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Oven Glass Seal

SKU: 053084 |
Manufacturer: Delonghi

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Quick Overview

Genuine replacement oven door glass seal to fit a wide range of built in oven and cooker models
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Genuine replacement oven door glass seal to fit a wide range of built in oven and cooker models

Caple Oven & Cooker

C1003SS, C100S/B, C100S/W, C200F/B, C200F/BLU, C200F/GRN, C200F/W, C201F/W, C205F/SS, C206M/SS, C210F/A, C210F/BLU, C210F/GRN, C210F/W, C211F/GRN, C211F/W, C220F/B, C220F/W, C221F/SS, C221F/W, C222BK, C222W, C224SS, C271G/SS, C300F/B, C300F/W, C301F/B, C301F/W, C302BK, C302W, C305F/SS, C308/1SS, C308SS, C501/GRN, C5210, C5210/1, C5220, C5220-1, C903SS, CR1003SS, CR1200-1, CR903SS, CR9200, CR9201AA, CR9201AN, CR9201SS, CR9210, CR9220, CR9220-1

CDA Oven & Cooker

CD250SS, CD6000SS, CD9002/1SS, CD9002SS, CD900BL, CD900BR, CD900GR, CD906SS, CD9302SS, MX9002SS, PC16SS, PZ10/1SS, PZ10SS

DeLonghi Oven & Cooker

6104VE.W**, 6140GG.1BGB, 6140GG.1WBG, 6140GG.1WGN, 6140GG.W, 9104VEB, 9104VEW, ARNOEC2, DFS090DO, DUOEC3, EOC3601B, EOC3601G, EOC3601W, EOF260B, EOF260W, EOS160B, EOS160W, ESF491ST, ESI601B, ESI601W, ESI602, ESM460, ESM495ST, ESS601ST, ESS601WH, ESS602, ESS603, ESS603WH, GDF603, GDF603.1ST, GDF603L, GDF603L.1ST, GSS601, PBKDF660, PSSDF660, PSSG660, PXDO60, PXDO906, PXDO906F

Elba Oven & Cooker


Kenwood Oven & Cooker

CK230, CK240, CK270, CK280, CK300FFD, CK405, CK405FFD, CK410, CK440, CK446, CK446FFD, CK447, CK447FFD, CK480, CK487, CK740, CK7401, CK780

Prestige Oven & Cooker


Technolec Oven & Cooker


Oven Door Seals

Oven and cooker door seals are commonly thought of as being made from rubber as they look and feel similar but in actual fact they are a man made mix of various materials so that they can withstand the heat that they have to cope with from the oven or cooker.

You should check the oven seal or gasket fairly regularly to make sure that it is sealing and not allowing heat to escape from your oven. Failure to seal correctly can cause several issues, not least of which is inconsistent or uneven cooking results as well as scorch or burn marks to the adjacent kitchen units.

More can be found in this article on the main website about oven and cooker door seals

Can't Find The Oven Door Seal You Need, Not Sure?

Buying spare parts for any oven or cooker can range from the simplest task in the world to one of the most daunting as you try to pick your way through model numbers, serial numbers, ranges and all sorts of information. This is even more the case with oven and cooker spares as there are a plethora of different shapes and sizes.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you to buy a cooker or oven spare part but, sometimes we all need a little help from experts.

Below you will find the various ways in which you can get in touch with us about oven and cooker door seals and get answers as quickly as possible but do please use our contact page or email as a first resort as this allows us time to look up spare parts for you and find any low cost compatible oven and cooker spares as well, so you get the best options possible.



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Additional Information

Further Description No
Alternate Part Number 573637
EAN Number N/A
Manufacturer Delonghi
Genuine Part Yes