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Fan Oven Heating Element


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2044 Fan Oven Element

  • 2044 Fan Oven Element
  • 2044 Bosch, Neff & Siemens Cooker, Fan Oven Element
  • 2044 - Siemens Cooker, Fan Oven Element
  • 2044 - Bosch Cooker, Fan Oven Element
  • 2044 Bosch, Neff & Siemens Cooker, Fan Oven Element
  • SKU: 2044
  • Manufacturer: Low Cost Spares

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(Delivery from £3.44)
Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is not the genuine spare part as supplied by the manufacturer but it is a quality replacement spare part. It may well be exactly the same as the 'genuine' spare part but not supplied in the manufacturer's packaging.
Low cost replacement fan element to fit built in ovens and cookers

Although a so-called "pattern" element the one we supply is as good as the genuine heating element, just at a much lower price.

This fan oven element can also be supplied as shown in the photographs, with the angled legs, or as in the schematic below, straight legs, both are fully interchangeable with no issue.

This element is no longer supplied with the earth terminal, this is a standard Bosch update. You need to secure the earth lead in to the wiring loom safely. Earth for the new element is then obtained through the chassis screws. This is a Bosch instruction

If you are unsure if this is the heating element that you need for your oven please contact us for more assistance.

Bosch Oven & Cooker

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Neff Oven & Cooker

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E1941N101, E1941N1/01, E1941N201, E1941N2/01, E1941S101, E1941S1/01, E1941W101, E1941W1/01, E1941W201, E1941W2/01, E3441N0EU03, E3441N0EU/03, E3441N0EU04, E3441N0EU/04, E3441S0EU01, E3441S0EU/01, E3441S0EU02, E3441S0EU/02, E3441W0EU01, E3441W0EU/01, E3441W0EU02, E3441W0EU/02, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920G0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920G0/02, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920G1/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920G1/03, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920N0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920N0/02, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920N0/03, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920N1/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920S0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920S0/02, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920S1/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920W0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920W0/02, JUNGESWOHNEN2, E1920W1/01, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953N0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953N0/02, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953N0/03, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953S0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953S0/02, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953W0/01, JUNGESWOHNEN3, E1953W0/02, MEGA1122N, E1122N0/01, MEGA1122W, E1122W0/01, MEGA12540GB, B1832N0GB/01, MEGA12542GB, B1861N0GB/01, MEGA12552GB, U1863N0GB/01, MEGA1320, E1320B0/01, MEGA1320, E1320B2/01, MEGA1320, E1320B2/02, MEGA1321, E1320S0/01, MEGA1321, E1320S2/01, MEGA1321, E1320S2/02, MEGA1322A, E1322A0/01, MEGA1322B, E1322B0/01, MEGA1322N, E1322N0/01, MEGA1322S, E1322S0/01, MEGA1322W, E1322W0/01, MEGA1325, E1320W0/01, MEGA1325, E1320W2/01, MEGA1325, E1320W2/02, MEGA1329, E1320N0/01, MEGA1329, E1320N1/01, MEGA1329, E1320N1/03, MEGA1329, E1320N2/01, MEGA1329, E1320N2/05, MEGA1331, E1331S0/01, MEGA1333, E1331J0/01, MEGA1335, E1331W0/01, MEGA1339, E1331N0/01, MEGA1339, E1331N1/01, MEGA1339, E1331N1/03, MEGA1340, E1341B0/01, MEGA1341, E1341S0/01, MEGA1342N, E1342N0/01, MEGA1342W, E1342W0/01, MEGA1345, E1341W0/01, MEGA1349, E1341N0/01, MEGA1349, E1341N1/01, MEGA1349, E1341N1/03, MEGA1420, E1420G0/01, MEGA1420, E1420G0/02, MEGA1420, E1420G0/03, MEGA1421, E1420S0/01, MEGA1421, E1420S0/02, MEGA1422B, E1422B0/01, MEGA1422N, E1422N0/01, MEGA1422S, E1422S0/01, MEGA1422W, E1422W0/01, MEGA1425, E1420W0/01, MEGA1425, E1420W0/02, MEGA1426N, E1426N0/01, MEGA1429, E1420N0/01, MEGA1429, E1420N0/02, MEGA1429, E1420N0/03, MEGA1430, E1431G0/01, MEGA1430, E1431G0/02, MEGA1430, E1431G0/04, MEGA1430A, E1431B1/01, MEGA1430A, E1431B2/01, MEGA1431, E1431S0/01, MEGA1431, E1431S0/02, MEGA1431, E1431S0/04, MEGA1431A, E1431S1/01, MEGA1431A, E1431S2/01, MEGA1432A, E1432A0/01, MEGA1432B, E1432B0/01, MEGA1432N, E1432N0/01, MEGA1432S, E1432S0/01, MEGA1432W, E1432W0/01, MEGA1433A, E1431J1/01, MEGA1433A, E1431J2/01, MEGA1435, E1431W0/01, MEGA1435, E1431W0/02, MEGA1435, E1431W0/04, MEGA1435A, E1431W1/01, MEGA1435A, E1431W2/01, MEGA1437A, E1431A2/01, MEGA1439, E1431N0/01, MEGA1439, E1431N0/02, MEGA1439, E1431N0/03, MEGA1439, E1431N0/04, MEGA1439A, E1431N1/01, MEGA1439A, E1431N2/01, MEGA1439A, E1431N2/05, MEGA1440, E1440G0/01, MEGA1440, E1440G0/02, MEGA1440A, E1441B1/01, MEGA1440A, E1441B2/01, MEGA1440A, E1441B2/02, MEGA1440A, E1441G0/01, MEGA1440A, E1441G0/02, MEGA1441, E1440S0/01, MEGA1441, E1440S0/02, MEGA1441A, E1441S0/01, MEGA1441A, E1441S0/02, MEGA1441A, E1441W0/01, MEGA1442B, E1442B0GR/01, MEGA1442N, E1442N0GR/01, MEGA1442S, E1442S0GR/01, MEGA1442W, E1442W0GR/01, MEGA1445, E1440W0/01, MEGA1445, E1440W0/02, MEGA1445A, E1441W0/02, MEGA1445A, E1441W1/01, MEGA1445A, E1441W2/01, MEGA1445A, E1441W2/02, MEGA1449, E1440N0/01, MEGA1449, E1440N0/02, MEGA1449, E1440N0/03, MEGA1449A, E1441N0/01, MEGA1449A, E1441N0/02, MEGA1449A, E1441N0/03, MEGA1449A, E1441N1/01, MEGA1449A, E1441N2/01, MEGA1449A, E1441N2/02, MEGA1449A, E1441N2/05, MEGA1450, E1453G0/01, MEGA1450, E1453G0/02, MEGA1450, E1453G0/04, MEGA1450A, E1453B1/01, MEGA1451, E1453S0/01, MEGA1451, E1453S0/02, MEGA1451, E1453S0/04, MEGA1451A, E1453S1/01, MEGA1452B, E1452B0/01, MEGA1452N, E1452N0/01, MEGA1452W, E1452W0/01, MEGA1455, E1453W0/01, MEGA1455, E1453W0/02, MEGA1455, E1453W0/04, MEGA1455A, E1453W1/01, MEGA1459, E1453N0/01, MEGA1459, E1453N0/02, MEGA1459, E1453N0/03, MEGA1459, E1453N0/04, MEGA1459A, E1453N1/01, MEGA1460, E1461B0/01, MEGA1460A, E1461B2/01, MEGA1461, E1461S0/01, MEGA1463, E1461J0/01, MEGA1465, E1461W0/01, MEGA1465A, E1461W2/01, MEGA1467A, E1461A2/01, MEGA1468, E1468C0/01, MEGA1468, E1468C0/04, MEGA1468NOST, E1468C2/01, MEGA1469, E1461N0/01, MEGA1469, E1461N0/03, MEGA1469A, E1461N2/01, MEGA1469A, E1461N2/05, MEGA1470, E1471B0/01, MEGA1471, E1471S0/01, MEGA1475, E1471W0/01, MEGA1479, E1471N0/01, MEGA1479, E1471N0/03, MEGA1480, E1483B0/01, MEGA1481, E1483S0/01, MEGA1485, E1483W0/01, MEGA1489, E1483N0/01, MEGA1489, E1483N0/03, MEGA1520, E1521G0/01, MEGA1520, E1521G0/04, MEGA1520A, E1521B1/01, MEGA1520A, E1521B2/01, MEGA1521, E1521S0/01, MEGA1521, E1521S0/04, MEGA1521A, E1521S1/01, MEGA1521A, E1521S2/01, MEGA1523A, E1521J1/01, MEGA1523A, E1521J2/01, MEGA1524A, E1524A0/01, MEGA1524B, E1524B0/01, MEGA1524N, E1524N0/01, MEGA1524W, E1524W0/01, MEGA1525, E1521W0/01, MEGA1525, E1521W0/04, MEGA1525A, E1521W1/01, MEGA1525A, E1521W2/01, MEGA1527, E1521P0/01, MEGA1527, E1521P0/04, MEGA1527A, E1521A2/01, MEGA1529, E1521N0/01, MEGA1529, E1521N0/04, MEGA1529A, E1521N1/01, MEGA1529A, E1521N2/01, MEGA1529A, E1521N2/05, MEGA1530, E1531G0/01, MEGA1530A, E1531G1/01, MEGA1530A, E1531G1/04, MEGA1531, E1531S0/01, MEGA1531A, E1531S1/01, MEGA1531A, E1531S1/04, MEGA1535, E1531W0/01, MEGA1535A, E1531W1/01, MEGA1535A, E1531W1/04, MEGA1537, E1531P0/01, MEGA1539A, E1531N1/01, MEGA1539A, E1531N1/04, MEGA1540, E1543G0/01, MEGA1540, E1543G0/04, MEGA1540A, E1541B1/01, MEGA1540A, E1541B2/01, MEGA1541, E1543S0/01, MEGA1541, E1543S0/04, MEGA1541A, E1541S1/01, MEGA1541A, E1541S2/01, MEGA1544A, E1544A0/01, MEGA1544B, E1544B0/01, MEGA1544N, E1544N0/01, MEGA1544S, E1544S0/01, MEGA1544W, E1544W0/01, MEGA1545, E1543W0/01, MEGA1545, E1543W0/04, MEGA1545A, E1541W1/01, MEGA1545A, E1541W2/01, MEGA1549, E1543N0/01, MEGA1549, E1543N0/02, MEGA1549, E1543N0/04, MEGA1549A, E1541N1/01, MEGA1549A, E1541N2/01, MEGA1549A, E1541N2/05, MEGA1550, E1553G0/01, MEGA1550, E1553G0/04, MEGA1550A, E1553B1/01, MEGA1551, E1553S0/01, MEGA1551, E1553S0/04, MEGA1551A, E1553S1/01, MEGA1554A, E1554A0/01, MEGA1554B, E1554B0/01, MEGA1554N, E1554N0/01, MEGA1554S, E1554S0/01, MEGA1554W, E1554W0/01, MEGA1555, E1553W0/01, MEGA1555, E1553W0/04, MEGA1555A, E1553W1/01, MEGA1557A, E1553A1/01, MEGA1557A, E1553A1/04, MEGA1559, E1553N0/01, MEGA1559, E1553N0/04, MEGA1559A, E1553N1/01, MEGA1570A, E1571B1/01, MEGA1570B, E1573B2/01, MEGA1571A, E1571S1/01, MEGA1571B, E1573S2/01, MEGA1575A, E1571W1/01, MEGA1575B, E1573W2/01, MEGA1576A, E1571Z1/01, MEGA1576A, E1571Z1/05, MEGA1577B, E1573A2/01, MEGA1579A, E1571N1/01, MEGA1579B, E1573N2/01, MEGA1579B, E1573N2/05, MEGA1580, E1583G0/01, MEGA1580, E1583G1/02, MEGA1580, E1583G1/06, MEGA1580, E1583G1/07, MEGA1581, E1583S0/01, MEGA1581, E1583S1/02, MEGA1581, E1583S1/06, MEGA1581, E1583S1/07, MEGA1585, E1583W0/01, MEGA1585, E1583W1/02, MEGA1585, E1583W1/06, MEGA1585, E1583W1/07, MEGA1589, E1583N0/01, MEGA1589, E1583N1/02, MEGA1589, E1583N1/06, MEGA1589, E1583N1/07, MEGA1599, E1593N0/02, MEGA1599, E1593N0/07, MEGA1622B, E1622B0GR/01, MEGA1622N, E1622N0GR/01, MEGA1622W, E1622W0GR/01, MEGA1630, E1631B0/01, MEGA1630, E1631B2/01, MEGA1631, E1631S0/01, MEGA1631, E1631S2/01, MEGA1635, E1631W0/01, MEGA1635, E1631W2/01, MEGA1639, E1631N0/01, MEGA1639, E1631N0/03, MEGA1639, E1631N2/01, MEGA1639, E1631N2/05, MEGA1640, E1641B0/01, MEGA1641, E1641S0/01, MEGA1644N, E1644N0GR/01, MEGA1645, E1641W0/01, MEGA1649, E1641N0/01, MEGA1649, E1641N0/03, MEGA1649, E1641N1/03, MEGA1649, E1641N2/01, MEGA1649, E1641N2/05, MEGA1650, E1653B0/01, MEGA1650, E1653B1/01, MEGA1651, E1653S0/01, MEGA1653, E1653J0/01, MEGA1653, E1653J1/01, MEGA1655, E1653W0/01, MEGA1655, E1653W1/01, MEGA1659, E1653N0/01, MEGA1659, E1653N0/03, MEGA1659, E1653N1/01, MEGA1659, E1653N2/01, MEGA1659, E1653N2/05, MEGA1660, E1663B0/01, MEGA1660, E1663B1/01, MEGA1660, E1663B2/01, MEGA1661, E1663S0/01, MEGA1661, E1663S1/01, MEGA1661, E1663S2/01, MEGA1663, E1663J2/01, MEGA1664A, E1664A0/01, MEGA1664B, E1664B0/01, MEGA1664N, E1664N0/01, MEGA1664S, E1664S0/01, MEGA1664W, E1664W0/01, MEGA1665, E1663W0/01, MEGA1665, E1663W1/01, MEGA1665, E1663W2/01, MEGA1667, E1663A1/01, MEGA1667, E1663A2/01, MEGA1669, E1663N0/01, MEGA1669, E1663N0/03, MEGA1669, E1663N1/01, MEGA1669, E1663N2/01, MEGA1669, E1663N2/05, MEGA1680, E1683B0/01, MEGA1681, E1683S0/01, MEGA1685, E1683W0/01, MEGA1689, E1683N0/01, MEGA1689, E1683N0/03, MEGA1690, E1693B0/01, MEGA1691, E1693S0/01, MEGA1695, E1693W0/01, MEGA1699, E1693N0/01, MEGA1699, E1693N0/03, MEGA1699, E1693N2/01, MEGA1699, E1693N2/05, MEGA1922BEXCELLENT, E1922B0/01, MEGA1922NEXCELLENT, E1922N0/01, MEGA1922WEXCELLENT, E1922W0/01, MEGA1950EXCELLENT, E1951B0/04, MEGA1950EXCELLENT, E1951B2/01, MEGA1952BEXCELLENT, E1952B0/01, MEGA1952NEXCELLENT, E1952N0/01, MEGA1952WEXCELLENT, E1952W0/01, MEGA1955EXCELLENT, E1951W0/04, MEGA1955EXCELLENT, E1951W2/01, MEGA1959EXCELLENT, E1951N0/04, MEGA1959EXCELLENT, E1951N0/09, MEGA1959EXCELLENT, E1951N2/01, MEGA1959EXCELLENT, E1951N2/05, MEGA1960EXCELLENT, E1963B0/01, MEGA1960EXCELLENT, E1963B0/04, MEGA1965EXCELLENT, E1963W0/01, MEGA1965EXCELLENT, E1963W0/04, MEGA1969EXCELLENT, E1963N0/01, MEGA1969EXCELLENT, E1963N0/04, MEGA1969EXCELLENT, E1963N0/08, MEGA1970EXCELLENT, E1973B0/01, MEGA1970EXCELLENT, E1973B0/05, MEGA1970EXCELLENT, E1973B2/01, MEGA1972BEXCELLENT, E1972B0/01, MEGA1972NEXCELLENT, E1972N0/01, MEGA1972WEXCELLENT, E1972W0/01, MEGA1975EXCELLENT, E1973W0/01, MEGA1975EXCELLENT, E1973W0/05, MEGA1975EXCELLENT, E1973W2/01, MEGA1979EXCELLENT, E1973N0/01, MEGA1979EXCELLENT, E1973N0/05, MEGA1979EXCELLENT, E1973N0/08, MEGA1979EXCELLENT, E1973N2/01, MEGA1979EXCELLENT, E1973N2/05, MEGA3322N, E3322N0/01, MEGA3422B, E3422B0/01, MEGA3422N, E3422N0/01, MEGA3422S, E3422S0/01, MEGA3422W, E3422W0/01, MEGA3430, E3431G0/01, MEGA3430, E3431G0/02, MEGA3430, E3431G0/03, MEGA3430, E3431G0/04, MEGA3431, E3431S0/01, MEGA3431, E3431S0/02, MEGA3431, E3431S0/04, MEGA3435, E3431W0/01, MEGA3435, E3431W0/02, MEGA3435, E3431W0/04, MEGA3439, E3431N0/01, MEGA3439, E3431N0/02, MEGA3439, E3431N0/03, MEGA3439, E3431N0/04, MEGA3460, E3461B0/01, MEGA3460, E3461B0/04, MEGA3460, E3461B2/01, MEGA3461, E3461S0/01, MEGA3461, E3461S0/04, MEGA3465, E3461W0/01, MEGA3465, E3461W0/04, MEGA3465, E3461W2/01, MEGA3469, E3461N0/01, MEGA3469, E3461N0/03, MEGA3469, E3461N1/01, MEGA3469, E3461N2/01, MEGA3469, E3461N2/05, MEGA3490, E3493B0/01, MEGA3490, E3493B0/04, MEGA3491, E3493S0/01, MEGA3491, E3493S0/04, MEGA3491A, E3491S2/01, MEGA3495, E3493W0/01, MEGA3495, E3493W0/04, MEGA3495A, E3491W2/01, MEGA3499, E3493N0/01, MEGA3499, E3493N0/03, MEGA3499, E3493N1/01, MEGA3499, E3493N1/06, MEGA3499A, E3491N2/01, MEGA3499A, E3491N2/05, MEGA3540, E3543G0/01, MEGA3540, E3543G0/03, MEGA3540, E3543G0/04, MEGA3541, E3543S0/01, MEGA3541, E3543S0/04, MEGA3544N, E3544N0/01, MEGA3545, E3543W0/01, MEGA3545, E3543W0/04, MEGA3549, E3543N0/02, MEGA3549, E3543N0/04, MEGA4122N, B1122N0/01, MEGA4321, B1320S0/01, MEGA4322N, B1322N0/01, MEGA4325, B1320W0/01, MEGA4329, B1320N0/01, MEGA4329, B1320N1/01, MEGA4329, B1320N1/03, MEGA4329, B1321N2/01, MEGA4329, B1321N2/05, MEGA4342NEU, B1342N0EU/01, MEGA4342SEU, B1342S0EU/01, MEGA4342WEU, B1342W0EU/01, MEGA4421, B1420S0/01, MEGA4421, B1420S0/02, MEGA4422A, B1422A0/01, MEGA4422N, B1422N0/01, MEGA4425, B1420W0/01, MEGA4425, B1420W0/02, MEGA4429, B1420N0/01, MEGA4429, B1420N0/02, MEGA4429, B1420N0/03, MEGA4431, B1431S0/01, MEGA4431A, B1431S1/01, MEGA4431A, B1431S2/01, MEGA4432NEU, B1432N0EU/01, MEGA4432SEU, B1432S0EU/01, MEGA4435, B1431W0/01, MEGA4435A, B1431W1/01, MEGA4435A, B1431W2/01, MEGA4439, B1431N0/01, MEGA4439, B1431N0/03, MEGA4439A, B1431N1/01, MEGA4439A, B1431N2/01, MEGA4439A, B1431N2/05, MEGA4441, B1441S0EU/01, MEGA4441, B1441S0EU/02, MEGA4445, B1441W0EU/01, MEGA4445, B1441W0EU/02, MEGA4449, B1441N0EU/01, MEGA4449, B1441N0EU/02, MEGA4449, B1441N0EU/03, MEGA4452A, B1452A0/01, MEGA4452B, B1452B0/01, MEGA4452CNOSTALGIE, B1452C0/01, MEGA4452N, B1452N0/01, MEGA4452NEU, B1452N0EU/01, MEGA4452S, B1452S0/01, MEGA4452SEU, B1452S0EU/01, MEGA4452W, B1452W0/01, MEGA4452WEU, B1452W0EU/01, MEGA4480, B1481B0/01, MEGA4481, B1481S0/01, MEGA4483, B1481J0/01, MEGA4485, B1481W0/01, MEGA4488NOSTALGIE, B1488C2/01, MEGA4488NOSTALGIESCHWARZ, B1488C0/01, MEGA4488NOSTALGIESCHWARZ, B1488C0/04, MEGA4488NOSTALGIEWEISS, B1488K0/01, MEGA4488NOSTALGIEWEISS, B1488K0/04, MEGA4489, B1481N0/01, MEGA4489, B1481N0/03, MEGA4524A, B1524A0/01, MEGA4524N, B1524N0/01, MEGA4539A, B1531N1/01, MEGA4539A, B1531N2/01, MEGA4539A, B1531N2/05, MEGA4540, B1541G0/01, MEGA4540, B1541G0/04, MEGA4540A, B1541B1/01, MEGA4540A, B1541B2/01, MEGA4541, B1541S0/01, MEGA4541, B1541S0/04, MEGA4541A, B1541S1/01, MEGA4541A, B1541S2/01, MEGA4543A, B1541J1/01, MEGA4543A, B1541J2/01, MEGA4544A, B1544A0/01, MEGA4544B, B1544B0/01, MEGA4544CNOSTALGIE, B1544C0/01, MEGA4544ENOSTALGIE, B1544E0/01, MEGA4544N, B1544N0/01, MEGA4544S, B1544S0/01, MEGA4544W, B1544W0/01, MEGA4545, B1541W0/01, MEGA4545, B1541W0/04, MEGA4545A, B1541W1/01, MEGA4545A, B1541W2/01, MEGA4547, B1541P0/01, MEGA4547, B1541P0/04, MEGA4547A, B1541A1/01, MEGA4547A, B1541A1/04, MEGA4547A, B1541A2/01, MEGA4548NOSTALGIESCHWARZ, B1548C0/01, MEGA4548NOSTALGIESCHWARZ, B1548C0/04, MEGA4548NOSTALGIEWEISS, B1548K0/01, MEGA4548NOSTALGIEWEISS, B1548K0/04, MEGA4549, B1541N0/01, MEGA4549, B1541N0/02, MEGA4549, B1541N0/04, MEGA4549A, B1541N1/01, MEGA4549A, B1541N2/01, MEGA4549A, B1541N2/05, MEGA4549B, B1541N2EU/01, MEGA4554A, B1554A0/01, MEGA4554N, B1554N0/01, MEGA4554S, B1554S0/01, MEGA4561, B1561S0/01, MEGA4561, B1561S0/04, MEGA4565, B1561W0/01, MEGA4565, B1561W0/04, MEGA4569, B1561N0/01, MEGA4569, B1561N0/04, MEGA4580, B1583G0/01, MEGA4580, B1583G1/02, MEGA4580, B1583G1/07, MEGA4581, B1583S0/01, MEGA4581, B1583S1/02, MEGA4581, B1583S1/07, MEGA4585, B1583W0/01, MEGA4585, B1583W1/02, MEGA4585, B1583W1/07, MEGA4589, B1583N0/01, MEGA4589, B1583N1/02, MEGA4589, B1583N1/07, MEGA4599, B1593N0/02, MEGA4599, B1593N0/07, MEGA4624A, B1624A0/01, MEGA4624N, B1624N0/01, MEGA4624S, B1624S0/01, MEGA4624W, B1624W0/01, MEGA4641, B1641S0/01, 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MEGASE1879, E1873N2/05, MEGASE4849, B1841N0/01, MEGASE4849, B1841N2/02, MEGASE4849, B1841N2/05, MEGASE4869, B1861N0/01, MEGASE4869, B1861N2/02, MEGASE4869, B1861N2/05, MEGASE4899, B1891N0/01, MEGASE4899, B1891N2/02, MEGASE4899, B1891N2/05, NOSTALGICBLACK, B1438C0GB/01, NOSTALGICBLACK, B1438C0GB/02, NOSTALGICWHITE, B1438K0GB/01, NOSTALGICWHITE, B1438K0GB/02, U1320B0GB01, U1320B0GB/01, U1320B2GB01, U1320B2GB/01, U1320B2GB02, U1320B2GB/02, U1320B2GB03, U1320B2GB/03, U1320N0GB01, U1320N0GB/01, U1320N2GB01, U1320N2GB/01, U1320N2GB02, U1320N2GB/02, U1320N2GB03, U1320N2GB/03, U1320N2GB05, U1320N2GB/05, U1320S2GB01, U1320S2GB/01, U1320S2GB02, U1320S2GB/02, U1320S2GB03, U1320S2GB/03, U1320W0GB01, U1320W0GB/01, U1320W2GB01, U1320W2GB/01, U1320W2GB02, U1320W2GB/02, U1320W2GB03, U1320W2GB/03, U1322N0GB01, U1322N0GB/01, U1322N0GB03, U1322N0GB/03, U1322N1GB01, U1322N1GB/01, U1322S0GB01, U1322S0GB/01, U1322S0GB03, U1322S0GB/03, U1322S1GB01, U1322S1GB/01, U1322W0GB01, U1322W0GB/01, U1322W0GB03, U1322W0GB/03, U1322W1GB01, U1322W1GB/01, U1410BROWN, U1410B0GB/01, U1410BROWN, U1410B0GB/02, U1410BROWN, U1410B0GB/05, U1410BROWN, U1410B0GB/06, U1410WHITE, U1410W0GB/01, U1410WHITE, U1410W0GB/02, U1410WHITE, U1410W0GB/05, U1410WHITE, U1410W0GB/06, U1420BROWN, U1420B0GB/01, U1420BROWN, U1420B0GB/02, U1420BROWN, U1420B0GB/05, U1420STAINLESSSTEEL, U1420N0GB/01, U1420WHITE, U1420W0GB/01, U1420WHITE, U1420W0GB/02, U1420WHITE, U1420W0GB/05, U1421B0GB01, U1421B0GB/01, U1421B2GB01, U1421B2GB/01, U1421B2GB02, U1421B2GB/02, U1421N0GB01, U1421N0GB/01, U1421N0GB06, U1421N0GB/06, U1421N1GB07, U1421N1GB/07, U1421N2GB01, U1421N2GB/01, U1421N2GB02, U1421N2GB/02, U1421N2GB05, U1421N2GB/05, U1421S0GB01, U1421S0GB/01, U1421S2GB01, U1421S2GB/01, U1421S2GB02, U1421S2GB/02, U1421W0GB01, U1421W0GB/01, U1421W2GB01, U1421W2GB/01, U1421W2GB02, U1421W2GB/02, U1422B0GB01, U1422B0GB/01, U1422B0GB02, U1422B0GB/02, U1422B0GB03, U1422B0GB/03, U1422N0GB01, U1422N0GB/01, U1422N0GB02, U1422N0GB/02, U1422N0GB03, U1422N0GB/03, U1422S0GB01, U1422S0GB/01, U1422S0GB02, U1422S0GB/02, U1422S0GB03, U1422S0GB/03, U1422W0GB01, U1422W0GB/01, U1422W0GB02, U1422W0GB/02, U1422W0GB03, U1422W0GB/03, U1428C0GB01, U1428C0GB/01, U1428C2GB01, U1428C2GB/01, U1428K0GB01, U1428K0GB/01, U1428K2GB01, U1428K2GB/01, U1428V0GB01, U1428V0GB/01, U1428V2GB01, U1428V2GB/01, U1441BLACK, U1441S0GB/01, U1441BROWN, U1441B0GB/01, U1441WHITE, U1441W0GB/01, U1442B0GB01, U1442B0GB/01, U1442B0GB03, U1442B0GB/03, U1442N0GB01, U1442N0GB/01, U1442N0GB03, U1442N0GB/03, U1442S0GB01, U1442S0GB/01, U1442S0GB03, U1442S0GB/03, U1442W0GB01, U1442W0GB/01, U1442W0GB03, U1442W0GB/03, U1451BLACK, U1451N0GB/05, U1451BLACK, U1451S0GB/01, U1451BLACK, U1451S0GB/04, U1451BLACK, U1451S0GB/05, U1451BROWN, U1451B0GB/01, U1451BROWN, U1451B0GB/04, U1451BROWN, U1451B0GB/05, U1451WHITE, U1451W0GB/01, U1451WHITE, U1451W0GB/04, U1451WHITE, U1451W0GB/05, U1452B0GB01, U1452B0GB/01, U1452B1GB01, U1452B1GB/01, U1452B2GB01, U1452B2GB/01, U1452B2GB02, U1452B2GB/02, U1452N0GB01, U1452N0GB/01, U1452N1GB01, U1452N1GB/01, U1452N2GB07, U1452N2GB/07, U1452N3GB01, U1452N3GB/01, U1452N3GB02, U1452N3GB/02, U1452N3GB05, U1452N3GB/05, U1452S0GB01, U1452S0GB/01, U1452S1GB01, U1452S1GB/01, U1452S2GB01, U1452S2GB/01, U1452S2GB02, U1452S2GB/02, U1452W0GB01, U1452W0GB/01, U1452W1GB01, U1452W1GB/01, U1452W2GB01, U1452W2GB/01, U1452W2GB02, U1452W2GB/02, U1461N0GB01, U1461N0GB/01, U1461N0GB05, U1461N0GB/05, U1461N1GB07, U1461N1GB/07, U1461N2GB01, U1461N2GB/01, U1461N2GB05, U1461N2GB/05, U1461S0GB01, U1461S0GB/01, U1461S0GB05, U1461S0GB/05, U1461S2GB01, U1461S2GB/01, U1461W0GB01, U1461W0GB/01, U1461W0GB05, U1461W0GB/05

Siemens Oven & Cooker

HB27024GB01, HB27024GB/01, HB27024GB06, HB27024GB/06, HB27044GB01, HB27044GB/01, HB27054GB01, HB27054GB/01, HB27054GB06, HB27054GB/06, HB27064GB06, HB27064GB/06, HB90424GB01, HB90424GB/01, HB90425GB01, HB90425GB/01, HB90425GB02, HB90425GB/02, HB90425GB03, HB90425GB/03, HB90454GB01, HB90454GB/01, HB90455GB01, HB90455GB/01, HB90455GB02, HB90455GB/02, HB90455GB03, HB90455GB/03, HB90455GB05, HB90455GB/05, HB90520GB01, HB90520GB/01, HB90520GB02, HB90520GB/02, HB90520GB06, HB90520GB/06, HB90524GB01, HB90524GB/01, HB90525GB06, HB90525GB/06, HB90526GB01, HB90526GB/01, HB90527GB01, HB90527GB/01, HB90540GB01, HB90540GB/01, HB90540GB02, HB90540GB/02, HB90540GB06, HB90540GB/06, HB90544GB01, HB90544GB/01, HB90554GB01, HB90554GB/01, HB90555GB06, HB90555GB/06, HB90556GB01, HB90556GB/01, HB90557GB01, HB90557GB/01, HB90557GB05, HB90557GB/05, HB90564GB01, HB90564GB/01, HB90565GB06, HB90565GB/06, HB90566GB01, HB90566GB/01, HB90567GB01, HB90567GB/01, HB91520GB01, HB91520GB/01, HB91524GB01, HB91524GB/01, HB91524GB05, HB91524GB/05, HB91524GB06, HB91524GB/06, HB91540GB01, HB91540GB/01, HB91544GB01, HB91544GB/01, HB91544GB05, HB91544GB/05, HB91550GB01, HB91550GB/01, HB91554GB01, HB91554GB/01, HB91554GB06, HB91554GB/06, HB91564GB01, HB91564GB/01, HB91564GB05, HB91564GB/05, HB91564GB06, HB91564GB/06

Tecnik Oven & Cooker

TKC800/2, TKC8081, TKC8082, TKC8085, TKC850/2

Additional Information

Alternate Part Number 00493065, NF14100, 48363, 499003, 493065, 096823, 262180, 2029559000, QUAELE2044, BSH493065, BSH499003, QUAELE2044EGO, NF14200, 14-NF-29B, 14-NF-41, ELE9036, ELE4500, 5031685306199, ELE9337,
Manufacturer Low Cost Spares
Genuine Part Alternative

Fan Oven Heating Elements

Usually when an oven fan oven element fails the fault reported will be that the oven fan and internal lamp works but the oven will not heat. This is normally due to the fan oven element having failed, in most cases it will be open circuit and will require to be replaced. 

Most oven fan heating elements can be replaced from the front without the need to remove the oven or cooker from its housing however there are a few ovens that do need to be removed in order to replace the oven fan element.

Do beware of some cheap oven and cooker fan and grill elements as they are of poor quality.

On the main UK Whitegoods website you can get more information on ovens and cooker faults as well as notes on replacing elements from the following links, each of which will open in a new window or tab. You can also visit, view and if you like get more help and advice using the appliance forums on UK Whitegoods.

How To Test Your Fan Oven Element

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Why fan oven elements fail and replacement notes

Can't Find The Fan Element You Need, Not Sure?

Buying spare parts for anybuilt in  oven or cooker can range from a reasonably simple task to one of the most daunting and even irritiating as you try to pick your way through model numbers, serial numbers, ranges and all sorts of information. This is even more the case with oven and cooker spares as there are a plethora of different shapes, sizes. styles and model colour variations to wade through.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you to buy a cooker or built in oven spare part but, sometime you might need a little help from the experts which is why we're here. You can also have a read of our tips on finding appliance spare parts as often you can save money by searching in the correct ways.

You will find the various ways in which you can get in touch with us about oven and cooker elements and get answers as quickly as possible but do please use our contact page, live chat, email or support system below as a first resort as this allows us time to look up spare parts for you and find any low cost compatible oven and cooker spares as well, so you get the best options possible as well as very often the cheapest as we will often be able to offer you a low cost compatible heating element as well.

Don't forget to give us the model number and as much information as you can!