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Washing Machine Drum Bearing Seal

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Genuine replacement washing machine & washer dryer drum bearing seal for machines from Gorenje, Smeg, General Electric & Teka

General Electric Washing Machine & Washer Dryer


Gorenje Washing Machine & Washer Dryer

WA62101, WA62141, WA63121, WA63121, WA63141, WA63141, WA61081, WA61101, WA62101, WA62121, WA63101, WA63121, WU63121, WA62121, WA61121, WA62111, WA63131, WA62101, WA63101, WA63101, WA62081, WA61121, WA62141, WA62141, WA63141, WA63141, WA62101, WA63120, WA61131, WA63131, WA63131, KWA62101, KWA62081, WA63131, WA63131, WA62131-G, WA62121, WA6120.2N, WA6120N, WA6120S, WA61081, WA1081, WA61111, WA63120, WA63120, WA63140, WA63140, WA63120, WA63140, WA63140, WA63080, WA63100, WA63120, WA61081, WA62092, WA62081, WA63121, TEW3L121, TEW3L127, WA62081, WA63080, WA63100, BWA61081, BWA62101, BWA63120, WA61081, WA62081, WA62101, WA62121, WA63101, WA61101, WA63080, WA63100, WA63103, WA61121, TEW2N081, TEW2N087, TEW2N101, TEW2N107, WA62121AL, WA50100, WA50120, WA50140, WA50100, WA50100, WA50120, WA50120, WA50140, WA50100, WA50120, WA50140, SWA50120, WA50100, KWA50100, KWA50120, KWA50140, ESK-86TOP, WA50121, WA50141, GWA1100, WA61081, WA61101, WA61121, WA63080, WA63131, WA62101, WA62111, GWA1400, WA50140, WA50100, WA50120, MCCH6110HWW, MCCH6110HSS, SWA50100, SWA50120, KFL1000, WA63126, WA63146, R WA61081R, WA50120, WA50140, WA1101, WA1081, WA62141, WA63141, WA50100, WA50100, WA50120, WD12700J, WD12700J(LCD), WA62122, WA62142, FMRL190600, WA73121, WA73141, WA73141, WA73121, WA62141, WA71121, WA71101, WA72121, WU62081, WA73120, WA73140, WA72141, MWA50100, WA61090, WA61110, KWA72101, WA50140, WA73120, WM-681, SWA50130, WA71121, WA63121, SWA50100, WA63142AL, GWA1105, WA72101, WA50101, WA63100, WA63121, WA72121, WA73121, WA73101, KWA50100, KWA50120, KWA50090, AW62101, AW62121, KWA50140, WA63140, WA63101, WA71081, WA73080, WWA71081, WA63142AL, WA62125, WA62145, WA72145, WA72125, WM-612SS, WA62125, WA73141, WA62145, WA72111, WA72125, WA72125, WA72105, WA72125, WA72145, WA62105, WA62105, WA62125, WA62115, WA62135, WA62085, 00.121.676 1, .676 1, 00.121.661 3, .661 3, WA546, 00.116.153 8, .153 8, WA62105, WA62085, WA72.08, WA71.08, WA72.12, W2145, WA50100, WA72111, WA62111, WA62101, WA72121, WA61111, WA62092, WA61121, WA73120, WA73100, WA72145BK, WA62135, WA62125, WA62115, WA72145BK, WA50129, WA50109, WA60129, WA60109, WA50125, WA50105, LA6120, WA50129, WA50109, WA60149, WA60109, WA60129, WA71081, WA50149, WA60149, WA72081, WA72121, WA71101, WA50149, WA50129, WA50145, WA50125, WA60149, WA60129, WA50125, WA640, WA50145, WA60109, WA72085, WA72125, WA72145, LA6314, LA6108, WA50109, WA50149, WM-6121, WM7141, WA72145BK, SWA50120, WA50149, WA50129, WA72125, WA72145, 00.274.293 0, 274.293 0, WA946, 00.319.656 5, .656 5, 00.491.625 0, .625 0, WA926, WA61111, WA61121, WA60.2, WA63121, 00.142.168 4, .168 4, WA61101, WA60109, WA73120 222012, WA72145BK 222013, WA50115 222804, WA72.08 222805, WA72.12 223313, WA60149 223314, WA60129 224814, WA60129 224815, WA60149 225021, WA63080 225023, WA62105 225676, WA60119 225676, WA60129 225678, WA60139 225778, WA61081 225781, WA62085 226583, KWA71081 226659, ELF714D1 227586, WA2125 227588, WA72145BK 227647, WA60109 228530, WA72081 228541, WA50105 228545, WA60149 228670, WA60129 228691, WA50125 228692, WA50105 231129, WAM72125 232106, WA60149 232106, WA60149 GOR 232466, WA72145BK 233917, WA50109 234251, WA50129 234933, WA72145BK 237034, WA60149 237064, WA50145 240075, WED511 242245, W2147 245180, ELF714D2 247472, WA63100 247474, WA60109 247475, WA60129 247476, WA50105 249098, KWA50110 249099, WA63142 250040, WA7140SL 250043, WA7120S 250044, WA6122N 250537, WA50121 250787, WA60129 252999, SWA 50129 252999, SWA50129 253624, WA72145AL 255143, SWA50100 255143, SWA60100 255145, SWA50120 255145, SWA60120 255147, SWA50130 255147, SWA60130 256479, WA740 257735, WA255 257735, WA50121 257738, WA50121 257738, WA455 258786, WED511 258786, WED612 259136, WA72145 259513, WED511 260612, ELF614D2 260612, WA60149 262189, VITAL 522 262189, WA626 262189, 00.116.153 8 265509, WA72.08 266228, 266240, 266410, WA60145 267016, WA360 267616, WA60149 267912, WA60129 267916, WA60109 270031, WA601091 270629, WA60105 270970, WA72145 271450, WED512 272019, WA70.2 272019, WA70.2 272035, K 6.1200 274720, WA60105 274735, TEW1N105 274903, WA4.6I 275842, WA71141 275843, WA72145AL 276297, WA614SYW 276298, WA612SYW 276299, WA610SYB 276300, WA612SYB 276321, WA610SYW 276327, WA614SYB 276709, WA72145 277238, WA73141 277752, WA50129 277757, WA50149 278022, WA50100 278023, WA50120 278024, WA50140 278907, WA610SYW 280146, WA459 281043, WA72125 282697, WA60125 282699, WA2.6i 282866, WA D 282866, WA1453D 284449, WA50105 284450, WA50125 284452, WA50109 284453, WA50129 284455, WA60109 284456, WA60129 284477, WA60149 284480, WA601091 285400, WA60109 285401, WA60129 285402, WA60149 285407, WA369 285685, WA50145 286333, WA61121 286413, WA61092 286447, WA60109 286448, WA60129 286449, WA60149 287358, WA60105 288506, WA60119 288585, WA60.9 288586, WA639 288607, WA60129 288608, WA60149 288609, WA60109 290933, WA82145 291574, KWA60105 291574, WA60105 291600, WA73141 291600, WA83141 292692, WA7.60 292952, WA72145AL 293081, WA60105 293233, WA83140 293235, WA61414 293236, WA61412 293237, WA51412 293865, KWA71121 294052, WA82145BK 294054, WA82145 294502, WA72145RD 295160, WA60149 295160, WA6145B 295676, K6.1100N 295677, K5.1200N 295678, K5.1100N 295679, K6.1000N 296277, WA83141 296278, WA82125 296279, WA82145 296362, WA82145 296363, WA82145 296364, WA82145BK 296370, WA50100 296403, SWA60100 296582, WA4.6i 296583, WA50149 296729, WA51149 297107, WA D 297117, WA60129 297118, WA60105 297120, ELF614D3 297437, WA612SYA 297438, WA614SYA 297474, WA62145 297480, WA72145RD 297481, WA72145 297482, WA72145AL 297483, SWA50129 297484, WA72145BK 297485, WA60140 297486, WA60120 297487, WA60100 297491, WA61121 297522, WA60129 297586, WA60149 297860, SWA60100 297884, WA83141 297885, WA83120 299494, WA61424, WX7240Logic, W7425ECO, WA72105, WA60109N, WA260, WA50109, WA60109S, WA60129S, WA60149S, WA601291, WA630, W8140,, W6140, WA72145RD, WA72145BKS,, WA50129, WA60129, WA60149,, WA50125, WA50145, WA360, WA61214, WA61014, WA82146, WA61432, WA7142SL, 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W8503, W6513S, W6523S, W77443A, WA60129,, WA77145ECO, WA50EX,, W6202,, W7223,, W6403, W6423, W8424, W7203, WA60125, W7423, W7643L, W8624H, W7443, WA7339, W77443A, WX7443A, W7523, W7443B, WA6109, WA6129, KW7503, KW8503, WA6139, W7543TB, W7543TA, W7543TR, W7443LR, W7443LB, W7443LA, W01EONLT, W8824EONLT, W7453L, WA759E, W7403, W8424, W6423S, W7423, PWM110WITP01, W8424, W9825I, WA743LA, WA743LR, WA743LB, W7223, W6443, WA1470D, W763L, WA763L, WA642L, WA644L, WA60125, W722P, WA722P, W744L, WA744L, W7543LR, W7643L, PESUKARHU7242, W749, W605, W729, W6222, W749, W729, PK714D, WA61101, WA61121, WA62101, WA62121, WA62141, WA62141, WA63121, WA63141, WA63141

Smeg Washing Machine & Washer Dryer


Teka Washing Machine & Washer Dryer


More Information
Further Description

35 62 10/12

Alternate Part Number 122442, 587315, GJ05102, 821521, 5045174464789, GOR587315, 760212335
Manufacturer GOR
Genuine Part Yes

   Washing Machine Drum Bearings

Washing machine bearings tend to fail gradually as the front water seal, or bearing seal, wears and starts to allow water into the actual bearings themselves. This water gets into the actual ball race and corrodes the bearing causing it to fail. In most cases this means that the washing machine is noisy long before the washer bearings actually "collapse" as such but, it is vital that they are replaced before they reach this stage to prevent further damage to the drum or support spider.

Your washing machine will almost certainly have a brass phosphorous bush on the drum shaft and this seals to the front bearing seal, it is imperative that there is no damage to this bush. If it is damaged in any way then the likelihood is that replacement bearings will not last more than a few months after being replaced. Please don't try to use anything on this bush to clean it other than a soft cloth as the metal is very soft and liable to become damaged should you use even a very mild sandpaper on it.

If the bearing bush on the drum support spider is damaged then it will require to be replaced.

When replacing washing machine bearings it is advisable that you also replace the tub seal where possible. Since it is such a time consuming and involved repair there is no point going to all the trouble to replacing the washing machine bearings only to find that a seal that costs just a few pounds causes a leak and you have to strip the washing machine down again to replace it. It is rare that professional engineers will not replace this seal as a matter of course when replacing and washing machine or washer dryer bearings.

Drum bearing replacement on most any washing machine or washer dryer will involve a considerable amount of time and skill as the entire washing machine is usually stripped down with the whole tub removed. It is not normally a job that we recommend for DIY repairs unless you have a reasonable amount of skill in such repair work. For that reason, we have included a link to find a washing machine repair engineer below, on this page.

Washing machine and washer dryer bearings, like many other spares, are subject to low cost, cheap alternative parts some of which are okay and some of which are just absolute rubbish. In particular, it is especially important that you get a good bearing seal to prevent water ingress to the bearings themselves. Please do be aware that these cheap sets are out there and there are a lot of traders that don't care, they are only interested in being the cheapest.

  Changes On Production

There are some models from a number of manufacturers that will have different bearings in the same model number but, the production code will alter. Normally we will note this on the listing where we've found it but as nobody is told what changes are made this can be a challenge at times unless we've sussed it.

  Sealed Tanks

Increasingly we are seeing sealed tanks or drums being used where they are it's a full assembly that you get and, there's no alternative to that.

Even if you can break into it, split the tank and replace the bearings there is no information on what bearings or seal is used to order replacements until you get them out and, hopefully, get that information.

  More Information About Washing Machine Bearings

There is considerable information on UK Whitegoods about the washing machine and washer dryer bearing replacement and links to articles which may help are listed below. Each one will open n a new window or tab so you don't lose this page.

Washing machine and washer dryer fault fnding

Washing machine and washer dryer bearing replacement tutorial and guidance

Basic electrical safety, be safe at all times and remove the power!

  Can't Find The  Bearings You Need

Bearings are usually pretty much standard sizes for the most part but there's some oddball ones but the bearing seal can be an issue at times. These can be very specific and they have to be absolutely bang on or the bearings will just fail again.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you to buy spare parts for your washing machine but if you are even a little unsure or want help just ask, we are happy to help you.

You can get in touch with us about washing machine bearings and get answers as quickly as possible using our contact page, live chat or email as this allows us time to look up spare parts for you and find any low cost compatible washing machine spares as well, so you get the best options possible.


Component parts may vary in shape and size to the images shown as parts are model specific and subject to change or alteration at any time without notice. This spare part will only fit the models as described in the listing unless specifically advised otherwise by ourselves.

Also note that some washing machine bearings and their related components can, depending on the model and product codes etc so please, take care when ordering and don't rely solely on images as they pretty much all look the same!

   Technical Support

For technical support on washing machines please use our washing machine and washer dryer forum where engineers will assist you if possible.

If you need help fitting a part or diagnosing a problem with your washing machine then the washing machine forum is the place to go, we are sorry but in most cases be unable to offer technical support by any other method.


Gorenje company logoGorenje is a Slovenian manufacturer of domestic appliances that has been about for some time but whilst Gorenje is not an especially well-known brand in the UK it is widely known in the trade.

You can learn more about the history of the company from this article about the company on the main UKW website.

Gorenje also produces machines for other manufacturers such as Smeg as well as many own label brands also. This is good news for many people as quite often you can buy a Gorenje spare part cheaper than say a Smeg part yet both are exactly the same item and this can apply to many parts across a number of different brands.

This is the reason that you will often find Gorenje spare parts showing up in other brand categories on the site.

  Gorenje Spare Parts

When ordering Gorenje spare parts for a Gorenje branded product a model number is essential however very often there will be multiple versions of any one model and at that point the ART number will be required so, it's probably best to use that in the first instance as it nails down the exact variant and ensures any part info we give you will be 100% correct.

You can find the ART number on the rating plate or sticker that will normally be around the door of the appliance or, for refrigeration products, inside normally on the left-hand inner wall somewhere. In all cases, it is normally pretty easy to locate.

More detail on this can be found in this article

After you have that you should be able to find any Gorenje parts we've already listed or, if not or you can't find what you're looking for please contact us on or use the Helpdesk ticket system for assistance.

Please do not call as the guys on the ordering line will not be able to assist you fast enough, finding parts takes time, it's not something suited to doing over the phone. And, over the phone, we can't send you images, parts blowouts or any other info which may well help you greatly be sure the part you're ordering is correct.

Gorenje Fault Finding

For help with fault finding, diagnostics, fault codes and other technical assistance please use our forums where you can get help and advice from field technicians totally free.

You can access the forums from this link

Spare parts help and support forums where you can get help and advice from us about parts for washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Spare Parts Help

We can assist you directly with identifying spare parts for your  appliance from our support help desk via email and you will also find lots of information to help you locating model numbers, product codes and more across many pages on the site. And advice on how to find compatible and alternative parts.

You can also email us on or use the live chat (the blue button below right).

We aim to answer you quickly, normally during the week the longest you will weait for a response is an hour at most but, often we're answering you in minutes.

If you are unsure if a part will fit your  model or you want to confirm any details, just get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.


Appliance help and support forums where you can talk to actual domestic appliance engineers about washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Help From Experts

Get help from  repair experts in our forums, a totally free to use service we provide to all.

Talk to engineers that repair applainces and get support from there with diagnosing faults and repair advice.

To use this function simply login or regiter on the forum, select the forum for the appliance you need help with (for example, washing machine forum for a washing machine question), post your question and, if someone can help you they will do so.


Find a domestic appliance service engineer to repair your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, oven, fridge or any other major domestic appliance

Get A Repair

Find a local approved service engineer to repair your  appliance with no charges to you for the use of this service.

Deal directly with the field service technicians that repair  appliances and cut out the middlemen.


More help, advice and information on how you can repair your own washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

More Repair Information To Help You

Find out more about how to repair your appliance and much more from the self help section of our website

We have a huge number of help articles that cover the most common issues and problems with most appliances that you can use to help diagnose the cause of many problems yourself

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  Return of Faulty Goods

You should open all boxes carefully and thoroughly check the goods for damage on the day of delivery and notify us of any damage within 24 hours of the delivery. If we are not notified of damage within 24 hours we are unable to claim from either the manufacturer or the carrier and you may be liable and unable to claim for damage.

If a product is faulty you can return it to UK Whitegoods for an exchange or refund.

Returned items are always inspected and tested, please note that should we determine that the product is not faulty you may not receive a refund for that item and you may be charged any delivery and collection costs we incur.

  Return of Non-Faulty Goods

At UK Whitegoods we are determined to go to every length to ensure that you are a happy customer. If however, the event arises that you wish to cancel your order, then you may do so in accordance with the provisions below.

You can cancel your contract before delivery, and up to 14 days after delivery. To do this, please email us or raise a support ticket, you cannot do this on the phone or live chat.

It will speed up the returns process if you can also provide a brief explanation of your reason for cancellation and order number. We will refund your money, excluding postage charges, within 14 days of receiving the item(s) back.

Any returns must be received by us within fourteen days of instruction or authorisation to return the item(s).

If you cancel, you must return the goods to us at your own expense. You are responsible for the risk of loss or damage when you return goods, so you should take out enough postal insurance to cover their value.

It is recommended that - for your own protection - you should send the products back to UK Whitegoods per our instructions using recorded delivery so you have proof of delivery. Additionally, it is the customer's responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods during the cancellation period and we would, therefore, recommended the product(s) are returned with the original packaging in good condition to avoid the products being damaged on the return journey.

If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods before they are returned to us, and this results in damage or deterioration, we will charge you for the reduction in value or the return may not be authorised.

If you wish to make a return please note that we cannot accept returns if:

  • The products have been used, personalised or customised in any way.
  • The products have been fitted for fault finding purposes, we will deem it to have been used.
  • The product/s were custom special order only items.
Some, not all it varies on a case by case basis, special order items can be returned but to do so will incur costs, typically restocking fees charged by manufacturers etc and those can be hefty so it is as always better to check suitability before ordering.

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