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Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handles


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369542 Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handles

  • 369542 Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handles
  • SKU: 369542
  • Manufacturer: Bosch

Availability: In stock


(Delivery from £3.44)
Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Genuine Bosch fridge freezer door handles pack of two handles to fit Bosch fridge freezer models

For a low cost alternative set of door handles please see part number 53BS08.

Bosch Fridge Freezer

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Additional Information

Alternate Part Number BSH369542, 53-BS-08A, 5031687905352
Manufacturer Bosch
Genuine Part Yes

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