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Wire Freezer Basket


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396239 Wire Freezer Basket

  • 396239 Wire Freezer Basket
  • 396239 Wire Freezer Basket
  • SKU: 396239
  • Manufacturer: Gorenje

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Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Freezer basket to fit the freezer and fridge freezer models as shown and fits many makes including Smeg, Belling, Hotpoint and more

Belling Fridge Freezer

BF24, BFF308, BFZ206, BFZ206B, BK30SS, BK30WH, BK31SS, BK34, BK35SS, BK35WH, BK36SS, BK37SS

Frigidaire Fridge Freezer

FR330SS, FRC213, FRE2796H, FRE2799R, FVE2199B, FVE2199R, FVE2380R, FVE3196H, FVE3199B, FVE3199R

Gorenje Fridge Freezer

F247CB, F317CB, F6243E, F6243W, F6244W, F6245W, F6311W, K286P, K286P-1, K336/2P, K337/2AL, K337CLB, K337MLB, RK6334E, RK6335E, RK6335W, RK6336W

Hotpoint Fridge Freezer


Hygena Fridge Freezer

APM6802, APM6805

Proline Fridge Freezer

CVP208, CVP300SI, PL310B, PL311A, PL330WA, PLC310W, UF210B, UF211B, UF215

Smeg Fridge Freezer

CV24A, CV24B, CV24R, CV24R/1, CV33B, CW330A, CW330R, CW330R/1, FAB32AZ-S, FAB32AZ, FAB32AZ1, FAB32AZ3, FAB32AZ4, FAB32AZ6, FAB32AZ7, FAB32AZS1, FAB32AZS3, FAB32AZS4, FAB32AZS6, FAB32AZS7, FAB32B-S, FAB32B, FAB32B1, FAB32BL-S, FAB32BL, FAB32BL1, FAB32BL3, FAB32BL4, FAB32BL6, FAB32BL7, FAB32BLS1, FAB32BLS3, FAB32BLS4, FAB32BLS6, FAB32BLS7, FAB32BS1, FAB32JBL, FAB32JNE, FAB32JP, FAB32JR, FAB32JRO, FAB32NE3, FAB32NE4, FAB32NE6, FAB32NE7, FAB32NES3, FAB32NES4, FAB32NES6, FAB32NES7, FAB32O3, FAB32O6, FAB32O7, FAB32OS3, FAB32OS6, FAB32OS7, FAB32P-S, FAB32P, FAB32P1, FAB32P3, FAB32P4, FAB32P6, FAB32P7, FAB32PS1, FAB32PS3, FAB32PS4, FAB32PS6, FAB32PS7, FAB32R-S, FAB32R, FAB32R1, FAB32R3, FAB32R4, FAB32R6, FAB32R7, FAB32RO3, FAB32RO4, FAB32RO6, FAB32RO7, FAB32ROS3, FAB32ROS4, FAB32ROS6, FAB32ROS7, FAB32RS1, FAB32RS3, FAB32RS4, FAB32RS6, FAB32RS7, FAB32V-S, FAB32V, FAB32V1, FAB32V3, FAB32V4, FAB32V6, FAB32V7, FAB32VE3, FAB32VE6, FAB32VE7, FAB32VES3, FAB32VES6, FAB32VES7, FAB32VS1, FAB32VS3, FAB32VS4, FAB32VS6, FAB32VS7, FAB32X-S, FAB32X, FAB32X1, FAB32X3, FAB32X6, FAB32X7, FAB32XS1, FAB32XS3, FAB32XS6, FAB32XS7, FAV32BL6, FC330AL, FC33A, FC33A1, FC33C, FC33R, FC33R/1, FC33S, FPL33RSD, FPL33RSS, FPL33WD, FPL33WS, S30STRP4, S32J, S32STRP/1, S32STRP3, S32STRP5, S32STRPU, S35STRP, WCV240B, WCV240R, WCV240R/1

Additional Information

Alternate Part Number 761410326, 840976, 112396239, MFI396239, 5045178194972, 5045170619411, GOR396239
Manufacturer Gorenje
Genuine Part Yes

More About Freezer Baskets

Freezer baskets or storage drawers like many internal plastic parts come in all shapes and sizes and will very often be range or even model specific.

Usually these drawers will be made from plastic and the quality of them will vary depending on the manufacturer and the price point of the freezer or fridge freezer. In the main, you will find that more expensive products will have better and stronger baskets installed.

Some are made from wire with, normally, a plastic basket front on them which with some will also be used as a freezer flap for some models. So, if you just need the front plastic part then do have a look in the freezer flap sections as well as they will often be there or, just ask and we’ll find the correct one for you as some can be very difficult to track down as it can get very confusing, even for us at times!

We would strongly advise that you choose carefully of the freezer basket that you buy is almost certainly not going to fit your freezer or fridge freezer and, if you are even slightly unsure, please contact us to check compatibility with us before you place an order.

Dimensions & Freezer Drawers

Using dimensions to locate a freezer storage drawer is ill advised as, even with those you still have to take account of the shape and, in some cases, the way that the drawer will slide into place in the freezer.

What they are useful for is allowing you to see that you have selected the correct one for your freezer and for the position within the freezer that you need as they will often vary in size even within your freezer, especially in height. Where we have dimensions we will publish them but, very often, we are not supplied these by manufacturers.

The lower freezer drawer is normally shallower than the other baskets or drawers as be hid this is the area shaped to accommodate the freezer or fridge freeze compressor to the rear of the machine.

Again please, if you are not sure if this replacement is the one you need, please contact us as we will be only too happy to help find what you require.