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Helping people with appliance spare parts since 2003 


UK Whitegoods was formed in the year 2000 as a trade and consumer information site then subsequently started trading online late in 2003 with a small webshop integrated into the main website (www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk) as people were asking in our forums for us to supply spare parts correctly because we seemed the only ones able to do that in many cases. Also, people asked us to provide spare parts at the right price since so many stores were (and still are) over-priced. It also provided a way to partly fund the free services on UK Whitegoods and, to this day, still does so. Making us one of, if not the oldest online appliance spare parts stores in the UK.

This grew and was slowly expanded until 2007 when we had to split the shop away from the main website and, in 2008 the shop has had a facelift and a lot of additional functionality added. Since then UK Whitegoods has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of spares online in the UK.

Just as when we started, we still like to deal with many requests on a more personal level to make sure you get the best attention, pricing and information for you, personally.

We do not have a call centre. If you email us or use our online chat you talk to an actual person that has real experience and if they possibly can, they will help you.

The experience that the people running UK Whitegoods have of the appliance industry spans decades and we are very proud of our standards and service, always ensuring that our customers receive the very best possible service and advice. 

  Not Your Usual Spares Supplier

Most spares suppliers and pretty much any other online retailer are there for one reason, to sell you stuff.

Many of them don't much care if you need it, want it or even if it's actually of any use to you. They just want to sell you stuff.

We don't work like that. We never have, we never will.

We provide a service, we are not trying to sell you anything at all we only provide spare parts etc as and when you need them.

Unlike a sales orientated businesses, we don't actively try to sell anything at all and, if you are not sure of what you need and so on we'd actually rather you not buy a part as that usually ends up being a heap of time, hassle and cost for all. So we don't encourage people to buy anything as that is not in either your nor our interests.

What we will do is try to find the items that people need and provide those at as low a cost as possible in order to make repairs viable.

When we can't we will advise accordingly and give the best advice that we can.

That advice may well be to replace the appliance or in some cases to seek out a professional repair and we can do either for a variety of reasons as well as advising on parts.

It is ingrained in the company that we identify your needs as best we possibly can and offer you the best possible solution given the information we have. Often at the lowest possible cost and with any alternatives highlighted to you.

This means is that, if we think you really shouldn't take on a job yourself and use an engineer, we will forego selling you spares or whatever and offer you the best possible advice we can. If it's detrimental and we lose a sale so be it. We'd much rather that than give bad advice and, hopefully, we are respected for that honesty and you remember us the next time you need an appliance spare part.

It also means that, as we do daily, we tell people that really, it's not worth spending the money on spares or a repair in certain circumstances. We'd rather not sell you a part than allow you to throw good money after bad. While this "not politically correct" customer care attitude of telling you the truth may seem to run contrary to how many businesses are run, we can rest easy knowing our customers get the truth and the best advice we can offer.

Of course, we will supply virtually any spares for any appliance but we do respect our customers and we do think that we have a responsibility to offer the best advice even if it's not good for us. 

And unlike many spares suppliers online we are not limited to one supplier. We have access to all the major UK suppliers and many outwith the UK as well as manufacturers directly so that we can often offer you the best prices around and/or get spares faster than most as we can source spare parts from multiple suppliers. 

Many manufacturers and retailers will advice customers to contact us for parts as, we know what we're doing, do it well, do it at resonable cost and don't try to sell people stuff they don't need. Oh, and we will advise if we think people are going wrong on something.

This is why, unlike a lot of other online appliance spares suppliers, we don't just import a ton of data from suppliers and list a bunch of spares no-one will probably want or need, we handcraft every single listing. We know that every single spare part on our site is used and required and that if you ask us for the spares, they're needed. Or, we will give you advice on the best course to take as we see it.

A lot of people think this makes us a bad "business". We don't really care about that, we're here to do the best for our customers.

That means that we talk to people as if they are real, live grown up adults who have a clue and don't just feed you lines of corporae PR'd gibberish speak , even if that might be uncomfortable for some. But, you get actual down to earth honest and truthful advice from a living human being. 

  Quality Of Spare Parts

It is sad that, like many industries, there are a lot of poor-quality cheap copies of the original items and spare parts are no exception. There are many suppliers that will happily sell what we would consider being sub-standard parts and we have a simple take on this, if it isn’t good enough for us to fit to a customer’s appliance as a service engineer or we wouldn’t fit it to our own appliances, then we will not supply our customers with it.

It’s simple, it means we’re not always the cheapest for spare parts but we do know that we sell the best quality spares available and more often than not cheaper than you will find the same part elsewhere.

You can find out a lot more on this subject in this article 


We believe in an old-fashioned idea (or so it seems) that good customer service is paramount. We don’t have call centres, we don’t want them and we don’t have much in the way of call queuing other than a maximum of two calls waiting or any other infuriating things. You don't get the "press 1 for..." etc. runaround.

What we do tend to do is answer emails pretty much as soon as we get them inside business hours, you'll see any number of comments about how quickly we respond.

To get the best from us we do ask that, wherever possible, you email your requirements as this allows us time to look up spares and information for you. Due to that during the Covid pandemic, we had to close the phones down and, we've not reopened them as it had almost zero effect on our business and, allows us to focus on providing better service without the distraction of phones. And, most of the calls we ever got were not for us anyway!

As for our store and what people that use our services think, well, we'd rather that they were allowed to speak for themselves and that you see genuine, real, unfiltered feedback from real people. We're not perfect and we won't try to pretend that we are but, we are professional and good at what we do.

We get the feedback that we do because we work very, very hard to try the best we possibly can for every single person we help.

  Backup & Support

Besides the staff of UK Whitegoods having decades worth of experience within the appliance industry in many areas, including spare parts, service, appliance sales and a host of other areas, we also have our forums which provide the best information on appliances possible.

UK Whitegoods (www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk) is the only site that has forums like this for the appliance industry that are populated by scores of actual field service engineers who can offer help and support when you need it. And, if you do need an engineer, they will gladly help you with in-home service as well should you need it through our unique Engineer Search service which has over 400 independent repairers subscribed with more than 1000 service engineers.

We don't think that you will find better support, help or service anywhere or a team as dedicated to customer service as we offer.

  Price Guarantee

We have a price guarantee but, like most other things we do, it's a little different.

We guarantee to offer you the best price we possibly can at all times and if you think we're too expensive, just ask and we will look at the pricing. We're more than happy to do so.

Pricing on spares can and does change, both up and down. This is why you can see price differences, as it often depends on when the part was listed, where it was sourced from and all sorts of other factors. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

We also promise not to offer you inflated prices in the first place so we don't have to price match half the spares suppliers on the internet.

We also promise not to misrepresent genuinely and pattern spares as some people do on certain auction sites.

We're like this, honest.

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