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Inner Oven Door Glass

SKU: 481245059599 |
Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Normally delivered in 1 to 4 days

(Delivery from £3.45)

Availability: Available


Quick Overview

Inner door glass suitable for the oven and cooker models shown or as directed as can fit others
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Inner door glass suitable for the oven and cooker models shown or as directed as can fit others

Whirlpool Ignis & Bauknecht Oven & Cooker

851333015000 KOMP6610IX, 851333029000 KOMP6610/IX, 851333029002 KOMP6610IX, 851333029003 KOMP6610/IX, 851333038000 KOMP6610IX, 851333038002 KOMP6610/IX, 851333038004 KOMP6610/IX, 851333506000 KOSP6610/IX, 851333506001 KOSP6610/IX, 851333515000 KOSP6610/IX, 851333515002 KOSP6610/IX, 851333524000 KOD60ARBNA, 851333524001 KOD60ARBNA, 851333529000 KOSP6610/IX, 851333529001 KOSP6610/IX, 851333529002 KOSP6610/IX, 851333529003 KOSP6610/IX, 851333538000 KOSP6610/IX, 851333538003 KOSP6610/IX, 851333538004 KOSP6610/IX, 851333738000 KOMP6625IX, 851333829000 KOSP6625/IX, 851333829001 KOSP6625/IX, 851333829002 KOSP6625/IX, 851333829003 KOSP6625/IX, 851333915000 KOMC9610/IX, 851333915001 KOMC9610/IX, 851334201000 KONP6610/IX, 851334301000 KONP6625/IX, 851334415000 KONP6610/IX, 852315129000 203.007.95OVT315SA, 852315301000 203.008.04OVG315SA, 852315316000 503.023.35OVG415SA, 852315601000 203.009.17OVR005SA, 852315616000 603.009.15OVR405SA, 854130029000 801.451.55OVD30S, 854130029001 801.451.55OVD30S, 854187929003 60079298, 854187929013 40079299, 854188001014 20079295, 854188129003 80079297, 854188129011 OBID30S500.947.70, 854190915000 AKL909/IX, 854190915001 AKL909/IX, 854190915010 AKL909/NB, 855619304000 BLPE6100/IX, 855619304001 BLPE6100/IN, 855619304003 BLPE6100/IN, 855619304004 BLPE6100/IN, 855619704000 BLPE6200/IN, 855619704001 BLPE6200/IN, 855619704002 BLPE6200/IX, 855619804000 ELPE6260/IN, 855619804001 ELPE6260/IN, 855619804002 BLPE6260/IN, 855619804003 ELPE6260IN, 855620604000 BLPE7200/IN, 855620604001 BLPE7200/IN, 855620604002 BLPE7200/IN, 855630101000 BLPE8009/IN, 855630101001 BLPE8009/IN, 855641222000 ELPE8160PT, 855641222001 ELPE8160PT, 855644622000 ELPE7263/IN, 855644622001 ELPE7263/IN, 855646722000 BLPE7104/PT, 855646822000 BLPE7103/PT, 855646822001 BLPE7103/PT, 855646822002 BLPE7103/PT, 855647122000 ELCPE7263/IN, 855647122001 ELCPE7263/IN, 855649922100 BLPE7154ES, 855649922101 BLPE7154ES, 855650422100 ELCPES8160PT, 855650422101 ELCPES8160PT, 855652022000 ELCPE8260PT, 857485501002 BSPH5900/IN, 857485501003 BSPH5900/IN, 857485501004 BSPH5900/IN, 857485601003 ESPH5960/IN, 857485601004 ESPH5960/IN, 857485601007 ESPH5960IN, 857485701002 BMPH7900/IN, 857485701003 BMPH7900/IN, 857485801002 BMPH5900/IN, 857485801003 BMPH5900/IN, 857485801004 BMPH5900IN, 857485801005 BMPH5900/IN, 857485901005 EMPH7960IN, 857711829000 AKP118/IX, 857711829001 AKP118/IX, 857711829002 AKP118/IX, 857711829003 AKP118/IX, 857711829010 AKP118/WH, 857711829011 AKP118/WH, 857711829012 AKP118/WH, 857711829013 AKP118/WH, 857711829020 AKP118/NB, 857711829021 AKP118/NB, 857711829022 AKP118/NB, 857711829023 AKP118/NB, 857716122000 AKZ161/IX, 857716122001 AKZ161/IX, 857725729000 AKP257/IX, 857725729010 AKP257/NA, 857725729020 AKP257/JA, 857728601001 AKP286/NB, 857728601002 AKP286/NB, 857728601011 AKP286/IX, 857728601012 AKP286/IX, 857728601020 AKP286/NB/01, 857728601030 AKP286/IX/01, 857728601040 AKP286/IX/02, 857728636000 AKP286/03IX, 857729101000 AKP291/IX, 857729101010 AKP291/NA, 857729329000 AKP293IX, 857729329010 AKP293NA, 857729329020 AKP293JA, 857732106000 AKP321/IX, 857732106020 AKP321/NB, 857743129012 AKP431/IX, 857743229000 AKP432/WH, 857743229010 AKP432/IX, 857743229020 AKP432/NB, 857743929002 AKP439/WH, 857744129021 AKP441/IX, 857744229003 AKP442/WH, 857744229013 AKP442/NB, 857744229023 AKP442/IX, 857911129000 802.181.75OVB32S, 857911129001 802.181.75OVB32S, 857911329000 602.181.76OVB32B, 857911329001 602.181.76OVB32B, 857911429000 202.181.78OVC31S, 857911529000 502.181.67OVD30S, 857911529001 502.181.67OVD30S, 857911616000 102.181.69OVD40S, 857911701000 002.181.79OVN908S, 857911701010 402.181.82OVN908W, 857911715000 802.181.80OVN918S, 857911715010 202.181.83OVN918W, 857911716000 602.181.81OVN948S, 857911716010 002.181.84OVN948W, 857911753000 802.259.15, 857911753010 102.259.14, 857912729000 602.451.65OVG305S, 857912729050 602.451.65OVG305S, 857912829000 402.451.66OVT305S, 857912829050 402.451.66OVT305S, 857917101001 OBIC31W20094762, 857917101011 OBIC31S60094760, 857917301001 OBIS00W60094736, 857917301002 60094736, 857917301011 OBIS00AL700.947.31, 857917301012 OBIS00AL700.947.31, 857917415000 OBIS10W10094734, 857917415010 OBIS10AL500.947.32, 857917415012 OBIS10AL500.947.32, 857917516000 OBIS40W80094735, 857917516010 OBIS40AL300.947.33, 857917516012 OBIS40AL300.947.33, 857920701000 AKS207/IX, 857921229000 OVB31S901.230.06, 857921229010 10123005, 857921429000 OVC31S901.230.11, 857921429001 OVC31S901.230.11, 857921429002 OVC31S901.230.11, 857921429003 901.230.11OVC31S, 857922001000 OVN900S201.237.45, 857922001001 OVN900S201.237.45, 857922001010 OVN900W601.237.48, 857922001011 OVN900W601.237.48, 857922015000 OVN910S801.237.47, 857922015001 OVN910S801.237.47, 857922015010 OVN910W201.237.50, 857922015011 OVN910W201.237.50, 857922016000 OVN940S001.237.46, 857922016001 OVN940S001.237.46, 857922016010 OVN940W401.237.49, 857922016011 OVN940W401.237.49, 857922101000 OVN600S901.237.42, 857922101001 OVN600S901.237.42, 857922101010 OVN600W501.237.39, 857922101011 OVN600W501.237.39, 857922101012 OVN600W, 857922101013 OVN600W, 857922115000 OVN610S501.237.44, 857922115001 OVN610S501.237.44, 857922115010 OVN610W301.237.40, 857922115011 OVN610W301.237.40, 857922116000 OVN640S701.237.43, 857922116001 OVN640S701.237.43, 857922116010 OVN640W101.237.41, 857922116011 OVN640W101.237.41, 857922297000 80142345, 857922297001 80142345, 857922297010 60142346, 857922297011 60142346, 857922529000 OVB32W201.451.77, 857922729000 OVB32B701.453.92, 857923029000 FP300/IX, 857923029001 FP300/IX, 857923029010 FP300/WH, 857923029011 FP300/WH, 857923129000 OVB32G201.455.54, 857923201000 OVN908S801.588.74, 857923201001 OVN908S801.588.74, 857923201002 801.588.74OVN908S, 857923201003 801.588.74OVN908S, 857923201010 OVN908W501.588.75, 857923201011 OVN908W501.588.75, 857923201012 501.588.75OVN908W, 857923215000 OVN918S301.588.76, 857923215001 OVN918S301.588.76, 857923215002 301.588.76OVN918S, 857923215010 OVN918W101.588.77, 857923215011 OVN918W101.588.77, 857923215012 101.588.77OVN918W, 857923216000 OVN948S901.588.78, 857923216010 OVN948W701.588.79, 857923301000 OVN608S001.588.68, 857923301001 OVN608S001.588.68, 857923301002 OVN608S001.588.68, 857923301003 001.588.68, 857923301010 OVN608W801.588.69, 857923301011 OVN608W801.588.69, 857923301012 OVN608W801.588.69, 857923301013 801.588.69, 857923315000 OVN618S601.588.70, 857923315001 OVN618S601.588.70, 857923315002 601.588.70, 857923315010 OVN618W401.588.71, 857923315011 OVN618W401.588.71, 857923315012 401.588.71, 857923316000 OVN648S201.588.72, 857923316010 OVN648W001.588.73, 857923797000 IBS124PWS, 857923897000 IBS224PWM, 857923997000 IBS324RWW, 857924097000 IBS324PWS, 857924197000 IBS324PWW, 857924229000 901.230.11OVC31S, 857924229001 901.230.11OVC31S, 857924922000 AKS2490IX, 857925115023 LPR825/01, 857925597001 60110492, 857925597002 60110492  Four, 857925697001 80110491, 857925697002 80110491, 857925797000 70110496OBIS50W, 857925797001 70110496, 857925797002 70110496, 857927229000 OVB32S701.506.18, 857927929000 FP310/IX, 857927929001 FP310/IX, 857927929010 FP310/WH, 857927929011 FP310/WH, 857928429000 FP320/IX, 857928429001 FP320/IX, 857928429002 FP320/IX, 857928429010 FP320/WH, 857928429011 FP320/WH, 857928529000 FP290/IX, 857928529001 FP290/IX, 857928629000 FP295/IX, 858516215000 AKZ162/IX, 858516415000 AKZ164/IX, 858516415010 AKZ164/NB, 858517753003 AKZ177/WH, 858517753013 6AKZ177IX, 858517906000 AKZ179/IX, 858517906010 AKZ179/NB, 858517906020 AKZ179/WH, 858518429000 AKZ184/WH, 858518429010 AKZ184/IX, 858518429020 AKZ184/NB, 858519615012 AKZ196/NB, 858519718000 AKZ197IX, 858520629000 AKZ206/WH, 858520629010 AKZ206/NB, 858520629020 AKZ206/IX, 858521029000 AKZ210WH, 858521029001 AKZ210WH, 858521029003 AKZ210/WH, 858521029010 AKZ210NB, 858521029011 AKZ210NB, 858521029013 AKZ210/NB, 858521029020 AKZ210IX, 858521029021 AKZ210IX, 858521029023 AKZ210/IX, 858521029030 AKZ210/IX/01, 858521029032 AKZ210/IX/01, 858521229000 AKZ212/WH, 858521229010 AKZ212/NB, 858521229020 AKZ212/IX, 858521229021 AKZ212/IX, 858521229030 AKZ212/WH/01, 858521229040 AKZ212/NB/01, 858521229050 AKZ212/IX/01, 858521329000 AKZ213WH, 858521329010 AKZ213NB, 858521329012 AKZ213/NB, 858521329021 AKZ213/IX, 858521329023 AKZ213/IX, 858521529000 AKZ215/IX, 858521629000 AKZ216/IX, 858521629010 AKZ216/NB, 858521629020 AKZ216/WH, 858521729000 AKZ217IX, 858522029000 AKZ220/NB, 858522029001 AKZ220/NB, 858522029010 AKZ220/IX, 858522029011 AKZ220/IX, 858522229000 AKZ222/WH, 858522229002 AKZ222/WH, 858522229010 AKZ222/NB, 858522229012 AKZ222/NB, 858522229020 AKZ222/IX, 858522229021 AKZ222/IX, 858522229022 AKZ222/IX, 858522601000 AKZ226/IX, 858522615000 AKZ226/IX, 858522629000 AKZ226/WH, 858522629010 AKZ226/NB, 858522629020 AKZ226/IX, 858522729000 AKZ227/WH, 858522729010 AKZ227/NB, 858522729020 AKZ227/IX, 858522829000 AKZ228/WH, 858522829010 AKZ228/NB, 858522829020 AKZ228/IX, 858522929000 AKZ229WH, 858522929010 AKZ229NB, 858522929020 AKZ229IX, 858523029000 AKZ230/IX, 858523029001 AKZ230/IX, 858523029010 AKZ230/NB, 858523029011 AKZ230/NB, 858523029020 AKZ230/WH, 858523029021 AKZ230/WH, 858523129000 AKZ231/IX, 858523129001 AKZ231/IX, 858523229000 AKZ232/IX, 858523229001 AKZ232/IX, 858523229002 AKZ232/IX, 858523229010 AKZ232/WH, 858523229011 AKZ232/WH, 858523229012 AKZ232/WH, 858523229020 AKZ232/NB, 858523229021 AKZ232/NB, 858523229022 AKZ232/NB, 858523329000 AKZ233/IX, 858523329001 AKZ233/IX, 858523329002 AKZ233/IX, 858523329010 AKZ233/WH, 858523329011 AKZ233/WH, 858523329012 AKZ233/WH, 858523329020 AKZ233/NB, 858523329021 AKZ233/NB, 858523329022 AKZ233/NB, 858523329030 AKZ2331/IX, 858523329040 AKZ2331/WH, 858523329050 AKZ2331/NB, 858523515000 AKZ235/IX, 858523515001 AKZ235/IX, 858523801000 AKZ238/IX, 858523801001 AKZ238/IX, 858523801002 AKZ238/IX, 858523801003 AKZ238/IX, 858523901000 AKZ239/IX, 858523901001 AKZ239/IX, 858524661000 AKZ246/IX, 858524661010 AKZ246/WH, 858524661020 AKZ246/NB, 858524761000 AKZ247/IX, 858524761010 AKZ247/WH, 858524761011 AKZ247/WH, 858524761020 AKZ247/NB, 858527829000 AKZ278/IX, 858527829001 AKZ278/IX, 858527829002 AKZ278/IX, 858527829020 AKZ278/NB, 858527829021 AKZ278/NB, 858527829030 AKZ278/WH, 858527829031 AKZ278/WH, 858527829040 AKZ278/IX/01, 858527829050 AKZ278/NB/01, 858527829060 AKZ278/WH/01, 858528029000 AKZ280/IX, 858529029000 AKZ290/IX, 858529029001 AKZ290/IX, 858532029000 AKZ320IX, 858532029001 AKZ320IX, 858532029003 AKZ320IX, 858532029010 AKZ320WH, 858532029011 AKZ320WH, 858532029013 AKZ320WH, 858532029020 AKZ320NB, 858532029021 AKZ320/NB, 858532029023 AKZ320NB, 858532029030 AKZ320MR, 858532029033 AKZ320MR, 858532238000 AKZ322/IX, 858532238001 AKZ322/IX, 858533929000 AKZ339/IX, 858533929001 AKZ339/IX, 858533929010 AKZ339/IX/01, 858534001000 AKZ340/IX, 858534129000 AKZ341/IX, 858534229000 AKZ342/IX, 858534229001 AKZ342/IX, 858534229002 AKZ342/IX, 858535001000 AKZ350/WH, 858535001010 AKZ350/NB, 858535001020 AKZ350/IX, 858535029000 AKZ350/WH, 858535029002 AKZ350/WH, 858535029010 AKZ350/NB, 858535029011 AKZ350/NB, 858535029012 AKZ350/NB, 858535029020 AKZ350/IX, 858535029022 AKZ350/IX, 858536001000 AKZ360/IX, 858536004000 AKZ360/IX, 858536038000 AKZ360/IX, 858536038001 AKZ360/IX, 858536038010 AKZ360/IX/01, 858536038011 AKZ360/IX/01, 858536038012 AKZ360/IX/01, 858540129000 AKZ401WH, 858540129010 AKZ401NB, 858540129020 AKZ401IX, 858542918000 AKZ429/IX, 858543029000 AKZ430/WH, 858543029001 AKZ430/WH, 858543029010 AKZ430/IX, 858543029011 AKZ430/IX, 858543029012 AKZ430/IX, 858543029013 AKZ430/IX, 858543029020 AKZ430/NB, 858543029021 AKZ430/NB, 858543029022 AKZ430/NB, 858543229000 AKZ432/IX, 858543229010 AKZ432/NB, 858543229020 AKZ432/WH, 858543429000 AKZ434/IX, 858543429010 AKZ434/NB, 858543429020 AKZ434/WH, 858544001000 AKZ440/IX, 858544001001 AKZ440/IX, 858544001010 AKZ440/NB, 858545715000 AKZ457/IX, 858547629000 AKZ476/IX, 858547629001 AKZ476/IX, 858547629002 AKZ476/IX, 858547629003 AKZ476/IX, 858547629004 AKZ476/IX, 858547629010 AKZ476/WH, 858547629020 AKZ476/NB, 858547629021 AKZ476/NB, 858547629022 AKZ476/NB, 858547729000 AKZ477/IX, 858547729010 AKZ477/WH, 858547729020 AKZ477/NB, 858547829000 AKZ478/IX, 858547829010 AKZ478/WH, 858547829020 AKZ478/NB, 858547829021 AKZ478/NB, 858547829030 AKZ478/IX/01, 858547829040 AKZ478/WH/01, 858547829050 AKZ478/NB/01, 858547901000 AKZ479/IX, 858547901001 AKZ479/IX, 858547901010 AKZ479/NB, 858547901020 AKZ479/WH, 858548029000 AKZ480/IX, 858548029010 AKZ480/WH, 858548029020 AKZ480/NB, 858548029030 AKZ480/IX/01, 858548029040 AKZ480/WH/01, 858548029050 AKZ480/NB/01, 858548118000 AKZ481/IX, 858548118001 AKZ481/IX, 858548329000 AKZ483/IX, 858548329001 AKZ483/IX, 858548329002 AKZ483/IX, 858548329010 AKZ483/WH, 858548329011 AKZ483/WH, 858548329012 AKZ483/WH, 858548329020 AKZ483/NB, 858548329021 AKZ483/NB, 858548329022 AKZ483/NB, 858548401000 AKZ484/IX, 858548401001 AKZ484/IX, 858548401002 AKZ484/IX, 858551115000 AKZ511/IX, 858551115001 AKZ511/IX, 858551229000 AKZ512/IX, 858551229001 AKZ512/IX, 858551329000 AKZ513/IX, 858551429000 AKZ514IX, 858551515010 AKZ515/IX, 858551615000 AKZ516/WH, 858551615010 AKZ516/NB, 858551615020 AKZ516/IX, 858551715000 AKZ517/IX, 858552029000 AKZ520/IX, 858552029010 AKZ520/WH, 858552029020 AKZ520/NB, 858552029030 AKZ520/IX, 858552029031 AKZ520/IX, 858552029040 AKZ520/WH, 858552029041 AKZ520/WH, 858552029050 AKZ520/NB, 858552029051 AKZ520/NB, 858552129000 AKZ521/IX, 858552129001 AKZ521/IX, 858552129010 AKZ521/WH, 858552129020 AKZ521/NB, 858552129030 AKZ521/IX, 858552129031 AKZ521/IX, 858552129032 AKZ521/IX, 858552129040 AKZ521/WH, 858552129050 AKZ521/NB, 858552129051 AKZ521/NB, 858553901000 AKZ539/IX, 858554901000 AKZ549IX, 858554901001 AKZ549IX, 858555115000 AKZ551/IX, 858555515000 AKZ555/IX, 858559529000 AKZ595/IX, 858559529010 AKZ595/NB, 858559529020 AKZ595/WH, 858559629000 AKZ596/IX, 858559629010 AKZ596/NB, 858559629020 AKZ596/WH, 858559729000 AKZ597/IX, 858559729010 AKZ597/NB, 858559829000 AKZ598/IX, 858559829001 AKZ598/IX, 858559829010 AKZ598/NB, 858559829011 AKZ598/NB, 858559829020 AKZ598/S, 858559829021 AKZ598/S, 858559929000 AKZ599/IX, 858562601000 AKZ626IX, 858562901000 AKZ629IX, 858562901100 AKZ6290IX, 858562901110 AKZ6290/WH, 858562901120 AKZ6290/NB, 858563001100 AKZ6300/IX, 858563501000 AKZ635IX, 858563501010 AKZ635WH, 858563501020 AKZ635NB, 858564229006 AKZ642/WH, 858564229014 AKZ642/NB, 858564229015 AKZ642/NB, 858564229016 AKZ642/NB, 858564229024 AKZ642/IX, 858564229026 AKZ642IX, 858564529013 AKZ645/NB, 858565015003 AKZ650/IX, 858565015005 AKZ650/IX, 858565015006 AKZ650/IX, 858565129001 AKZ651/WH, 858565129011 AKZ651/NB, 858565129021 AKZ651/IX, 858565901004 AKZ659/IX, 858565901005 AKZ659/IX, 858565901006 AKZ659/IX, 858565901014 AKZ659/WH, 858565901024 AKZ659/NB, 858566001000 AKZ660/IX, 858566001001 AKZ660/IX, 858566101000 AKZ661/IX, 858566801000 AKZ668/IX, 858566801002 AKZ668/IX, 858566801010 AKZ668/NB, 858566801011 AKZ668/NB, 858566801020 AKZ668/WH, 858566901005 AKZ669/IX, 858566901006 AKZ669/IX/01, 858566901007 AKZ669/IX/01, 858566901010 AKZ669/IX/01, 858566901020 AKZ669/IX/02, 858566901021 AKZ669/IX/02, 858566901030 AKZ669/IX/04, 858566901032 AKZ669/IX/04, 858566901040 AKZ669/NB/04, 858566936000 AKZ669/03IX, 858566936001 AKZ669/IX/03, 858567001000 AKZ670/IX, 858567001001 AKZ670/IX, 858567001002 AKZ670/IX, 858567029024 AKZ670/IX, 858567229023 AKZ672/IX, 858567401000 AKZ674/IX, 858567401001 AKZ674/IX, 858567629001 AKZ676/WH, 858567629011 AKZ676/NB, 858567629021 AKZ676/IX, 858567629031 AKZ676/TI, 858567629040 AKZ676/IX/01, 858567629050 AKZ676/WH/01, 858567629060 AKZ676/NB/01, 858567629070 AKZ676/TI/01, 858567715000 AKZ677/IX, 858567901003 AKZ679/IX, 858567901004 AKZ679/IX, 858567901010 AKZ679/IX/01, 858567901020 AKZ679/IX/02, 858567901021 AKZ679/IX/02, 858567901022 AKZ679/IX/02, 858567941000 AKZ679/IX/07, 858568001000 AKZ680/IX, 858568338000 AKZ683/IX, 858568418000 AKZ684/IX, 858568418001 AKZ684/IX, 858579101000 AKZ791IX, 858579501100 AKZ7950IX, 858579701000 AKZ797IX, 858580029000 AKZ800/WH, 858580029010 AKZ800/NB, 858580029020 AKZ800/IX, 858580229000 AKZ802/WH, 858580229010 AKZ802/NB, 858580229020 AKZ802/IX, 858580401000 AKZ804/IX

   Oven & Cooker Parts

When you are looking for a spare part for your built in oven, cooker or hob we recommend the first thing you should do is locate down the proper model number for your product. We advise you not to trust the user guide or manual as all too often these will be generic and cover a range of ovens or cookers and not just the particular model that you own.

For built-in ovens, you will normally find the rating plate inside the oven door or on the lip of the door opening of the actual oven. It is not unknown but far from common for the rating plate to be anywhere else.

Built-in hobs are far more tricky as in almost all cases the model number will be on the underside of the hob meaning that anything below the hob itself has to be removed to see the model number.

Instructions on how to get your oven out to get your hob or oven model numbers you can find in this guide on how that is most commonly done.

For cookers, the model number will be the same as for a built-in oven but sometimes you can find the rating plate in a storage drawer, especially on many large range cookers.

With this you can then search for the model number and find any parts that we have tagged to fit that particular model, including both genuine spare parts as well as any low cost compatible spares that might be available.

  Can’t Find The Spare Part?

We tend to list parts that have been asked for or used by the engineers and not ones that have not.

There are two reasons that we operate this way, the first is that if it has been used once then it is likely that the spare part will be needed again and it limits the items tagged to each model to a manageable level making it easier to find the spare parts needed.

Cleverly though, it also saves people from seeing hundreds of irrelevant results and only shows parts that we know fail and have been used, not parts that are almost never required.

This means that we rely on our customers to tell us what breaks and why we ask that, if you are having trouble finding a spare part, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you with the relevant information to help you. Often, we will also be able to offer alternative parts that in many cases may save you money.

Please use email or the contact page to get in touch if you need help or if you are unsure if this replacement part will fit your model as that way we can send you images, diagrams and any other files or information that might just help you repair your oven or cooker as cheaply as possible.

It is very common for people to order the wrong part please, don't be hasty in ordering parts as it is at times a very, very precise thing to do and if you go one step wrong, you'll get the wrong part!

This is a hassle and inconvenience to you obviously but, it makes our life harder as well and can prove costly to all.

We want you to get the right part, the first time.

Please have a look at this guide on finding the correct spare parts and if you've any doubt at all, just ask. We'll answer you quickly and accurately saving you time, hassle and money most often.


Component parts may vary in shape and size to the images shown as parts are model specific and subject to change or alteration at any time without notice. This spare part will only fit the models as described in the listing unless specifically advised otherwise by ourselves.

Also note that many ovens, cooker and range cooker parts and their components can, depending on the model, be used in different positions so please, take care when ordering and don't rely solely on images as they pretty much all look the same and they can be very specific to the make and model!


Spare parts help and support forums where you can get help and advice from us about parts for washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Spare Parts Help

We can assist you directly with identifying spare parts for your  appliance from our support help desk and you will also find lots of information to help you locating model numbers, product codes and more where you can even raise and track your own enquiry online

You can also email us on or use the live chat.

If you are unsure if a part will fit your  model or you want to confirm any details, just get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.


Appliance help and support forums where you can talk to actual domestic appliance engineers about washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Help From Experts

Get help from  repair experts in our forums, a totally free to use service we provide to all.

Talk to engineers that repair applainces and get support from there with diagnosing faults and repair advice.

To use this function simply login or regiter on the forum, select the forum for the appliance you need help with (for example, washing machine forum for a washing machine question), post your question and, if someone can help you they will do so.


Find a domestic appliance service engineer to repair your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, oven, fridge or any other major domestic appliance

Get A Repair

Find a local approved service engineer to repair your  appliance with no charges to you for the use of this service.

Deal directly with the field service technicians that repair  appliances.


More help, advice and information on how you can repair your own washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

More Repair Information To Help You

Find out more about how to repair your appliance and much more from the self help section of our website

We have a huge number of help articles that cover the most common issues and problems with most appliances that you can use to help diagnose the cause of many problems yourself



Whirlpool spare partsThe Whirlpool Corporation is the largest producer of domestic appliances in the world. Yet until the purchase recently if Indesit, was not an especially popular brand here in the UK.

However Whirlpool have made many appliances for other brands so you can find sure parts here used in other makes and models as well as Whirlpool. Nicely, it also means that there are often ways that you can get spare parts cheaper as Whirlpool spare parts tend to be some of the most expensive around, certainly in relation to the purchase price of the appliances.

And, for more on the Whirlpool brand and company please see this article on the site.

  Whirlpool Spare Parts

Like all, there can be multiple versions of any model and very often what Whirlpool call the 12NC number is absolutely essential in correctly identifying the spare parts used on many Whirlpool products. Some are of course very obvious and hard to go wrong with but if you are unclear at all or just need confirmation that a spare part will fit please ask us before ordering, we’re only too happy to assist.

After you have that you should be able to find any Whirlpool spare parts we've already listed or, if not or you can't find what you're looking for please contact us on or use the Helpdesk ticket system for assistance.

Please do not call as the guys on the ordering line will not be able to assist you fast enough, finding parts takes time, it's not something suited to doing over the phone. And, over the phone we can't send you images, parts blowouts or any other info which may well help you greatly be sure the part you're ordering is correct.

To find the information required for spare parts please see this article on the support site to see what you are looking for.


We are going to get any part/s you order to you as fast as we possibly can.

We use a variety of means to do that but we also give you, the customer, the choice of how fast you want the transit time to be as well as the features and convenience levels that suit you on delivery so, there are options. There is a lot of information here on how we do this and explanation of the choice you have as well as the impact of each in speed and cost as we are very open and transparent.

Orders placed outwith our normal business hours will not be shipped until the next working day and subject to stock availability. Please be aware that we show availability and that we do not display live stock levels online.

What we do is give an average here based on where parts are and typically take to ship as well as an average of transit times based on how people order parts so these can vary depending largely on the shipping method that we allow you to select depending on your own individual needs.

The estimated normal time that an item will take to reach you (excluding weekends and public holidays) is indicated on every listing at the top of the listing in orange with the truck next to it, an explanation of these is as follows:

1 to 6 Days: Normally a UK stock item and usually dispatched the same or next working day but some items may take a little longer depending on where the stock is.

1 to ** Days: Usually a UK/EU stocked item but may have a longer lead time, for clarification of the time please contact us before ordering and we will advise further if required.

* to ** Days: Variable lead times that are based on normal order supply times, often parts that do not have a “1 to“ at the start will ordinarily be factory or custom order items and we would ask that you please allow the time indicated for your order to arrive with you. Please note that these items are specially ordered upon request that is not normally stocked therefore cannot be ordinarily returned, this does not affect your statutory rights.

Again, please note that your chosen delivery method may affect the delivery time to both shorten and lengthen that delivery time and that these estimates apply to UK mainland orders only. The faster delivery method that you choose, the lower on that estimated delivery time you will likely receive the items ordered.

If you need clarification or a more accurate lead time please contact us for assistance on that and we will do our utmost to provide that as our estimated lead times are based on normal stock availability, average lead times, average shipping times and this can vary depending on shipping methods etc.

Our standard delivery charges are quoted online when you place an order on the checkout page and are determined by weight, size and method so can alter based on those parameters.

Our estimated delivery times do not apply to international or offshore orders, only to UK mainland addresses and that delivery times to more rural areas may vary depending on the service used.

Delivery times can vary at times of very high volumes, such as Christmas period and also due to bad weather etc and at such times deliveries, regardless of service used, may not happen as normal.

  Order Transit Times

If the item you have ordered is in stock and the order is placed before 3.00pm Monday to Friday then we will endeavour to dispatch the order on the same day. Subsequent delivery times are usually between 1-3 working days dependant on the service you have chosen, the time your order is placed and stock availability.

If an item is required for a guaranteed next day delivery please contact us in advance to check that this is possible

Please note that the times given can be subject to availability, however, more than 98% of all orders are delivered on or faster than the estimated times.

Economy courier Service

Delivery by HermesOrders placed before 3pm on working days will normally dispatch within 24 hours depending on stock availability.

Most orders are expected to reach UK postcodes in 1-4 business days from dispatch using this service.

Premium Delivery

Delivery by premium DPD serviceYour order will receive priority handling, packing and be normally be delivered the next working day after dispatch using DPD where you also have the ability to change the delivery address with DPD (may cause delay), times and so on, services that are not available on other carrier options.

This option does get the items to you as fast as we can possibly make that happen within the confines of where stock is held etc.

Please note that on large or bulky items this may be the only option available due to restrictions on other services on both sizes and weights.

Standard Royal Mail Service

Royal Mail deliver serviceOrders placed before 3pm on working days will normally dispatch within 24 hours depending on stock availability.

Most orders are expected to reach UK postcodes in 1-15 business days from dispatch.

* Royal Mail postal service - This is not a guaranteed next day service, Royal Mail aim to deliver 85% of 1st Class mail items the next working day after posting but this can take longer. Economy services are slower than this and can take several working days to arrive.

Whilst we have tried our best to cover most common questions here, there are some product and location specific exceptions which may also result in additional charges. If this is the case then a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss the various options before the item is dispatched.

Should you have any delivery queries, please contact a member of our team on

Please do not arrange to have a tradesman on site until after your goods have arrived and you have checked them (We will not pay your tradesman's costs in the event that the item is damaged in transit or not suitable for any reason).

The products you order will be delivered by one of our contracted couriers: Royal Mail, Hermes or DPD/Interlink Express. When the item is dispatched you will receive an email with additional delivery information where available.


Returns can be sent back to us and we want to make this as easy as possible for you but please follow the instructions here to ensure your requirements are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us on should you wish to return any item.

Please disclose the reason for returning the item along with details of your order number.

It is important that you do not damage or deface the original packaging of any of the products being returned as this may affect our ability to provide any refund.

Please do not return items without first contacting us and receiving instruction on the returns address as this can vary depending on the item(s) being returned. Failure to do so may result in delay or loss which you may be responsible for.

  Paypal Returns Free

If you paid by Paypal and you have enabled Paypal's "Return Shipping on Us" service then you will be able to claim any return shipping costs from Paypal, including for many international orders. For more information on this service please refer to the Paypal website.



Please contact us on within 24 hours of delivery to report any damage.

To deal with damages quickly please send us a brief description of the damage and include a photograph where possible as this will speed the process up considerably.

  Return of Faulty Goods

You should open all boxes carefully and thoroughly check the goods for damage on the day of delivery and notify us of any damage within 24 hours of the delivery. If we are not notified of damage within 24 hours we are unable to claim from either the manufacturer or the carrier and you may be liable and unable to claim for damage.

If a product is faulty you can return it to UK Whitegoods for an exchange or refund.

Returned items are always inspected and tested, please note that should we determine that the product is not faulty you may not receive a refund for that item and you may be charged any delivery and collection costs we incur.

  Return of Non-Faulty Goods

At UK Whitegoods we are determined to go to every length to ensure that you are a happy customer. If however, the event arises that you wish to cancel your order, then you may do so in accordance with the provisions below.

You can cancel your contract before delivery, and up to 14 days after delivery. To do this, please email us or raise a support ticket, you cannot do this on the phone or live chat.

It will speed up the returns process if you can also provide a brief explanation of your reason for cancellation and order number. We will refund your money, excluding postage charges, within 14 days of receiving the item(s) back.

Any returns must be received by us within fourteen days of instruction or authorisation to return the item(s).

If you cancel, you must return the goods to us at your own expense. You are responsible for the risk of loss or damage when you return goods, so you should take out enough postal insurance to cover their value.

It is recommended that - for your own protection - you should send the products back to UK Whitegoods per our instructions using recorded delivery so you have proof of delivery. Additionally, it is the customer's responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods during the cancellation period and we would, therefore, recommended the product(s) are returned with the original packaging in good condition to avoid the products being damaged on the return journey.

If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods before they are returned to us, and this results in damage or deterioration, we will charge you for the reduction in value or the return may not be authorised.

If you wish to make a return please note that we cannot accept returns if:

  • The products have been used, personalised or customised in any way.
  • The products have been fitted for fault finding purposes, we will deem it to have been used.
  • The product/s were custom special order only items.

Additional Information

Further Description No
Alternate Part Number 481245058942, C00312271
EAN Number No
Manufacturer Whirlpool
Genuine Part Yes