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White Knight Tumble Dryer Thermostats

This section contains thermostats for White Knight tumble dryers but you will see thermostats for other brands listed as there are crossovers with other manufacturers tumble dryers. Mainly this is because Crosslee, the parent company of White Knight, produce tumble dryers for a huge range of different popular manufacturers brands including Zanussi, CDA, Baumatic, Bosch and many more.

Recently we've seen a move from traditional mechanical thermostats to electronic ones, known as thermistors to allow for more accurate temperature control. These newer thermistors you will also find in this section.

If you can't find the thermostat you need or are unsure contact us for help in making sure you have the right spare part.

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  1. 421307856261 Tumble Dryer Thermostat

    Tumble Dryer Thermostat




    Common thermostat used in many models of tumble dryer including built in or integrated dryers Learn More
  2. 421309221081 Tumble Dryer Exhaust Thermostat

    Tumble Dryer Exhaust Thermostat



    Exhaust thermostat situated on the fan duct to fit tumble dryer models listed Learn More
  3. 421309221251 Tumble Dryer Inlet Thermostat

    Tumble Dryer Inlet Thermostat



    Genuine replacement inlet thermostat situated near the heater to fit tumble dryer models from White Knight, Baumatic, Kenwood, Tricity, Hygena and others Learn More
  4. 421309221261 Tumble Dryer Reset Thermostat

    Tumble Dryer Reset Thermostat



    Manual reset safety thermostat to fit Crosslee produced tumble dryer models that have been used in the tumble dryer models shown Learn More
  5. 421307854131 White Knight Tumble Dryer Thermostat

    White Knight Tumble Dryer Thermostat



    Combined resettable safety and inlet thermostat to fit White Knight tumble dryer models as shown Learn More
  6. 421307850161 Tumble Dryer Overheat Protection Thermostat

    Tumble Dryer Overheat Thermostat



    Tumble dryer overheat protection thermostat to fit many tumble dryer models including built in and integrated tumble dryers shown Learn More
  7. 421307848373 Tumble Drier Exhaust Thermostat

    Tumble Drier Exhaust Thermostat



    60C exhaust thermostat used on Crosslee manufactured tumble drier makes and models as listed Learn More

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