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Oven Timer

SKU: 3570687016 |
Manufacturer: Electrolux

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Small minute minder type mechanical ninety minute timer used on the built in oven and cooker models as shown or as directed
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Small minute minder type mechanical ninety minute timer used on the built in oven and cooker models as shown or as directed

Electrolux Oven & Cooker

EEB3210POX, EEB3210POX 949716725 00, EEB3210POX 949716725 06, EOB2200AAX, EOB2200AAX 949716710 00, EOB2200AAX 949716710 01, EOB2200AAX 949716710 04, EOB2200AAX 949716710 05, EOB2200BAX, EOB2200BAX 949716266 00, EOB2200BAX 949716266 02, EOB2200BAX 949716266 04, EOB2200BAX 949716266 06, EOB2200BAX 949716266 07, EOB2200BON, EOB2200BON 949716724 00, EOB2200BON 949716724 02, EOB2200BON 949716724 05, EOB2200BOR, EOB2200BOR 949716709 00, EOB2200BOR 949716709 01, EOB2200BOR 949716709 02, EOB2200BOR 949716709 03, EOB2200BOR 949716709 04, EOB2200BOR 949716709 05, EOB2200BOR 949716709 06, EOB2200BOX, EOB2200BOX 949716708 00, EOB2200BOX 949716708 01, EOB2200BOX 949716708 03, EOB2200BOX 949716708 04, EOB2200BOX 949716708 05, EOB2200BOX 949716708 07, EOB2200BOX 949716708 08, EOB2200BOX 949716716 00, EOB2200BOX 949716716 05, EOB2200BOX 949716716 07, EOB2200BOX 949716727 00, EOB2200BOX 949716727 01, EOB2200BOX 949716727 03, EOB2200BOX 949716727 05, EOB2200BOX 949716727 06, EOB2200COX, EOB2200COX 949716291 00, EOB2200COX 949716291 01, EOB2200COX 949716291 03, EOB2200COX 949716291 04, EOB2200COX 949716291 05, EOB2200COX 949716291 07, EOB2200COX 949716291 08, EOB2200DAX, EOB2200DAX 949716717 00, EOB2200DAX 949716717 01, EOB2200DAX 949716717 02, EOB2200DAX 949716717 04, EOB2200DAX 949716717 05, EOB2200DOX, EOB2200DOX 949716726 00, EOB2200DOX 949716726 02, EOB2200DOX 949716726 04, EOB2200DOX 949716726 06, EOB2200DOX 949716726 07, EOB30001X, EOB30001X 949712920 02, EOB30001X 949712920 03, EOB30001X 949712920 04, EOB31002CW, EOB31002CW 949712957 00, EOB31002CW 949712957 01, EOB31002K, EOB31002K 949713043 00, EOB31002SA, EOB31002SA 949712956 00, EOB31002SA 949712956 01, EOB31002SA 949712956 02, EOB31002SA 949712956 03, EOB31002SA 949713923 00, EOB31002X, EOB31002X 949712726 03, EOB31002X 949712726 04, EOB31002X 949712726 05, EOB31002X 949712726 06, EOB31002X 949713055 00, EOB31002X 949713055 01, EOB31002X 949713055 02, EOB31003X, EOB31003X 949712724 02, EOB31003X 949712724 03, EOB31003X 949712724 05, EOB31003X 949712724 06, EOB31003X 949712724 07, EOB31003X 949712724 08, EOB31003X 949712724 09, EOB31010W, EOB31010W 949712830 01, EOB31010W 949712830 02, EOB6710X-A, EOB6710X-A 949712719 01, EOB6710X-A 949712719 02, EOB92200BX, EOB92200BX 949716742 00, EON21000W, EON21000W 949721996 02, EON21000W 949721996 03, EON21000X, EON21000X 949722075 02, EON21000X 949722075 03, EON21000X 949722075 05,

Zanussi Oven & Cooker

ZHM835X, ZHM835X 949722134 01, ZHM835X 949722134 02, ZHM835X 949722210 00, ZHM835X 949722294 00, ZOB12401WK, ZOB12401WK 949716000 00, ZOB12401WK 949716000 03, ZOB12401WK 949716000 04, ZOB12401WK 949716000 05, ZOB12401XK, ZOB12401XK 949716001 00, ZOB12401XK 949716001 02, ZOB12401XK 949716001 03, ZOB12401XK 949716001 04, ZOB12401XK 949716001 05, ZOB12401XK 949716008 00, ZOB12401XK 949716008 03, ZOB12401XK 949716008 04, ZOB12401XK 949716008 05, ZOB22301XA, ZOB22301XA 949716711 00, ZOB22301XA 949716711 03, ZOB22301XA 949716711 04, ZOB22301XA 949716711 05, ZOB22301XA 949716714 00, ZOB22601BK, ZOB22601BK 949716206 00, ZOB22601BK 949716206 01, ZOB22601BK 949716206 02, ZOB22601BK 949716206 03, ZOB22601BK 949716206 04, ZOB22601BK 949716206 05, ZOB22601WK, ZOB22601WK 949716205 00, ZOB22601WK 949716205 01, ZOB22601WK 949716205 02, ZOB22601WK 949716205 03, ZOB22601WK 949716205 04, ZOB22601WK 949716205 05, ZOB22601XK, ZOB22601XK 949716207 00, ZOB22601XK 949716207 01, ZOB22601XK 949716207 02, ZOB22601XK 949716207 03, ZOB22601XK 949716207 04, ZOB22601XK 949716207 05, ZOB22601XK 949716216 00, ZOB22601XK 949716216 01, ZOB22601XK 949716216 02, ZOB22601XK 949716216 03, ZOB22601XK 949716216 04, ZOB22601XK 949716216 05, ZOB22669XK, ZOB22669XK 944064517 00, ZOB22669XK 944064517 01, ZOB23301XA, ZOB23301XA 949716714 02, ZOB23301XA 949716714 03, ZOB23301XA 949716714 04, ZOB23301XA 949716714 05, ZOB32701BK, ZOB32701BK 949716239 00, ZOB32701BK 949716239 01, ZOB32701BK 949716239 02, ZOB32701BK 949716239 03, ZOB32701BK 949716239 04, ZOB32701BK 949716239 05, ZOB32701WK, ZOB32701WK 949716401 00, ZOB32701XK, ZOB32701XK 949716240 00, ZOB32701XK 949716240 02, ZOB32701XK 949716240 03, ZOB32701XK 949716240 04, ZOB32701XK 949716240 05, ZOB32701XK 949716263 00, ZOB32701XK 949716263 02, ZOB32702BK, ZOB32702BK 949716241 00, ZOB32702BK 949716241 03, ZOB32702BK 949716241 04, ZOB32702BK 949716241 07, ZOB32702BK 949716293 00, ZOB32702BK 949716293 03, ZOB32702BK 949716293 05, ZOB32702BK 949716293 07, ZOB32702WK, ZOB32702WK 949716319 00, ZOB32702WK 949716319 02, ZOB32702WK 949716319 03, ZOB32702WK 949716319 06, ZOB32702XD, ZOB32702XD 949716242 00, ZOB32702XD 949716242 01, ZOB32702XD 949716242 03, ZOB32702XD 949716242 04, ZOB32702XD 949716242 05, ZOB32702XD 949716242 07, ZOB32702XD 949716256 00, ZOB32702XD 949716256 03, ZOB32702XD 949716256 05, ZOB32702XD 949716256 07, ZOB335X, ZOB335X 949712669 01, ZOB335X 949712669 02, ZOB335X 949712982 00, ZOB335X 949712982 01, ZOB335X 949712982 02, ZOB335X 949712982 03, ZOB335X 949712982 04, ZOB341N, ZOB341N 949712687 01, ZOB341N 949712687 02, ZOB341N 949712687 03, ZOB341N 949712687 04, ZOB341W, ZOB341W 949712615 01, ZOB341W 949712615 02, ZOB341W 949712615 03, ZOB341W 949712615 04, ZOB341X, ZOB341X 949712616 01, ZOB341X 949712616 02, ZOB341X 949712616 03, ZOB341X 949712616 04, ZOB341X 949712616 05, ZOB361N, ZOB361N 949712618 01, ZOB361N 949712618 02, ZOB361W, ZOB361W 949712617 01, ZOB361W 949712617 02, ZOB361W 949712617 03, ZOB361W 949712617 04, ZOB361X, ZOB361X 949712619 01, ZOB361X 949712619 02, ZOB361X 949712619 03, ZOB361X 949712619 04, ZOB361X 949712619 05, ZOB362N, ZOB362N 949712671 01, ZOB362N 949712671 02, ZOB362N 949712671 03, ZOB362N 949712671 04, ZOB362X, ZOB362X 949712672 01, ZOB362X 949712672 02, ZOB362X 949712672 03, ZOB362X 949712672 04, ZOB362X 949712672 05, ZOB363X, ZOB363X 949712714 01, ZOB363X 949712714 02, ZOB363X 949712714 03, ZOB363X 949712714 04, ZOB363X 949712714 05, ZOB532702B, ZOB532702B 949716298 00, ZOB532702B 949716298 01, ZOB532702B 949716298 03, ZOB532702B 949716298 05, ZOB532702B 949716298 07, ZOB561NQ, ZOB561NQ 949712678 01, ZOB561NQ 949712678 02, ZOB561NQ 949712678 03, ZOB561NQ 949712678 04, ZOB561XQ, ZOB561XQ 949712679 01, ZOB561XQ 949712679 02, ZOB561XQ 949712679 03, ZOB561XQ 949712679 04, ZOB561XQ 949712679 05, ZOB561XS, ZOB561XS 949712688 01, ZOB561XS 949712688 02, ZOB561XS 949712688 03, ZOB562NQ, ZOB562NQ 949713252 00, ZOB562XQ, ZOB562XQ 949713251 00, ZOB654X 949712045 00, ZOB680XS, ZOB680XS 949712742 01, ZOB780W, ZOB780W 949712735 01, ZOB780X, ZOB780X 949712736 01, ZOB780X 949712736 03, ZOB780X 949712736 04, ZOB780X 949712736 05, ZOB780X 949713903 00, ZOB780X 949713903 01, ZOU251X, ZOU251X 949722064 01, ZOU251X 949722064 02, ZOU341N, ZOU341N 949722008 01, ZOU341N 949722008 02, ZOU341W, ZOU341W 949722007 01, ZOU341W 949722007 03, ZOU341W 949722007 04, ZOU341W 949722007 05, ZOU341X, ZOU341X 949722009 01, ZOU341X 949722009 02, ZOU341X 949722009 03, ZOU341X 949722216 00, ZOU341X 949722216 01, ZOU341X 949722216 02, ZOU348FW, ZOU348FW 949722012 01, ZOU348FW 949722012 02, ZOU348FX, ZOU348FX 949722013 01, ZOU349FX, ZOU349FX 949722073 01, ZOU361X, ZOU361X 949722011 01, ZOU361X 949722011 02, ZOU361X 949722011 03, ZOU361X 949722135 00, ZOU361X 949722135 01, ZOU361X 949722135 02, ZOU368FX, ZOU368FX 949722015 01, ZOU379FTX, ZOU379FTX 949722218 00, ZOU379FX, ZOU379FX 949722074 01, ZOU462X, ZOU462X 949722065 01, ZOU462X 949722065 02, ZOU462X 949722065 03, ZOU462X 949722065 04

   Oven Timers & Clocks

Oven timers and clocks will generally be of only two different types, either older analogue type clocks or the newer electronic clocks which will ordinarily have an LED or LCD display.

When they go faulty they tend to either have the display go dead or they simply don't work at all. Bear in mind that, essentially, the timer in your oven or cooker is really just a big mains switch so if it fails in a position where the power to the oven is off you will have a dead oven as well as clock. Many of the clocks can be by-passed electrically but that really is a job for a professional engineer as if you connect the wrong terminals to one another you will blow something.

For more on setting up a clock and why, when they are left in an automatic mode, they cause an oven or cooker to appear dead, please see this article.

For more basic fault finding information for cookers and built in ovens please see this fault finding guide.

  Can't Find The Oven Timer You Need

Buying a replacement clock or timer for yourbuilt in  oven or cooker can be made complex by having to pick your way through model numbers, serial numbers, ranges and all sorts of information. Then try to suss the correct one you need as it isn't unusual for them to be changed or altered in the course of their life.

We are here to help you find the correct part and we encourage people to ask for assistance, especially if you are not 100% sure. We would far rather spend the time checking first and getting the correct 

To get help choosing the correct clock you need in your oven or cooker simply get in touch with us with the details of the applaince and we will identify the part you need for you. Please use our contact page or email as a first resort as this allows us time to look up spare parts for you and find any low cost compatible oven and cooker spares as well, so you get the best options possible.



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Spare Parts Help

We can assist you directly with identifying spare parts for your  appliance from our support help desk and you will also find lots of information to help you locating model numbers, product codes and more where you can even raise and track your own enquiry online

You can also email us on or use the live chat.

If you are unsure if a part will fit your  model or you want to confirm any details, just get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.


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To use this function simply login or regiter on the forum, select the forum for the appliance you need help with (for example, washing machine forum for a washing machine question), post your question and, if someone can help you they will do so.


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Deal directly with the field service technicians that repair  appliances.


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We have a huge number of help articles that cover the most common issues and problems with most appliances that you can use to help diagnose the cause of many problems yourself



Electrolux spare partsElectrolux is a brand that is the second largest appliance maker in the world and it owns many brands, some used only in certain areas of the world and to find spare parts you will often require the Product or PNC number shown on the rating plate as it is not uncommon for there to be multiple variants of any appliance. This can range from one or two variants to over thirty making this in some instances not just nice to have but, absolutely essential.

This is why you will often find spare parts used on other brands within the Electrolux Group or, that have been produced by them when they are not generic to many.

All the group products work the same way thankfully making it a little easier and you can find out more and if you need it, you see an example of the rating plate on our support site here

You can learn more about Electrolx, the history of the brand and more in this article on the site but the main brands that are covered for the UK are the following:

  • AEG
  • Electrolux
  • Zanussi
  • Parkinson Cowan
  • Tricity Bendix
  • John Lewis (Most)
  • Ikea (Most from 2014 on)

  Electrolux Technical Help

Support for all Electrolux Group products in the forums is generally good as we have good acces to spare part and technical information for virtually all Electrolux products and there are a number of service agents there dealign with these products every day. If you need fault diagnosis help then please use the forums for assistance and unlike many, this service is completely free to use.

Before you do head over to the forums for help though, please read our quick guide on how to get the best responses in the forums here, the guys will help you if they can with most Electrolux problems.


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Additional Information

Further Description No
Alternate Part Number 3570372015, DST3570372015, DST3570687016, 5045174547543, LUX3570687016
EAN Number N/A
Manufacturer Electrolux
Genuine Part Yes