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Genuine Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit

Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £27.95
Genuine Part
Typically with you in 1 to 6 days
Commonly used on these brands

Genuine replacement set of eight lower basket wheels to fit the various dishwasher models as shown

AEG Dishwasher

F.40010VI D, AEG F.60760 UK, ASI66011K, F30010IM, F34030IM0, F34030VI0, F34032VI0, F35010IB, F35010ILB, F35010ILM, F35010ILW, F35010IM, F35010IW, F35010VI, F35010VIL, F35020IM, F35020VI, F35085VI, F35090I-B, F35090I-M, F35090IM, F35090IW, F35090VI, F35400IM0, F35400VI0, F35410IM, F35410VI, F40010IM, F40010VI, F40012ID, F40012IM, F40012IW, F40012UM, F40360, F40370, F40370U, F40375U, F40379U, F40561U, F40742, F40760, F40860, F40860M, F40860U, F43011VI, F43070VI, F43080IB, F43080IM, F43080IW, F43080VI, F43410IM, F43480I-D, F43480I-M, F43480I-W, F44010ID, F44010ILM, F44010IM, F44010IW, F44010VI, F44010VIL, F44011VI, F44060VI, F44080IA/1, F44080IB, F44080ID, F44080IL-M, F44080IM, F44080IM/1, F44080IW, F44080VI, F44080VIL, F44086IA, F44086IM, F44090ID, F44090IL-M, F44090IM, F44090IW, F44090VI, F44090VIL, F44410IM, F44410VI, F44411VI, F44420, F44450, F44460, F44480I-M, F44490I-M, F44490VI, F44760, F44860, F44860M, F44860U, F44860UM, F44861, F44861M, F44880, F45000M0, F45000W0, F45001, F45001M, F45002, F45002M, F45003, F45003M, F45005, F45005M, F45010M0, F45010W0, F45011M0, F45011W0, F50002ID0, F50002IM0, F50002IW0, F50010VI, F50580VI, F50671, F50671U, F50672, F50672M, F50672U, F50672UM, F50673, F50673M, F50673S, F50674, F50675, F50675M, F50742, F50760, F50765, F50777, F50777S, F50860, F50860U, F50863, F50863U, F50863U-M, F50863U-S, F50865, F50866, F50870, F50870B, F50870FUB, F50870FUM, F50870FUS, F50870M, F50870S, F50870U, F50870UM, F50870US, F50871, F50871M, F50871U, F50872, F50872U, F50873, F50873M, F50873S, F50874, F50874FM, F50874M, F50875, F50875M, F50875U, F50875UM, F50876U, F50877, F50878, F50878M, F50879, F50879M, F50879U, F50879UM, F51879, F51879M, F54000IM0, F54000VI0, F54012ID, F54012IM, F54012IW, F54012UD, F54012UM, F54012UW, F54052VI0, F54750, F54760, F54850, F54850S, F54860, F54860M, F54861, F54861M, F55000M0, F55000W0, F55010IA, F55010IB, F55010ID, F55010IM, F55010IW, F55010M0, F55010VI, F55010VIL, F55010W0, F55011IB, F55011ID, F55011IM, F55011IW, F55011VI, F55051VI0, F55060VI0, F55062VI0, F55080VI, F55080VI-M, F55090IA, F55090ID, F55090IM, F55090IW, F55090VI, F55090VIL, F55097ID, F55097IM, F55097IW, F55400IM0P, F55400VI0P, F55402IM0P, F55402VI0P, F55402VI0PS, F55410IM, F55410W0P, F55420W0P, F55490I-M, F60010IM, F60010VI, F60018ID, F60018IM, F60018IW, F60018UD, F60018UM, F60018UW, F60650, F60650M, F60660, F60660M, F60669, F60669M, F60760, F60760B, F60760M, F60761, F60761M, F60761S, F60767, F60767M, F60850VIM, F60860, F60870, F60870FM, F60870M, F60870U, F60870UM, F60870US, F60871, F60871UM, F60872, F60873, F60879M, F64080I-A, F64080IA/1, F64080IB, F64080IB/1, F64080IL-A, F64080IL-M, F64080IM, F64080IM/1, F64080IW, F64080IW/1, F64080VI, F64080VIL, F64085IL-M, F64085IM, F64085VIL, F64086IA, F64086IB, F64086IM, F64086IW, F64480I-A, F64480I-D, F64480I-M, F64480I-W, F64480IM, F64660, F64760, F64760M, F64860, F64860U, F65010IB, F65010ID, F65010ILM, F65010IM, F65010IW, F65010VI, F65010VIL, F65011IA, F65011IB, F65011IM, F65011VI, F65012ID, F65012IM, F65012IW, F65012UD, F65012UM, F65012UW, F65013IM, F65018ID, F65018IM, F65018IW, F65018UD, F65018UM, F65018UW, F65019ID, F65019IM, F65019IW, F65019UM, F65060VI, F65080IA, F65080IB, F65080IM, F65080VI, F65080VI/1, F65080VIL, F65086VI, F65090ID, F65090IL-M, F65090IM, F65090IW, F65090VI, F65090VIL, F65099ID, F65099IM, F65099IW, F65401IM0P, F65401VI0P, F65402ID0P, F65402IM0P, F65402IW0P, F65402VI0P, F65410IA, F65410ID, F65410IM, F65410IW, F65410M0P, F65410VI, F65410W0P, F65411VI, F65490I-A, F65490I-D, F65490I-M, F65490I-W, F65490VI, F65510VI, F65511VI, F65570VI, F75011VIL, F75500VI0, F77402M0P, F77402W0P, F78400IM0P, F78400VI0P, F80010ILM, F80010IM, F80010VI, F80010VIL, F80870, F80870M, F80870U, F80870UM, F80870US, F80871M, F80872, F80873, F80873M, F80874, F80874M, F84011VI, F84410VI, F84470VI, F84485VI, F85010ILM, F85010IM, F85010VI, F85010VIL, F85015ILM, F85015IM, F85015VI, F85015VIL, F85060VI, F85090IL-M, F85090IM, F85090VI, F85090VIL, F85095IL-M, F85095IM, F85095VI, F85095VIL, F85460VI, F85480VI, F86010VI, F86011VI, F86019IM, F86070IM, F86070VI, F86080FUM, F86080IA, F86080IL-M, F86080IM, F86080VI, F86080VIL, F86099IM, F86410IM, F86480I-A, F86480I-M, F87029IM, F88010IA, F88010IM, F88010VI, F88010VIL, F88012ILM, F88012IM, F88012VI, F88012VIL, F88014IM, F88015IM, F88015VI, F88015VISL, F88016IA, F88016IM, F88020IM, F88020VI, F88020VIL, F88021VI, F88021VIL, F88025ILM, F88025IM, F88025VI, F88025VIL, F88025VIM, F88070IA, F88070IM, F88070V, F88070VI, F88070VIL, F88080IA, F88080IB, F88080IM, F88080VI, F88080VIL, F88090IA, F88090IM, F88090VI, F88090VIL, F88400IM0P, F88400VI0P, F88410VI, F88419M0P, F88419W0P, F88420IM, F88420VI, F88421IM, F88421VI, F89020IA, F89020IM, F89020VI, F89020VIL, F89021IA, F89021IM, F89021VI, F98010IMM, F99020IMM, FAAA, FAAAID, FAAAIM, FAAAIW, FAAAUTO, FAAAVI, FAUTO, FAUTOAA, FAVG340, FAVOKO, FAVOKOID, FAVOKOIM, FAVOKOIW, FAVOKOUM, FAVOKOVI, FCOMPAAA, FCONTROLID, FCONTROLIM, FCONTROLIW, FCONTROLVI, FEXPPRESS, FEXPRESSID, FEXPRESSIM, FEXPRESSIW, FEXPRESSM, FEXPRESSVI, FFIESTAAA, FINTENSIVA, FMAGIC-IM, FMAGIC-VI, FOKO45M0P, FOKO45W0P, FOKOPLUS, FOKOPLUSID, FOKOPLUSIM, FOKOPLUSIW, FOKOPLUSUM, FOKOPLUSVI, FOKPLUSILM, FOKPLUSVIL, FOPTIMAAA, FPERFECTAA, FPERFORMID, FPERFORMIM, FPERFORMIW, FPLUS, FPOWER, FPROTECT-N, FPROTECT-S, FSILENCE, FSILENCE-M, FSILPLUS, FSILPLUSID, FSILPLUSIM, FSILPLUSIW, FSILPLUSM, FSILPLUSU, FSILPLUSUM, FSILTECH, FSILTECHM, FSILTECHU, GS45BV220, P09113082865

Electra Dishwasher

ESI56033X, ESL45010

Electrolux Dishwasher

DX303SK, DX303WK, ELU ESI6160K CH, ESF4110, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESF4129, ESF4142, ESF4153, ESF4159, ESF4160, ESF43005W, ESF43010, ESF43011, ESF43020, ESF45010, ESF45010S, ESF45010X, ESF45011, ESF45012, ESF45012S, ESF45030W, ESF45030X, ESF45050SR, ESF45050WR, ESF45055WR, ESF45055XR, ESF4542, ESF4560, ESF46010, ESF46010S, ESF46010X, ESF46015WR, ESF46015XR, ESF46710W, ESF46710X, ESF47000W, ESF47000X, ESF47005W, ESF47005X, ESF47015W, ESF47020WR, ESF47020XR, ESF6125X, ESF6126, ESF6126X, ESF6127, ESF6128, ESF6129, ESF6132, ESF6135S, ESF6141, ESF6142, ESF6145, ESF6145X, ESF6146, ESF6146S, ESF6150, ESF6150X, ESF6159, ESF6159S, ESF6160, ESF6161, ESF6161S, ESF6161X, ESF6162, ESF6162X, ESF6163, ESF63010, ESF63012W, ESF63019, ESF63020, ESF63020X, ESF63021, ESF63021X, ESF63025, ESF63026, ESF63029, ESF63030, ESF63032, ESF63040W, ESF63042W, ESF64010, ESF64011, ESF64014, ESF64014X, ESF64016, ESF64019, ESF64019X, ESF64020, ESF64020X, ESF64029, ESF64029X, ESF65010, ESF65010S, ESF65011X, ESF65012, ESF65013, ESF65014, ESF65014X, ESF65015, ESF65015X, ESF65020, ESF65022, ESF65030W, ESF65030X, ESF65031W, ESF65040W, ESF65040X, ESF65042W, ESF65045W, ESF65045X, ESF65047W, ESF65049W, ESF65049X, ESF65050S, ESF65050W, ESF65050X, ESF65051W, ESF65052W, ESF65053W, ESF65060S, ESF65060W, ESF65060X, ESF6521, ESF6522, ESF6525, ESF6526, ESF6529, ESF6535, ESF6543, ESF6543X, ESF6546S, ESF6549, ESF6549X, ESF6550, ESF6560, ESF6561, ESF6562, ESF6563, ESF6565, ESF6569, ESF65710W, ESF65710X, ESF66010, ESF66010S, ESF66010X, ESF66019, ESF6602, ESF66020, ESF66020S, ESF66021, ESF66021X, ESF66022, ESF66022X, ESF66024, ESF66029, ESF66029X, ESF66030, ESF66030S, ESF66030X, ESF66035, ESF66035X, ESF66039, ESF66041X, ESF66060X, ESF66610K, ESF66610W, ESF66610X, ESF66710, ESF66710X, ESF66720, ESF66720X, ESF66730W, ESF66730X, ESF66739W, ESF66810X, ESF66811W, ESF66811X, ESF66820, ESF66820X, ESF66830W, ESF66830X, ESF66840W, ESF66840X, ESF66842W, ESF66842X, ESF67010, ESF67020, ESF67020X, ESF67022, ESF68010, ESF68020, ESF68020X, ESF68030W, ESF68030X, ESF68040X, ESF68500, ESI36012B, ESI36012W, ESI36012X, ESI4112X, ESI4121K, ESI4121W, ESI4121X, ESI4142B, ESI4142W, ESI4142X, ESI44030X, ESI44032B, ESI44032W, ESI44032X, ESI44500XR, ESI45010W, ESI45010X, ESI46010X, ESI46032B, ESI46032W, ESI46032X, ESI46059X, ESI46500XR, ESI47020X, ESI47500XR, ESI56033B, ESI56033W, ESI56033X, ESI56039X, ESI6105B, ESI6105K, ESI6105W, ESI6105X, ESI6110K, ESI6110W, ESI6110X, ESI6112K, ESI6112W, ESI6112X, ESI6113X, ESI6142B, ESI6142W, ESI6142X, ESI6160, ESI6160K, ESI6160X, ESI6162B, ESI6162W, ESI6162X, ESI6180, ESI6180K, ESI63010K, ESI63010W, ESI63010X, ESI63020W, ESI63020X, ESI64010K, ESI64010W, ESI64010X, ESI64030X, ESI64041K, ESI64041W, ESI64041X, ESI64042K, ESI64042W, ESI64042X, ESI64052K, ESI64052W, ESI64052X, ESI64060K, ESI64060W, ESI64060X, ESI65010U, ESI65010W, ESI65010X, ESI66010K, ESI66010W, ESI66010X, ESI66032B, ESI66032W, ESI66032X, ESI66034B, ESI66034W, ESI66034X, ESI66050U, ESI66050X, ESI66052X, ESI66054X, ESI67010X, ESI67050X, ESI68050X, ESI68060X, ESI68850X, ESI68860X, ESL4115, ESL4116, ESL4120, ESL4121, ESL4126, ESL4131, ESL4142, ESL4143, ESL4161, ESL43010, ESL43020, ESL43500, ESL44500R, ESL45010, ESL45011, ESL45015, ESL46010, ESL46050, ESL46500R, ESL46510R, ESL47020, ESL47030, ESL47700R, ESL47710R, ESL48010, ESL48900R, ESL6115, ESL6124, ESL6125, ESL614, ESL6142, ESL6143, ESL6163, ESL6164, ESL6185, ESL63010, ESL64010, ESL64020, ESL64021, ESL64022, ESL64041, ESL64042, ESL64052, ESL66010, ESL66020, ESL66021, ESL66022, ESL66910, ESL67010, ESL67030, ESL67050, ESL67930, ESL68040, ESL68060, ESL68500, ESU56033B, ESU56033W, ESU56033X, ESU66034X, EX401ISB, EX501SB, EX601ISB, EX601SC, GA45GLV220, GA45GLV400, GA45GLV401, GA552F101, GA553IF, GA554IF, GA55GL201, GA55GLI201, GA55GLI202, GA55GLV401, GA55GLV402, GA55IEEV, GA55L101, GA55LI101, GA55LI102, GA55LS100, GA55LSI101, GA55LSI102, GA55LV101, GA55LV102, GA55SLI301, GA55SLI302, GA60GLI200, GA60GLI200X, GA60GLI201, GA60GLI202, GA60GLV400, GA60GLV401, GA60GLV402, GA60GXI200, GA60GXI201, GA60GXI202, GA60GXI202X, GA60GXI203, GA60GXV402, GA60LI100, GA60LI101, GA60LXI101, GA60LXI102, GA60LXI103, GA60LXI103K, GA60SLI300, GA60SLI301, GA60SLV503, GA60SXI202, GA60SXI203, GA60SXV500, GA60SXV502, GA60SXV503, LL60B, LL60X, P09113082865, RSF63012S, RSF63012W

Privileg Dishwasher

000.590 0/10955, 00000976_11243, 00033138_11181, 00033138_11338, 00048906_11192, 00048906_11384, 00057968_11387, 00058583_11028, 000590_10955, 00073365_11241, 00075511_11284, 000976_11164, 00107226_11190, 00107226_11330, 00125512_11333, 00165659_11180, 00165659_11337, 00170795_11188, 00170795_11328, 00208951_11029, 00210869_11068, 00219763_11233, 002287_11065, 00233746_11169, 00245201_11197, 00245201_11300, 00245366_11199, 00245366_11301, 00264757_11390, 00264989_11170, 00271454_11191, 00284751_11127, 00286550_11106, 00292241_11157, 00292241_11288, 00296228_11326, 00298036_11386, 00314138_11325, 00336306_11307, 00341876_11305, 00357521_11245, 00360787_11134, 00362741_11094, 00369113_11230, 00369113_11295, 00436038_11178, 00452187_11327, 00466312_11053, 00466312_11383, 00467943_11200, 00467943_11250, 00478342_11177, 00478342_11334, 00479392_11107, 00485154_11027, 00493752_11198, 00493752_11249, 00494246_11203, 00494250_11204, 00494250_11315, 00494254_11205, 00494254_11316, 00494310_11391, 00494758_11207, 00494758_11319, 00494759_11208, 00494759_11320, 00494769_11209, 00494769_11321, 00494837_11201, 00494867_11202, 00494867_11389, 00494990_11210, 00494990_11322, 00495048_11211, 00495048_11323, 00495150_11392, 00495438_11214, 00502609_11215, 00502609_11378, 00502724_11216, 00502724_11263, 00502733_11217, 00502733_11264, 00502767_11218, 00502767_11265, 00502821_11219, 00502862_11220, 00502862_11275, 00502868_11221, 00502868_11276, 00502970_11277, 00503438_11223, 00503438_11379, 00503482_11224, 00503482_11331, 00503536_11393, 00503591_11226, 00503591_11281, 00512722_11340, 00512813_11341, 00513516_11052, 00513516_11382, 00517574_11348, 00517669_11350, 00517784_11349, 00517800_11351, 00517817_11368, 00517983_11358, 00518409_11366, 00518602_11368, 00519228_11171, 00519267_11369, 00524238_11352, 00524337_11353, 00524360_11354, 00524395_11360, 00524588_11361, 00524986_11362, 00526450_11370, 00526694_11371, 00526786_11372, 00527434_11355, 00527440_11356, 00527932_11357, 00527988_11373, 00528133_11365, 00528517_11374, 00537037_11153, 00537037_11298, 00555280_11273, 00559954_11344, 00584810_11108, 00615079_11189, 00615079_11329, 00615941_11296, 00627913_11324, 00633712_11293, 00639003_11239, 00657064_11228, 00685498_11179, 00685498_11336, 00687469_11367, 00688393_11151, 00695723_11103, 00695723_11381, 00704092_11085, 00704092_11247, 00705958_11240, 00706301_11150, 00706627_11237, 00706867_11312, 00706934_11313, 00707424_11262, 00718295_11332, 00736276_11375, 00750024_11168, 00753210_11096, 00753210_11310, 00775770_11260, 00775810_11311, 00782251_11242, 00809481_11128, 00820226_11377, 00832248_11095, 00832908_11135, 00857323_11257, 00858789_11279, 00872840_11394, 00877006_11194, 00880446_11244, 00883379_11126, 00912719_11136, 00918736_11376, 00931302_11161, 00931302_11229, 00932223_11294, 00947268_11182, 00947268_11339, 00955489_11193, 00955489_11385, 00971589_11292, 00972212_11232, 009778_10988, 022894_11120, 025070_10903, 028794_11129, 048906_11018, 051.115 4/10917, 051115_10917, 057968_11022, 058583_11028, 066788_11119, 067748_11049, 073365_11125, 075511_11112, 107226_11088, 113599_10993, 114536_11030, 118257_11039, 120.458-5/10994, 120458-5/10994, 120458_10994, 122.304 9/11054, 122304_11054, 126911_11140, 130060_11038, 132692_10998, 135458_11008, 142484_10856, 145.782 9/10942, 145782_10942, 161407_11042, 163702_11026, 170628_11051, 170795_11086, 176.772 2/10825, 176772_10825, 181247_11132, 182.949 8/10906, 182949_10906, 188630_11162, 189.751 1/10974, 189751_10974, 189956_11156, 198989_11014, 200152_11159, 205402_11138, 208951_11029, 210869_11068, 214036_11016, 219763_11114, 224518_11093, 233746_11169, 234117_11072, 237.644 0/11056, 237644_11056, 245665_11024, 246152_10851, 255503_10834, 256247_11002, 257805_10989, 259208_10864, 262.616 6/10995, 262616_10995, 264757_11082, 264989_11170, 271.454 1/11004, 271454_11004, 274638_11031, 276074_11141, 276664_11131, 284751_11127, 286550_11106, 288778_11172, 292241_11157, 293712_11032, 296228_11145, 298036_11021, 311198_10962, 311991_11017, 313775_10913, 314138_11144, 316066_10990, 318906_10984, 321953_11167, 323170_11149, 327914_10921, 336185_11111, 336305_11117, 336306_11118, 341876_11116, 346551_10985, 348307_11048, 351808_11071, 357521_11166, 359060_10983, 360787_11134, 362741_11094, 366314_10986, 390.994 2/10952, 390994_10952, 407.455 5/10897, 407455_10897, 410406_11046, 449417_11115, 451651_11013, 452187_11146, 466.312 6/11053, 466312_11053, 466785_11069, 473413_11063, 475344_11080, 479392_11107, 480703_11083, 484333_11089, 485154_11027, 491486_11044, 493892_10930, 498668_11147, 508483_11130, 512904_10852, 513.516 5/11052, 513516_11052, 519228_11171, 525950_10964, 528426_11037, 528722_10999, 530110_11092, 530850_11133, 532595_11098, 534.093 0/11057, 534093_11057, 535710_11100, 535710_11283, 537037_11084, 544.857 6/10928, 544857_10928, 552.224 8/11055, 552224_11055, 555280_11139, 558.350 5/10947, 558350_10947, 559.137 5/10927, 559137_10927, 568450_11040, 569448_11047, 574968_10915, 580329_11000, 583288_11074, 583293_11075, 583295_11076, 583661_11023, 584810_11108, 593.630 7/10736, 593630_10736, 595317_10970, 595956_10992, 604028_11091, 611075_10969, 615079_11087, 615941_11142, 628535_10968, 630687_10941, 633712_11176, 638.238 6/10936, 638238_10936, 639003_11143, 640436_10987, 649091_11079, 655.525 4/10902, 655525_10902, 657064_11160, 663726_10926, 665189_11025, 673708_10925, 684929_11066, 685896_11073, 687026_11043, 687156_11110, 688393_11001, 688452_10991, 691056_11070, 695.723 7/11103, 695723_11103, 697458_11041, 704092_11085, 705958_11124, 706301_11150, 706627_11152, 706867_11183, 706934_11184, 707419_11186, 707424_11187, 718295_11174, 737643_10853, 740925_11121, 750024_11168, 753210_11096, 775770_11185, 775810_11154, 779372_11007, 782251_11163, 784211_11099, 791016_11006, 799.815 6/10949, 799815_10949, 799968_11045, 806.337 2/10996, 806.664 9/10934, 806337_10996, 806664_10934, 809481_11128, 820031_10855, 820226_11036, 826325_11148, 826567_10939, 832242_10963, 832248_11095, 832908_11135, 851003_11015, 851587_10848, 857323_11097, 858789_11090, 860.988 5/10826, 860988_10826, 864.370 2/10900, 864156_10976, 864370_10900, 872009_11137, 872840_11123, 877006_11020, 880446_11165, 883379_11126, 886.047 0/10898, 886047_10898, 894.559 4/11005, 894559_11005, 897751_11113, 901496_11033, 904052_11122, 910418_10857, 912719_11136, 918736_11035, 924155_11064, 927.899 5/10929, 927899_10929, 931302_11161, 932223_11158, 944672_10854, 945.342 4/10901, 945342_10901, 948.409 8/10997, 948409_10997, 951410_10924, 953698_11173, 955489_11019, 966191_11050, 971589_11175, 972212_11101, 976461_11109, 979.492 6/10975, 979492_10975, 986153_11078

Tricity Dishwasher

BDW46, BDW55, TBDW32, TBDW42, TDF200, TDF221, TDF222, TDS200, TDS222

Zanker Dishwasher

DE6444, DEF201, F88420IM, GE44016, GE44016S, GE44017, GE44017S, GE44021, GE44022, GE44022S, GE44023, GE44023S, GE44031, GE44032, GE44032S, GE46005, GE46005S, GE46023, GE46023S, GE64015, GE64016, GE64016S, GE64017, GE64017S, GE64019S, GE64021, GE64021S, GE64022, GE64022S, GE64023, GE64023S, GE64031, GE64032, GE64032S, GE66003, GE66005, GE66005S, GE66005SG, GE66017, GE66017S, GE66023, GE66023S, GE66025, GE66025S, GS44005, GS44005S, GS64005, GS64005S, KDF100, KDS100, ZANKER GE66005 D (NE, ZDF231S, ZDF3020N, ZDF601, ZDF601S, ZDS2010, ZDS2010S, ZDS2010X, ZDTL201, ZKI1410X, ZKI1530X, ZKI3510X, ZKS44005X, ZKS44032X, ZKS44034X, ZKS5453IE, ZKS5453S, ZKS5453W, ZKS5453X, ZKS5640IE, ZKS5642A, ZKS5642S, ZKS5642W, ZKS5642X, ZKS5650IL, ZKS5653IE, ZKS5653S, ZKS5653W, ZKS5653X, ZKS5653XL, ZKS64005X, ZKS64032X, ZKV1530, ZKVS1530, ZSF6161, ZSF6161X

Zanussi Dishwasher

DA6332, DA6343, DA6344, DE2554, DE2654, DE4754, DE4756, DE540X, DE6444, DE6540, DE6644, DE6744, DE6844, DE6956, DE6956A, DE6956X, DEF101, DEF201, DES101, ESF6563, IZZIALU, ZDF100, ZDF1000, ZDF101, ZDF102, ZDF105, ZDF121, ZDF131, ZDF201, ZDF2010, ZDF2010X, ZDF2015, ZDF2015X, ZDF201X, ZDF2020, ZDF2025, ZDF2030, ZDF2030X, ZDF204, ZDF210, ZDF210F, ZDF211, ZDF212, ZDF213, ZDF214, ZDF215F, ZDF219, ZDF220, ZDF220X, ZDF221, ZDF221S, ZDF221X, ZDF222, ZDF222S, ZDF222X, ZDF225, ZDF230, ZDF231, ZDF231S, ZDF250, ZDF250ALU, ZDF250X, ZDF255, ZDF255S, ZDF255X, ZDF256, ZDF256X, ZDF257, ZDF257X, ZDF301, ZDF3010, ZDF3010X, ZDF3011, ZDF3011X, ZDF3012, ZDF3012X, ZDF302, ZDF3020, ZDF3020N, ZDF3020S, ZDF3020X, ZDF303, ZDF304, ZDF305, ZDF305X, ZDF306, ZDF310, ZDF310F, ZDF311, ZDF311S, ZDF312, ZDF312S, ZDF313, ZDF314, ZDF315, ZDF315F, ZDF315X, ZDF324X, ZDF400, ZDF400X, ZDF401, ZDF4010, ZDF4010X, ZDF405, ZDF405X, ZDF411, ZDF500, ZDF501, ZDF501S, ZDF501X, ZDF502, ZDF503, ZDF510, ZDF510X, ZDF511, ZDF511S, ZDF550, ZDF555, ZDF555X, ZDF601, ZDF601K, ZDF601M, ZDF601S, ZDF6745, ZDI100N, ZDI100W, ZDI100X, ZDI101X, ZDI110X, ZDI111B, ZDI111N, ZDI111W, ZDI111X, ZDI112B, ZDI112W, ZDI112X, ZDI121N, ZDI121W, ZDI121X, ZDI121X/, ZDI122W, ZDI122X, ZDI200N, ZDI200X, ZDI210N, ZDI210W, ZDI210X, ZDI211W, ZDI211X, ZDI300X, ZDI310X, ZDI311X, ZDI425X, ZDI430X, ZDI431X, ZDI600QX, ZDI600SX, ZDI6053N, ZDI6053W, ZDI6053X, ZDI6142N, ZDI6142X, ZDI6500X, ZDI6556N, ZDI6556W, ZDI6556X, ZDI6744, ZDI6896QA, ZDI6896QX, ZDI6896SX, ZDIL110X, ZDIS100W, ZDIS100X, ZDIS101W, ZDIS101X, ZDIS102W, ZDIS102X, ZDS050, ZDS100, ZDS101, ZDS1010, ZDS104, ZDS200, ZDS200 NL, ZDS200F, ZDS2010, ZDS2010S, ZDS2010X, ZDS204, ZDS205, ZDS205F, ZDS205X, ZDS231, ZDS231S, ZDS300, ZDS3010, ZDS304, ZDS305, ZDS350, ZDS4010, ZDS405, ZDS405X, ZDT100, ZDT101, ZDT110, ZDT111, ZDT112, ZDT200, ZDT201, ZDT300, ZDT310, ZDT311, ZDT312, ZDT313, ZDT40, ZDT41, ZDT420, ZDT425, ZDT430, ZDT431, ZDT5053, ZDT5152, ZDT5195, ZDT5453, ZDT6053, ZDT6255, ZDT6454, ZDT6764, ZDT6896, ZDTL200, ZDTL201, ZDTS100, ZDTS101, ZDTS102, ZDTS300, ZDTS400, ZDTS401, ZDU112X, ZDU6500, ZI627, ZSF4123, ZSF4126, ZSF4143, ZSF4143S, ZSF6066S, ZSF6120, ZSF6126, ZSF6128, ZSF6128G, ZSF6152, ZSF6161, ZSF6161N, ZSF6161S, ZSF6161X

More Information
Further Description

Pack of eight - Colour can be either white (as shown) or grey

Alternate Part Number DST50286965004, 5045173351677, LUX50286965004, 43-ZN-138A, 43-ZN-138, D055056, D346025, D055009
Manufacturer Genuine Lux2ELE
Genuine Part Yes

  Dishwasher Basket Wheels, Rollers & Runners

On the face of it dishwasher basket wheels would seem to be such a simple part to find and replace and, in large part that is actually true. Normally these small plastic wheels or rollers are very easily found and, very easily replaced.

The most common dishwasher wheels will be mounted straight into the basket assembly itself and on a lower dishwasher basket, this will usually simply be able to gently slide back and forward on the rollers.

Even on upper dishwasher baskets, a similar system is employed but on the upper storage basket, you will quite often notice that the wheels will fit inside a rail that will also move, allowing the basket to glide in and out but offering additional support for the weight of the dishes in the top basket.

The type of dishwasher basket will normally have a small plastic clip at the end that will push to one side or, be able to be pulled out in order to allow you to remove the basket for cleaning. That small plastic clip is commonly referred to as a basket rail clip or basket runner stop.

Another type of top basket wheels are small sub-assemblies of two wheels mounted on a bracket, normally plastic, which is then fixed to the inner tub or side of your dishwasher.

These upper baskets and, they are only found on upper baskets in a dishwasher, are commonly known as a basket runner assembly. Some still call the basket wheels but normally it is runners to try to avoid confusion although that does not seems to work all that well at times.

Sometimes these top runner assemblies can be harder to swap as you may have to take the side panels off your dishwasher and fix then from behind.

And somewhat disgustingly at least in our opinion, some of the cheap dishwashers these days you can only buy the whole bloomin' basket! You can't get the wheels at all as a separate spare part so it often costs the best part of £50 or more just to replace some stupid plastic wheels. For us, this is madness.

  Finding Dishwasher Basket Wheels

As ever the dishwasher model number is really essential here and you cannot in absolutely every instance trust the images as parts can change over the course of their lifetime, often with no notice at all. Some changes may be simple and some can be significant. Our advice as ever is that, if you are at all unsure or just want confirmation, please ask us before you order.

It is a lot less hassle to check and we're only too happy to do so for you if we are not online for you right now using live chat, to get the correct information than having the inconvenience of sending parts back that are unsuitable. This is better for both you and us but also ensures that you get the best advice and service.

Thankfully with dishwasher wheels normally the only changes are perhaps in material and colour so there are no fitting issues.


Component parts may vary in shape and size to the images shown as parts are model specific and subject to change or alteration at any time without notice. This spare part will only fit the models as described in the listing unless specifically advised otherwise by ourselves.

Also note that some dishwasher basket wheels, runners and so on can, depending on the model, be used in different positions so please, take care when ordering and don't rely solely on images as they pretty much all look the same!

Read why this is important here and why spare parts are so complicated 

  Technical And Fault Help

If you need help to track down a fault or try to work out what a fault or error code is telling you then please ask in the forums for assistance.

This is a free service that is available to all and you can access the forums from this link

In there you can get free advice and help from appliance repair technicians who will, if they can, assist you with nailing down what the problem with you r appliance might be.

This service is completely free to use and we do not send you emails etc, share your details or anything else. It is purely there as a free service to help people.


Electrolux spare parts

Electrolux Spare Parts

Electrolux is a brand that is the second largest appliance maker in the world and it owns many brands, some used only in certain areas of the world and to find spare parts you will often require the Product or PNC number shown on the rating plate as it is not uncommon for there to be multiple variants of any appliance. This can range from one or two variants to over thirty making this in some instances not just nice to have but, absolutely essential.

This is why you will often find spare parts used on other brands within the Electrolux Group or, that have been produced by them when they are not generic to many.

All the group products work the same way thankfully making it a little easier and you can find out more and if you need it, you see an example of the rating plate on our support site here

You can learn more about Electrolux, the history of the brand and more in this article on the site but the main brands that are covered for the UK are the following:

  • AEG
  • Electrolux
  • Zanussi
  • Parkinson Cowan
  • Tricity Bendix
  • John Lewis (Most)
  • Ikea (Most from 2014 on)

  Electrolux Technical Help

Support for all Electrolux Group products in the forums is generally good as we have good access to spare part and technical information for virtually all Electrolux products and there are a number of service agents there dealing with these products every day. If you need fault diagnosis help then please use the forums for assistance and unlike many, this service is completely free to use.

Before you do head over to the forums for help though, please read our quick guide on how to get the best responses in the forums here, the guys will help you if they can with most Electrolux problems.

Electrolux Fault Finding

For help with fault finding, diagnostics, fault codes and other technical assistance please use our forums where you can get help and advice from field technicians totally free.

You can access the forums from this link

Spare parts help and support forums where you can get help and advice from us about parts for washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Spare Parts Help

We can assist you directly with identifying spare parts for your  appliance from our support help desk via email and you will also find lots of information to help you locating model numbers, product codes and more across many pages on the site. And advice on how to find compatible and alternative parts.

You can also email us on or use the live chat (the blue button below right).

We aim to answer you quickly, normally during the week the longest you will weait for a response is an hour at most but, often we're answering you in minutes.

If you are unsure if a part will fit your  model or you want to confirm any details, just get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.


Appliance help and support forums where you can talk to actual domestic appliance engineers about washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Help From Experts

Get help from  repair experts in our forums, a totally free to use service we provide to all.

Talk to engineers that repair applainces and get support from there with diagnosing faults and repair advice.

To use this function simply login or regiter on the forum, select the forum for the appliance you need help with (for example, washing machine forum for a washing machine question), post your question and, if someone can help you they will do so.


Find a domestic appliance service engineer to repair your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, oven, fridge or any other major domestic appliance

Get A Repair

Find a local approved service engineer to repair your  appliance with no charges to you for the use of this service.

Deal directly with the field service technicians that repair  appliances and cut out the middlemen.


More help, advice and information on how you can repair your own washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

More Repair Information To Help You

Find out more about how to repair your appliance and much more from the self help section of our website

We have a huge number of help articles that cover the most common issues and problems with most appliances that you can use to help diagnose the cause of many problems yourself

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Some, not all it varies on a case by case basis, special order items can be returned but to do so will incur costs, typically restocking fees charged by manufacturers etc and those can be hefty so it is as always better to check suitability before ordering.

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