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Our staff are only too happy to assist you however they can but to do that as fast and best we can we really need some information to help you.

The more and clearer information you can give us, the faster and better we can help you.

During business hours we aim to answer emails within an hour wherever possible so it's fast but we will always reply and as fast as we possibly can.

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Part Enquiry

We need to know what make or brand of appliance it is you need parts for

For all this is essential information

Not always required bit it is for some and, for a number you need this to determine the version of a part used

It really helps if you can give this information and for some it is essential find more on this for most brands here

Please try to describe as best you can the part/s you require

Sometimes photos help to know what part you mean (what they're called varies wildly) and of data/rating plates

Existing Order

Please tell us the order number that you are looking to get information on, this speeds things up enormously. We will often be able to help without this but, it will be slower.

Please tell us what you would like to know

Damaged Goods

Please provide images of the damage


Please tell us why you wish to return an item but please do note that some items are non-returnable

Other Reasons

Please note that we cannot help with appliance warranties, most instruction manuals, fault diagnostics, etc as we only supply spare parts, that is the sole function of the business here!

  Model numbers

Please always include the model number when making an enquiry for a spare part, do not trust a number from your instruction manual as they are invariably wrong, get it from the rating plate. The FAQ will help find it.

Read why it's so complicated to find parts here

  Sizes don't matter

We don't get sizes of spare parts normally, unless stated otherwise or we request them on the few occasions that they are needed.

  Serial numbers etc.

Serial numbers, PNC numbers (Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi, Tricity etc.) and 12NC numbers (Whirlpool) make looking up spares for you a LOT faster, if you can please supply them from the rating plate.

This is not a technical information help desk nor can we help with fitting advice, it is to request information regarding spare parts. If you need technical information about an appliance we would direct you to our Forums.

Please do not leave a phone number, we will always reply by email if we are able to help.

Before sending your enquiry, please try typing your appliance model number in to the search box at the top of this page, the part you are looking for may already be listed which will save you waiting for a reply.

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