLF20062OE/18, WLF20170CE/18, WLF20181CE/18, WLF20260BY/12, WLF20260BY/13, WLF20260BY/15, WLF20260BY/16, WLF20260BY/18, WLF20260OE/12, WLF20260OE/13, WLF20260OE/15, WLF20260OE/16, WLF20260OE/18, WLF20260PL/12, WLF20260PL/13, WLF20260PL/15, WLF20260PL/16, WLF20260PL/18, WLF20261BY/12, WLF20261BY/13, WLF20261BY/15, WLF20261BY/16, WLF20261BY/18, WLF20261OE/18, WLF20261PL/18, WLF20262BY/18, WLF24060OE/10, WLF24262BY/18, WLF2426KPL/16, WLF2426KPL/18, WLF2427KPL/18, WLX16160BY/10, WLX16160BY/12, WLX16160BY/15, WLX16160BY/16, WLX16160BY/17, WLX16160BY/18, WLX16160BY/20, WLX16160OE/10, WLX16160OE/12, WLX16160OE/15, WLX16160OE/16, WLX16160OE/17, WLX16160OE/18, WLX16160PL/10, WLX16160PL/12, WLX16160PL/15, WLX16160PL/16, WLX16160PL/17, WLX16160PL/18, WLX16161OE/18, WLX16161OE/20, WLX16162OE/20, WLX16460PL/12, WLX16460PL/15, WLX16460PL/16, WLX16460PL/17, WLX16460PL/18, WLX16461PL/18, WLX16461PL/20, WLX16462PL/20, WLX20160/10, WLX20160/12, WLX20160/15, WLX20160/16, WLX20160/17, WLX20160/18, WLX20160FF/10, WLX20160FF/12, WLX20160FF/15, WLX20160FF/16, WLX20160FF/17, WLX20160FF/18, WLX20160OE/10, WLX20160OE/12, WLX20160OE/15, WLX20160OE/16, WLX20160OE/17, WLX20160OE/18, WLX20162OE/18, WLX20360BY/16, WLX20360BY/18, WLX20360BY/19, WLX20360OE/16, WLX20360OE/18, WLX20360OE/19, WLX20360PL/16, WLX20360PL/18, WLX20360PL/19, WLX20361BY/19, WLX20361OE/19, WLX20361PL/19, WLX20362BY/19, WLX20362OE/19, WLX20370CE/19, WLX20420IT/18, WLX20441PL/18, WLX20460BY/12, WLX20460BY/15, WLX20460BY/16, WLX20460BY/17, WLX20460BY/18, WLX20460PL/12, WLX20460PL/15, WLX20460PL/16, WLX20460PL/17, WLX20460PL/18, WLX20461BY/18, WLX20461PL/18, WLX20462BY/18, WLX20462PL/18, WLX2046KPL/15, WLX2046KPL/16, WLX2046KPL/17, WLX2046KPL/18, WLX2047KPL/18, WLX2048KPL/18, WLX24162GB/10, WLX24162GB/15, WLX24162GB/17, WLX24162GB/18, WLX24164GB/18, WLX24360OE/16, WLX24360OE/18, WLX24360OE/19, WLX24360PL/18, WLX24360PL/19, WLX24361BY/19, WLX24361OE/19, WLX24361PL/19, WLX24362BY/19, WLX24362OE/19, WLX24362PL/19, WLX24420IT/15, WLX24420IT/17, WLX24420IT/18, WLX24440/10, WLX24440/15, WLX24440/17, WLX24440/18, WLX24460FF/10, WLX24460FF/15, WLX24460FF/17, WLX24460FF/18, WLX24460PL/15, WLX24460PL/17, WLX24460PL/18, WLX24461PL/18, WLX24462PL/18, WLX2447KBY/18, WVF2000BY/33, WVF2000BY/34, WVF2000EU/33, WVF2000EU/34, WVF2000GB/33, WVF2000GB/34, WVF2000GB/36, WVF2000IG/33, WVF2000IG/34, WVF2000NL/33, WVF2000NL/34, WVF2000SN/33, WVF2000SN/34, WVF2400EE/34, WVF2400EU/34, WVF2400GB/34, WVF2400SN/34, WVF2401EE/01, WVF2401EU/01, WVF2401GB/01, WVF2401GB0, WVF2401SN/01, WVF2402GB/02

Neff Washing Machine


Additional Information

Alternate Part Number BSH172339, 28-BS-09, 5031686681660
Manufacturer Bosch
Genuine Part Yes

Washing Machine Spare Parts

When you are looking for a spare part for your washing machine the first thing you should do is track down the proper model number for your washing machine or washer dryer. Our advice is not to trust the user guide or manual as all too often these will be generic and cover a range of machines and not just the particular model that you own.

You will normally find the rating plate where you can get all the relevant information around the door area, either on the door farm or beside the porthole opening. Or, it can be on the back of the filter flap and sometimes on the back of the machine itself although, they are usually made to be easily accessible without having to pull your washing machine out.

With this you can then search for the model number and find any parts that we have tagged to fit that particular model, including both genuine spare parts as well as any low cost compatible spares that may be available.

Need Help To Repair Your Washing Machine?

Most washing machines are fairly straightforward in the way that they operate but, if you are not familiar them it is easy to wrongly diagnose a problem.

For fault finding tips and tricks for washing machines please start with our self help and repair section and explore the articles in the self repair section of the main site, including the spares articles that contains loads of help, hints and tips about how to diagnose and repair washing machines and washer dryers.

To get specific help with the problem you have on your washing machine, we operate a completely free to use forum packed with help and advice to help you repair your washing machine.

If you do not feel confident enough to tackle the repair yourself you can also find local approved engineers who are often the same ones that will help you, completely for free, in our forums.

Can’t Find The Spare Part You Need?

We tend to list parts that have been asked for or used by the engineers and not ones that have not, meaning that this spare part has been used or requested before.

There reasons why we operate this way, the first is that if it has been used once then it is likely that the spare part will be needed again and it limits the items tagged to each model to a manageable level making it easier to find the spare parts needed.

This saves people from seeing hundreds of irrelevant results and only shows washing machine parts that we know can fail and have been used, not ones that are almost never required.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you to buy aspare part but we are here to help you if you need it.

If you need more help or aren't sure if this is the part you need please get in touch with us aboutspare parts to get answers as quickly as possible. Please use our contact page or email as a first resort as this allows us time to look up the parts you require for you, send you photos or parts diagrams by email and find any low cost compatible spares as well, so you get the best options.

A lot of information is sometimes needed to make sure you get the correct spare part and, if you don't get it right then there is a good chance are you will get the wrong part. So please if you're unsure or are trying to identify spares using only photos then contact us for any spare part, we're only too happy to help you make sure you get the correct spares you need and, not ones you don't. 

For help in locating the model number of your washing machine please see our reference guide here

Technical Support

For technical support on washing machines please use our washing machine and washer dryer forum where engineers will assist you if possible.

If you need help fitting a part or diagnosing a problem with your washing machine then the washing machine forum is the place to go, we are sorry but in most cases be unable to offer technical support by any other method.