Washer Dryer Parts

Washer Dryer Parts
If you have trouble finding or can’t identify the Candy washer dryer spares you require for your Candy washer dryer or you need more help please contact us and we will happily assist you.

For technical help please use our washing machine forum to get free advice from technicians that repair Candy washer dryers.
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  1. 41032956 Washer Dryer Thermistor
    Washer Dryer Thermistor
    Special Price £7.20 Regular Price £17.99
    Dryer temperature probe or thermistor to fit washer dryer models as shown Learn More
  2. 41027546 Washer Dryer Heating Element
    Washer Dryer Heating Element
    Genuine replacement dryer heater for the washer dryer models as shown Learn More
  3. 09200413 Washer Dryer Condenser Duct
    Washer Dryer Condenser Duct
    Condenser duct used on washer dryer models as listed. Learn More
  4. 41032989 Dryer Thermistor Wiring Loom
    Dryer Thermistor Wiring Loom
    Wiring loom for dryer on washer drier models as directed Learn More
  5. 43013591 Washer Dryer Fan Motor
    Washer Dryer Fan Motor
    Dryer fan motor for washer dryers from Candy, Hoover and Lamona Learn More
  6. 41004319 Washer Dryer Control Board
    Washer Dryer Control Board
    Electronic control board that controls the tumble dryer to fit washer dryer models from Hoover and Candy Learn More
  7. 09090309 Washer Dryer Thermostat Kit
    Washer Dryer Thermostat Kit
    Genuine set of two tumble dryer thermostats to fit the Hoover washer dryer models as shown - Check stock before ordering as due to be obsolete in 2018 Learn More
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