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Fridge Freezer Overload Cut Out


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4085523685 Fridge Freezer Overload Cut Out

  • 4085523685 Fridge Freezer Overload Cut Out
  • SKU: 4085523685
  • Manufacturer: Beko

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(Delivery from £2.45)
Normally delivered to you in 1 to 4 days excluding weekends and public holidays.
This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Compressor safety thermal overload cut out to fit Beko manufactured fridge and fridge freezer models as shown or as directed

Beko Fridge & Fridge Freezer

CA5411FFS, CA5411FFW, CA5411FFW/1, CA5411FFX, CDA539FS, CDA539FS/1, CDA539FW, CDA539FW/1, CDA539FX, CDA543FB, CDA543FS, CDA543FS/1, CDA543FW, CDA543FW/1, CDA543FX, CDA563FS, CDA563FS/1, CDA563FW, CDA563FW/1, TDA531S, TDA531S/1, TDA531W, TDA531W/1, TLDA520S, TLDA520W, TLDA521S, TLDA521W, TLDA628S, TLDA628W, TLDA662S, TLDA662W, TZDA523S, TZDA523W, ZA130S, ZA130W, ZA630S, ZA630W, ZA90S, ZA90W

Flavel Fridge & Fridge Freezer

TFA61W, TLF550W, TZF555, ZFA40S, ZFA40W

Additional Information

Alternate Part Number BEK4085523685, 53-BO-130, 5045174853767, BEKBE4085523685
Manufacturer Beko
Genuine Part Yes

Fridge & Freezer Spare Parts

As with virtually all appliances, when looking for a spare part for your fridge, freezer or fridge freezer we recommend that you should do is locate down the proper model number for your vacuum cleaner. We advise you not to trust the user guide or manual as all too often these will be generic and cover a range of fridges and freezers and not just the particular product that you own.

Normally you will find the model number on a ration plate inside the fridge of a fridge or fridge freezer, most commonly on a sticker on the interior wall around the salad storage area. Or, in a freezer in the same area but at the lower basket area.

With this you can then search for the model number and find any parts that we have tagged to fit that particular machine, including both genuine spare parts as well as any low cost compatible spares that might be available.

Finding Spare Parts

We generally list spare parts that have been asked for or used by the engineers or customers and not ones that have not.

There are reasons that we operate this way, the first is that if it has been used once then it is highly likely that the spare part will be needed again and it limits the items tagged to each model to a manageable level making it easier to find the spare parts needed.

Cleverly though, it also saves people from seeing hundreds of irrelevant results and only shows fridge freezer parts that we know fail and have been used, not parts that are almost never required.

This means that we rely on our customers to tell us what breaks and why we ask that, if you are having trouble finding a spare part, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you with the relevant information to help you. Often, we will also be able to offer alternative parts that in many cases may save you money.

Please use email or the contact page to get in touch as that way we can send you images, diagrams and any other files or information that might just help you repair your fridge freezer as cheaply and as quickly as possible.