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2912884281 Chest Freezer Hinge

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2912884281 Chest Freezer Hinge

  • Model: 2912884281 Freezer Hinge
  • Manufacturer: Electrolux

Availability: In stock

Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Chest freezer hinge with spring to fit a wide range of Eelctrolux produced chest freezers from AEG, Zanussi, Frigidaire and others Chest freezer hinge with spring to fit a wide range of Eelctrolux produced chest freezers from AEG, Zanussi, Frigidaire and others.

AEG Chest Freezer

A2200GT, A4200GT, A189 GT, A2200GT, A261GT, AS3385-6GT, 3152GT, 3952GT, A2202, A2683-4GT, A2684-2GT, A3382-2GT, ARC2685-4GT, ARC3385-4GT, AS2686-4GT, AS3386-4GT, OA2682, OAS3371-4GT, 2362GT, ARC2672-2 GT, ARC3105 GT, ARC3105 GT F, ARC3105 GT GB, ARC3152 GT, ARC3152 GT F, ARC3152 GT GB, ARC3905 GT, ARC3905 GT CH, ARC3905 GT F, ARC3915GT, ARC3915GT GB, ARC3952 GT, ARC2202 GT, ARC2202 GT GB, ARC2702 GT GB

Arthur Martin Chest Freezer

AC3317M, AC1503N, AC4206N, AC5106N

Electrolux Chest Freezer

ECM1957, ECM2257, ECM3057, ECM3857, ECN2747, ECN2757, ECS2070, ECS2346, ECS2370, ECS3070, ECM1957, ECM2257, ECM3057, ECM3857, ECN2247, ECN2747, ECN3147, 3152GT, 3952GT, AC4102W-1, AC5101W-1, EC 2221S, EC2215M, EC2222S, EC4102N, EC4106N, EC4205N, EC4206N, EC5102N, EC5105N, EC5106N, TC1160, TC1510, TC1860, TC810, EC1506N, TC560

Husqvarna Chest Freezer


Frigidaire Chest Freezer

FC1039R, FC1459R, FC7509R

Tricity Bendix Chest Freezer

CF110, CF800

Zanussi Chest Freezer

ZCF106A, ZCF115C, ZCF127C, ZCF146C, ZCF52C, ZCF77C, ZCF78A, ZCF92A, ZCF94C, ZFC177C, ZAC131, ZAC77, ZCF127, ZCF77, ZCF94, ZA131, ZA150, ZA420D, ZAC150, ZA420D, ZA77, ZA98, ZAC77, ZAC98, ZAC220D

Alternative part numbers: 2912884182, 2912884133, 2912884232, 2912884125, 2912884141, 8996750920366, 2912884117, 2028778104, 531010186926, 2024885028, 2912978158, 8996750920671, 53183910008, 8996750920408, 53183199008, 53183200004

Additional Information

Further Description N/A
Alternate Part Number N/A
Manufacturer Electrolux
Genuine Part Yes

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