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Fridge & Freezer
If you are unsure or can't find the item that you are looking for please contact us and we will be only too happy to help you locate a spare part.

For technical help and advice please use the where you can get expert help from fridge engineers. There is also a lot more help and advice about tumble dryer faults in the fridge and freezer help area of the website.
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  1. Smeg Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    Smeg Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    Genuine Smeg ultra microfibre surface cleaning cloth as recommended by Smeg for all their products Learn More
  2. Smeg Glass Cleaning Cloth
    Smeg Glass Cleaning Cloth
    Brand new, genuine Smeg ultra microfibre glass surface cleaning cloth Learn More
  3. 481281719244 Never Defrost Freezer Absorber Bags
    Never Defrost Freezer Absorber Bags
    These ingenious frost absorber bags continuosly absorbs humidity inside the product minimising the formation of frost and maintaining optimal performance Learn More
  4. Timestrip Filter Change Indicator
    Timestrip Filter Change Indicator
    Life is busy enough without trying to remember when to change the filter in you fridge or cooker hood etc. so, to remind you when to replace filters, there Learn More
  5. FP147 Universal Wine & Bottle Wire Shelf
    Universal Wine & Bottle Wire Shelf
    Special Price £7.96 Regular Price £9.95
    This bottle holder is handy at not only keeping your fridge organised but also gives you more fridge space by optimising that unused space under your fridge shelf Learn More
  6. 9029792976 Fridge & Freezer Ice Scraper
    Fridge & Freezer Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper for use in deftrosting fridges and freezers without causing any harm removing excess ice build up Learn More
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