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Washing Machine Pressure Switch


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97921910 Washing Machine Pressure Switch

  • 97921910 Washing Machine Pressure Switch
  • 97921910 Washing Machine Pressure Switch
  • SKU: 97921910
  • Manufacturer: Candy

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This spare part is the genuine recommended spare part as supplied by the manufacturer as a direct replacement.
Pressure switch to fit washing machine and washer dryer models from Hoover and Candy as shown

Candy Washing Machine

ACS130 UK, ACS160, ACS160 NL, ACS160P DE, ACS160P FI, ACS160P NL, ACS160P SY, AQ120/1TUK, AQ130/1TUK, CBD150FR, CBD156-47, CBD166-14, CBD166-84, CBE165T, CBL146UK, CBL160P-14, CBL160PDE, CBL160PSY, CBL160UK, CBL166-14, CBL166UK, CMD136-86, CN116TUK, CN120TUK, CN126TUK, CN136TUK, CN146T80, CN150TUK, CN166T40S, CN166T80, CNA156-80, CNA166, CNE165T, CNE169TV, CNV256-80, CNWD136, CNWD146, DBQ151, SM.COM P16, C514-80/1, CM1 126-80, CM1146-80, CM1146S-80, CM1166-80, CM146TXT-14M, CM1612-80, CM1612J, CM166HTXT, CM166TXT-84, CM166TXT-86, CM2 136-80, CM2 146-14, CM2 146-47, CM2 146-80, CM2 156-47, CM2 166-14, CM2 166-80, CM2 166-84, CM2 166-86, CM2136-47, CM2146-47, CMD136-80, CMD146-80, CMD166-80, CNW136T, CNW156T, CWD126-47**, CWD146-47

Hoover Washing Machine

HNWL6136-84, HNWL7136, HNWL7136-80, HNWL7136S, HNWL7146-80, HNWL7166, HPWD166-80, ACM15**, ACM16 UK, CA232 UK**, EL160 UK**, H130E UK**, H140E UK**, H160E UK**, H160I NE**, H160I UK**, HQ130**, HQ150**, PE235, ASM160UK, H140E, H160I NE**, HC6120MUK, HC6130MUK, HC6145MUK, HC6150MUK, HC6160EUK, HCP160 EUK, HCP160IUK, HLN6212, HN5125-84S, HNL2126-80, HNL2126S-80, HNL2136-80, HNL2136S, HNL3146-80, HNL3146S-80, HNL3156-80, HNL3166Z-80, HNL6126, HNL6126S, HNL6136S, HNL6146-80, HNL6146-83M, HNL6146-84, HNL6146-86S, HNL6146S, HNL6166-80, HNL6166-84, HNL6166-86S, HNL7126-80, HNL7126S-80, HNL7146-80, HNL9136-80, HNL9146Z, HNL9166-83M, HNL9166-86S, HNL9166Z-83M, HNL9166Z-84, HNWL3126, HNWL3136, HNWL3136S, HNWL3166, HNWL6136, HNWL6136-84S, HNWL6146, HNWL6146-84, HNWL6166, HP12J-80, HP13-80, HP14-80, HP14J-80, HP15J-80, HP16-80, HP16ECE, HP16EDE, HP16ENL, HP16J-80, HPA146-80, HPA166-80, HPE236-80, HPL146-84, HSE120UK, HSE130M, HSP16-80, HSW146-80, HSW166S-80, HSWD126-80, HSWD146, HSWD166, HW6313MUK, HW6316MUK, HWD120-80, HWD130J-80, HWP12-80, OHNL6116, PPA 136-80, PPA136S, PPA146-80, PPW126-80, PPW166-80, SE160E, SE234-80, SE264-80

Additional Information

Further Description Please note that the design of this pressure switch may alter but it is the current replacement from Hoover Candy.

May for models not shown including from Belling and Lamona
Alternate Part Number HVR97921910, 28375052, HVR28375052, HVR28375051, 28375051, 91201369, HVR91201369, 5031680770155, 5045178775973, 48-HV-02, CAN97921910, GDP082641751, 082641751
Manufacturer Candy
Genuine Part Yes

Washing Machine Pressure Switches & Sensors

Washing machine and washer dryer level switches are essentially the component that detects the water level in the drum.

Ordinarily this is done via a pipe or hose that connects to the either the sump hose (the hose from the tub to the pump housing) or directly from the pump housing chamber. As the machine fills with water the air in this pipe is "pushed" by the incoming water allowing the pressure switch to determine the volume of water in the machine.

When faulty the machine will generally overfill although blockages in the pressure system will also cause this fault to be evident.

These switches are known as a pressure switch, pressure sensor, analogic pressure switch and pressostat.

The correct one for your specific machine must be fitted or the water fill levels will not be correct. Please ensure that you order the correct pressure switch for your model.

For more fault finding tips and tricks for washing machines and washer dryers please see this basic fault finding guidefor washing machines and washer dryers and explore the articles in the self repair section of the main site, including the spares articles that contain a lot of help, hints and tips on washing machine repair.

Can't Find The Pressure Switch You Need, Not Sure?

Buying spare parts for any washing machine can range from the simplest task in the world to one of the most daunting as you try to pick your way through model numbers, serial numbers, ranges and all sorts of information.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you to buy a washing machine spare part but, sometimes, we know that we all need a little help from the experts.

Below you will find the various ways in which you can get in touch with us about your washing machine pressure switch and get answers as quickly as possible but do please use our contact page or email as a first resort as this allows us time to look up spare parts for you and find any low cost compatible washing machine spares as well, so you get the best options possible.

Washing Machine Technical Support

For technical support on washing machines please use our washing machine and washer dryer forum where engineers will assist you if possible.

If you need help fitting a part or diagnosing a problem with your washing machine then the washing machine forum is the place to go, we are sorry but in most cases be unable to offer technical support by any other method.