Compatible Mains interference Filter

Alternative Part
Typically with you in 1 to 6 days
Commonly used on these brands

Low cost compatible mains interference filter that is a DEM F3CF73002V5 type but this can alter without notice and this filter fits a huge range of washing machine, tumble dryer, oven and dishwasher models from various manufacturers so colour and style can vary

Design has been altered a number of times on this part but all are fully interchangeable but do look a lot different.

Ariston Dishwasher

A2080.2UK, A2080UK, AF200, AF250, AF300, AF300SS, AFA250, AFA300SSUK, AFA300UK, AFA350, AFA350X, AFA370X, AFA400, AFA400XUK, AS100, AS150, AS150X, CISLI420, CISLI420.C, CISLI480A, CISLI480A.C, CISLI700DUO, CISLI700PLUS, GS1260, KLS61S, KLS61S(IX), K-LS61S.2, K-LS61S.2IX, KLS61S.2IXUK, K-LS61S.2UK, KLS61SA, KLS61SA.1, KLS61SA.1IX, KLS61S-BRA, KLS61SUK, KLS63ES, K-LS63ES, KLS63ESF, K-LS63ESF.2, KLS63ESUK, KLS63IX115-6, KLS64ESA, KLS64ESA(IX), KLS64ESA.2IX, KLS64ESACH, L52IT, L6061EU, L6063AEU, L6063EU, L6064EU, L60FR, L60T3CTK, L61AG, L61EU, L61EU.2, L61IT, L61IT.2, L62IT, L62IT.2, L62WE, L62WE-B, L62XE, L62XE-B, L63AUS, L63EU, L63EU.2, L63EX115-60.2, L63IT, L63SK.2, L63XAUS, L63XIT, L64AUS, L64IT.2, L64XAUS, L64XIT.2, L65AIT, L65IT, L65XIT, L66EU, L66IT.2, L67FR, L67XFR, L68AFR, L68AIT, L68FR, L68IT, L68XFR, L73NDUO, L73WDUO, L73WDUOAG, L73XDUO, L83WDUO, L83XDUO, LD20EU, LD20IT, LD20UK, LD44EU, LD44EU.C, LD85IT, LD85XIT, LD87AG, LD87EU, LD87FR, LD87IT, LD87SK, LD87UK, LD87XAUS, LD87XEU, LD87XIT, LD87XSK, LI42, LI420, LI420.C, LI45UK, LI46, LI460, LI460.C, LI470A.C, LI480A, LI480A.C, LI48A, LI62, LI620, LI625, LI62UK, LI640A, LI645A, LI64A, LI66, LI660A, LI661A, LI670DUO, LI670DUOAG, LI671A, LI672A, LI675DUO, LI67DUO, LI67DUONL, LI680DUO, LI680PLUS, LI685PLUS, LI68DUO, LI68DUOAUS, LI68DUOUK, LI700DUO, LI700PLUS, LIQ68DUOJADE, LIQ700DUOJADE, LIQ700DUOTI, LIQ700ICEPLUS, LIQ700TIPLUS, LL40EU, LL40EU.C, LL420FR, LL42AG, LL42AUS.C, LL42EU, LL42EU.C, LL42SK, LL42SK.C, LL430FR, LL430FR.C, LL430XFR, LL43SEU, LL43SEU.C, LL43XAUS.C, LL440FR, LL6063EU, LL6065EU, LL6065XEU, LL6066EX, LL6066SK, LL6066XSK, LL6088SK, LL6088XSK, LL62FR, LL62XFR, LL63EU, LL63FR, LL63TK, LL63TK.2, LL63XEU, LL6477, LL64AG, LL64AUS, LL64DE, LL64EU, LL64XAG, LL64XAUS, LL64XEU, LL64XSK, LL6546FR, LL65EU, LL65FR, LL65IT, LL65TK, LL65TK.2, LL65XEU, LL65XFR, LL66XFR, LL68FR, LL68XFR, LL69AFR, LL69FR, LL69XFR, LS2005TK, LS2005TK-1, LS2010, LS2010-1, LS2010AG, LS2010E, LS2010E-1, LS2020A, LS2020A-1, LS2020AAUS-1, LS2020AI, LS2020AIIX, LS2020AIIX-1, LS2020AIXAUS, LS2020F-1, LS2020STSK, LS2020TK, LS2020TK-1, LS2020UK, LS2020UK-1, LS2020WH, LS2020WH-1, LS2022, LS2022F.1, LS2030, LS2030(50-60), LS2030-115V, LS2030F, LS2030F.1, LS2040A, LS2040IXUK, LS2040UK, LS2050, LS2050AAUS, LS2050AIXAUS, LS2050SF, LS2050ST, LS2050STSK, LS2050TK, LS2052, LS2052.1, LS2056XST, LS2058ST, LS2060, LS2060ST, LS2060STKT, LS2070EST, LS2070ESTF, LS2070ESTF.1, LS2072E, LS2072EF.1, LS2075ESTTK, LS2080, LS2080EST, LS2080ESTIX, LS2080ESTIXAUS, LS2080ESTUK, LS240EU, LS2410, LS2410UK, LS2430, LS244, LS2450A, LS2450ST, LS2450UK, LS245EU, LS245SK, LS2480EST, LS248TEU, LS248TXEU, LS600, LS600S, LS600SP, LS600TK, LS601, LS601A, LS601P, LS601SK, LS601U, LS601UK-GB, LS602A, LS602TK, LS603, LS603A, LS603AG, LS603AUS, LS603CH, LS603EX, LS603EX115V, LS603NA, LS603NL, LS603UK-GB, LS603XA, LS603XAAUS, LS603XAAUS.1, LS605, LS605ST, LS605STNX, LS605STSK.1, LS605STU, LS605TK, LS605UK-GB, LS609, LS609NL, LS609ST, LS609STTK, LS609UK-GB, LS6110, LS612ST, LS612STUK, LS615ST, LS615STE, LS615STEUK, LS620AAUS, LS620AIXAG, LS620AIXAUS, LS620TK, LS620TSK, LS6231, LS6233, LS6235, LS62AG, LS630115-60EX, LS630EX50-60, LS6435, LS6439, LS660GST, LS66-G, LS680, LS68-S, LSA2060ST, LSA2060STIX, LSA2080DSTI, LSA2080DSTIIX, LSA2080EST, LSE610EU, LSE610EU-B, LSE610FR, LSE610IXEU, LSE610IXEU-B, LSE615SP, LSE615SP-B, LSE620AAUS, LSE620AAUS-B, LSE620AEU, LSE620AEU-B, LSE620AIXAUS, LSE620AIXAUS-B, LSE620FR, LSE620TAG, LSE620TANEU, LSE620TEU, LSE620TEU-B, LSE620TIXEU, LSE620TIXEU-B, LSE620TK, LSE620TK-B, LSE622FR, LSE640TWSK, LSE640TXSK, LSE640TXSK-B, LSE730FR, LSE730TEU, LSE730TIXEU, LSE730TTK, LSE731IXFR, LSE732FR, LSE733FR, LSE750TAUS, LSE750TIXAUS, LSE830TEU, LSE830TIXEU, LSI41, LSI45-50UK, LSI46, LSI48A, LSI61, LSI61A, LSI61AE, LSI61E, LSI61UK, LSI61UK-1, LSI62, LSI62A, LSI64, LSI65, LSI66, LSI66A, LSI675DUO, LSI67DUO, LSI68A, LSI68AAAUK, LSI68D, LSI68DUO, LST660, LST660UK, LST665, LST670, LST670E, LST675E, LST680, LST680E, LST680EUK, LSV46ABK, LSV46ABR, LSV46AWH, LSV46BK, LSV46BR, LSV46WH, LSV61, LSV615, LSV615-1BK, LSV615-1BR, LSV615-1IX, LSV615-1OW, LSV615-1WH, LSV615IX, LSV615NEU, LSV615NEU-1, LSV61IX220-60, LSV62BK, LSV62BR, LSV62IX, LSV62WH, LSV635, LSV635-1BK, LSV635-1BR, LSV635-1IX, LSV635-1WH, LSV66, LSV66ABK, LSV66AIX, LSV66AWH, LSV66BKUK, LSV66BKUK-1, LSV66BRUK-1, LSV66FR, LSV66IXUK-1, LSV66RAN, LSV66RANNEW, LSV66ROW, LSV66ROWFR, LSV66ROWNEW, LSV66RUKAN, LSV66RUKGN, LSV66UK, LSV66WHUK-1, LSV67A, LSV67ABR, LSV67AIX, LSV67AIX-1, LSV67AIX115-60-1, LSV67AIX115V, LSV67BKFR, LSV67BRFR, LSV67IXFR, LSV67RANFR, LSV67ROWFR, LSV67WHFR, LSV68AIX, LSV68DIX, LSV68DUOIX, LV460AALU, LV460ABK, LV460ABK.C, LV460AIX, LV460AIX.C, LV460AWH, LV460AWH.C, LV460BK, LV460BK.C, LV460IX, LV460IX.C, LV460WH, LV460WH.C, LV46AALU, LV46ABK, LV46AIX, LV46AOW, LV46AWH, LV46BK, LV46IX, LV46WH, LV620BK, LV620IX, LV620WH, LV625BK, LV625IX, LV625WH, LV62BK, LV62BKUK, LV62BRUK, LV62IX, LV62IXUK, LV62WH, LV62WHUK, LV640ABK, LV640AIX, LV640ARAN, LV640AROW, LV640AWH, LV641AIX, LV645ABK, LV645AIX, LV645AWH, LV64ABK, LV64AIX, LV64ARAN, LV64AROW, LV64AWH, LV64BK, LV64IX, LV64WH, LV650AALU, LV650ABK, LV650AIX, LV650AOW, LV650AWH, LV650IX115-60, LV65AALU, LV65ABK, LV65AIX, LV65AOW, LV65AWH, LV660ABKFR, LV660AIXFR, LV660AWHFR, LV661AALU, LV661ABK, LV661AIX, LV661AWH, LV66BKFR, LV66IXFR, LV66WHFR, LV670DUOALU, LV670DUOAN, LV670DUOIX, LV670RAN, LV670ROW, LV672AIX, LV67DUOALU, LV67DUOAN, LV67DUOIX, LV67RAN, LV67ROW, LV680DUOIX, LV68DIGITAL, LV68DUOIX, LV68DUOIXUK, LVO670DUOIX, LVO67DUOIX, LVO680DUOIX, LVO68DUOIX, LVO68DUOIXUK, LVR640AAN, LVR640AOW, LVR645AAN, LVR670AN, LVR670OW, LVZ670DUOALU, LVZ670DUOAN, LVZ670DUOIX, LVZ675DUOAN, LVZ675DUOIX, LVZ680DUOIX, LVZ680PLUS, LVZ685PLUS, LZ700DUOIX, LZ700IXPLUS, LZ705IXEXTRA, SF200, SF200-1, SLS65SA, S-LS65SA.2, SLS66ES, S-LS66SUK, S-LS67ESA, XLV670DUOIX, XLV67DUO

Ariston Washing Machine

AB40AG, AB40EX, AB40IT, AB43AG, AB43EX5060H, AB43IT, AB43PT, AB43SP, AB43XIT, AB52PT, AB53AG, AB53EO, AB53EX50-60HZ, AB53IT, AB53XEU, AB53XIT, AB54XPT, AB56FR, AB60IT, AB63AG, AB63IT, AB63SP, AB63TK, AB63XEX, AB63XIT, AB64AG, AB64PT, AB64XIT, AB65XEU, AB66FR, ABS43XIT, ABS43XT, ABS53XIT, ABS63XEO, ABS63XEU, ABS63XIT, AF546T-1, AF550TEO, AF550TPEO, AF550TX-1, AF551-1EX240, AF552-1EX, AF552PEX, AF552T-1EX60, AF552TPEX, AF553-1EX, AF553-1FR, AF553BS-1FR, AF553PBSFR, AF553PFR, AF553T-1AG, AF553T-1EO, AF553T-1EX, AF553T-1PT, AF553TBS-1EX, AF553TPAG, AF553TPEO, AF553TPEX, AF553TPPT, AF554T-1, AF554TPITP, AF554TX-1, AF554TX-2, AF561T-1EO, AF561T-1EX, AF561TPEO, AF561TPEX, AF653T-1PT, AF653TPPT, AL44XIT, AL44XSP, AL53XEU, AL64XIT, AL64XSP, ALS64XIT, L548IT, L648IT

Baumatic Dishwasher

32900483 (BDIF612), 32900610 (BDIF631)

Candy Dishwasher

32000106 (CD112-01), 32000264 (CD1120-1CORTE), 32000105 (CD1120-40S), 32000117 (CD1120CORTE), 32000122 (CD112-41S), 32000087 (CD11280), 32000118 (CD112-85S), 32000203 (CD112-86S), 32000086 (CD112S80), 32000221 (CD122-01), 32000188 (CD122-39S), 32000211 (CD122-80), 32000187 (CD122J-80), 32000253 (CD123L-01S), 32000284 (CD132-37S), 32000104 (CD212A-40S), 32000219 (CD222A-S), 32000085 (CD31280), 32000249 (CD355-47), 32000354 (CD455-1-47), 32000245 (CD455-47), 32000252 (CD455L-47), 32000061 (CD623XUK), 32000045 (CD700ES), 32000044 (CD700SY), 32000066 (CD711-1XES), 32000032 (CD711SX-1IT), 32000186 (CDF312-47), 32000120 (CDF312-80), 32000123 (CDF312A-85S), 32000124 (CDF312AX-41S), 32000074 (CDF312P01), 32000116 (CDF312P-37), 32000151 (CDF312T-86S), 32000185 (CDF312X-47), 32000267 (CDF3153-1SEGE), 32000269 (CDF3154-1X), 32000112 (CDF3154XIDE), 32000149 (CDF315A-39S), 32000075 (CDF315P01), 32000214 (CDF322-1-80), 32000223 (CDF322-37S), 32000173 (CDF322-80), 32000287 (CDF322A-85S), 32000339 (CDF322AX-1-S), 32000263 (CDF322AX-37S), 32000236 (CDF322T-86S), 32000240 (CDF325A-39S), 32000231 (CDF325P-01), 32000184 (CDF513-47), 32000183 (CDF513X-47), 32000266 (CDF6150-1CORTE), 32000108 (CDF6150CORTE), 32000268 (CDF6151-1MIRO), 32000265 (CDF6152-1MAST), 32000111 (CDF6152MAST), 32000076 (CDF615A01), 32000114 (CDF615A-37), 32000125 (CDF615A-39S), 32000126 (CDF615A-85S), 32000078 (CDF615AN01), 32000077 (CDF615AX01), 32000239 (CDF615AX-1-84S), 32000340 (CDF615AX-2-S), 32000127 (CDF615AX-84S), 32000420 (CDF615AXAUS), 32000150 (CDF615T-86S), 32000154 (CDF615TX-86S), 32000213 (CDF622-1X-80), 32000171 (CDF622-80), 32000142 (CDF622X47), 32000172 (CDF622X-80), 32000285 (CDF622X-86S), 32000300 (CDF624L-S), 32000288 (CDF625-47), 32000228 (CDF625A-01), 32000222 (CDF625A-S), 32000419 (CDF625ASAUS), 32000229 (CDF625AX-01), 32000254 (CDF625N-01), 32000237 (CDF625T-86S), 32000238 (CDF625TX-86S), 32000233 (CDF632-47), 32000232 (CDF632X-47), 32000251 (CDF635-47), 32000349 (CDF635N-01), 32000320 (CDF672X-47), 32000255 (CDF705-01S), 32000182 (CDF722-47), 32000481 (CDF8248-47), 32000390 (CDF8312-S), 32000388 (CDF8312X-S), 32000375 (CDF8315-01), 32000387 (CDF8315-S), 32000389 (CDF8322-S), 32000401 (CDF8348-47), 32000403 (CDF8348X-47), 32000402 (CDF8349-47), 32000384 (CDF8612L-S), 32000376 (CDF8615-01), 32000386 (CDF8615-S), 32000379 (CDF8615X-01), 32000385 (CDF8615X-S), 32000411 (CDF8635-S), 32000400 (CDF8648-47), 32000397 (CDF8648X-47), 32000383 (CDF8815-S), 32900158 (CDI1010-1-S), 32900282 (CDI1010-3-S), 32900099 (CDI1010-S), 32900077 (CDI1012-1), 32900082 (CDI1012-1-80), 32900278 (CDI1012-3-80), 32900435 (CDI1012-4-80), 32900060 (CDI1012-80), 32900038 (CDI1012-S), 32900283 (CDI1020-3-02), 32900429 (CDI1020-P-01), 32900279 (CDI1022-3-80), 32900113 (CDI1612-47), 32900566 (CDI1L38), 32900563 (CDI1L38-02), 32900575 (CDI1L38-07), 32900576 (CDI1L38-80), 32900465 (CDI2010-E-S), 32900456 (CDI2010P-02), 32900481 (CDI2010P-07), 32900381 (CDI2012-07), 32900061 (CDI2012-80), 32900415 (CDI2012-P-02), 32900102 (CDI2012-S), 32900035 (CDI2015-02), 32900039 (CDI2015-S), 32900088 (CDI2212-80), 32900090 (CDI2515-02), 32900101 (CDI2515-S), 32900036 (CDI3015-02), 32900040 (CDI3015-S), 32900091 (CDI3515-02), 32900372 (CDI3515-07), 32900100 (CDI3515-S), 32900374 (CDI3530-E-80), 32900127 (CDI3535-S), 32900527 (CDI5356-07), 32900510 (CDI6060-1-80), 32900463 (CDI6060-80), 32900577 (CDI6061-80), 32900438 (CDIM5355-07), 32000997 (CDP1L39S), 32000996 (CDP1L39W), 32001032 (CDP1L39W-K), 32000998 (CDP1L39X), 32000655 (CDP6322), 32000656 (CDP6322L), 32000642 (CDP6350), 32000637 (CDP6653), 32000781 (CDP6653-1-IRA), 32000648 (CDP6653X), 32000782 (CDP6653X-1-IRA), 32000841 (CDP6850X-K), 32000839 (CDP6853-K), 32000838 (CDP6853X-K), 32000915 (CDP7753), 32000916 (CDP7753X), 32000632 (CDPE6320), 32000640 (CDPE6320-80), 32000641 (CDPE6320-86), 32000830 (CDPE6320L), 32000654 (CDPE6320S-80), 32000783 (CDPE6320X-1), 32000905 (CDPE6333), 32000912 (CDPE6333L), 32000913 (CDPE6333X), 32000968 (CDPE6350-80), 32000969 (CDPE6350B-80), 32000920 (CDPE6655-01), 32900046 (CDS120ALU-47), 32900029 (CDS120N-02S), 32900028 (CDS120W-02S), 32900030 (CDS120X-02S), 32900062 (CDS120X-80), 32900032 (CDS150N-84S), 32900033 (CDS150W-84S), 32900031 (CDS150X-02S), 32900096 (CDS155X-S), 32900528 (CDS1L38B), 32900131 (CDS210N-S), 32900130 (CDS210W-S), 32900132 (CDS210X-S), 32900094 (CDS220N), 32900095 (CDS220W), 32900093 (CDS220X), 32900089 (CDS220X-80), 32900142 (CDS230N-47), 32900143 (CDS230W-47), 32900141 (CDS230X-47), 32900071 (CDS350NDUEDI), 32900070 (CDS350WDUEDI), 32900037 (CDS350XDUEDI), 32900098 (CDS355NDUEDI), 32900114 (CDS355W-47), 32900097 (CDS355XDUEDI), 32900304 (CDS420N-S), 32900306 (CDS420X-S), 32900310 (CDS430N-47), 32900311 (CDS430W-47), 32900042 (CDS450XFIFTIES), 32900383 (CDS655XRC), 35268663 (CFCC5541MF), 32000110 (CFD6151MIRO), 35273002 (CFG6565IT), 32000165 (CKDCD115), 32900495 (CMLS1252), 36003606 (F331WCOREA), 32152001 (LSCD242), 32152159 (LSCD242UK), 32164113 (LSCD243AFR), 32000043 (LSCD245AFR), 32000073 (LSCD255FR), 32152134 (LSCD257), 32152126 (LSCD260Sch), 32164006 (LSCD262), 32164121 (LSCD263AFR), 32164139 (LSCD263AXFR), 32000039 (LSCD265AFR), 32000038 (LSCD265AXFR), 32088015 (LSCD351S), 32152100 (LSCD352), 32152167 (LSCD353Sita), 32152019 (LSCD372), 32000052 (LSCD372-1), 32165003 (LSCD373), 32088114 (LSCD373SK), 32196008 (LSCD383FR), 32196115 (LSCD384A), 32196123 (LSCD384AX), 32216004 (LSCD451TNORD), 32153223 (LSCD472), 32153140 (LSCD474S), 32153173 (LSCD474SB), 32153108 (LSCD474SX), 32153207 (LSCD474SXita), 32153157 (LSCD474SY), 32129108 (LSCD474XUK), 32165128 (LSCD475S), 32165136 (LSCD475SX), 32153231 (LSCD476BLU), 32165110 (LSCD483AC), 32165177 (LSCD484AFR), 32165102 (LSCD489DAC), 32153132 (LSCD490SCh), 32152175 (LSCD500), 32195000 (LSCD501IT), 32000018 (LSCD570D), 32000063 (LSCD571-1E), 32165169 (LSCD571E), 32091019 (LSCD571S), 32165151 (LSCD572ES), 32153181 (LSCD585HS), 32153116 (LSCD585HSIT), 32165144 (LSCD587HS), 32152191 (LSCD600), 32000030 (LSCD601A-1), 32195109 (LSCD601IT), 32152209 (LSCD602S), 32152217 (LSCD602SX), 32000069 (LSCD6100), 32000041 (LSCD622XUK), 32000060 (LSCD623UK), 32000046 (LSCD650UK), 32158180 (LSCD651S), 32165185 (LSCD675S), 32165193 (LSCD675SX), 32153124 (LSCD687S), 32000065 (LSCD700IT), 32188120 (LSCD701BIT), 32188005 (LSCD701IT), 32188112 (LSCD701NIT), 32188104 (LSCD701XIT), 32188138 (LSCD701YIT), 32153249 (LSCD702T), 32000022 (LSCD710M), 32000050 (LSCD711-1ES), 32000029 (LSCD711S-1), 32158123 (LSCD797SMARTAC), 32158008 (LSCD797SMARTIT), 32158115 (LSCD797SMSY), 32158107 (LSCD797SMX), 32158149 (LSCD798SM), 32000053 (LSCD800-1ES), 32000071 (LSCD801TX), 32191009 (LSCD834UK), 32191108 (LSCD934UK), 32193104 (LSCD950UK), 32000042 (LSCDE700AFR), 32158164 (LSCDE701A), 32188146 (LSCDE701TNOR), 32188153 (LSCDE701TXNO), 32000040 (LSCDE705AFR), 32000091 (LSCDF51247), 32000092 (LSCDF512X47), 32000090 (LSCDF62247), 32143141 (LSCDW144-1), 32143125 (LSCDW252-1), 32143133 (LSCDW254-1), 32143000 (LSCDW254E-1), 32143109 (LSCDW254SNX1), 32143158 (LSCDW254SXXT), 32143117 (LSCDW258E), 32143166 (LSCDW263), 32143208 (LSCDW274SNX), 32145104 (LSCDW35-1), 32145005 (LSCDW36-1), 32143018 (LSCDW362E), 32145112 (LSCDW36E), 32143182 (LSCDW374), 32145120 (LSCDW374-1), 32000054 (LSCDW374-1ES), 32145138 (LSCDW376-1), 32145146 (LSCDW378), 32143174 (LSCDW478), 32000051 (LSCDW478-1), 32000062 (LSCDW479-1E), 32143190 (LSCDW479E), 32000064 (LSCDW480-1E), 32145153 (LSCDW480E), 32159006 (LSCDW484-1), 32159105 (LSCDW485-1), 32145013 (LSCDW578), 32159121 (LSCDW583), 32159113 (LSCDW586-1S), 32159139 (LSCDW588E), 32045114 (LSCI7100NITA), 32045015 (LSCI7100W), 32045106 (LSCI7100X), 32069114 (LSCI7300N), 32069015 (LSCI7300W), 32069106 (LSCI7300X), 32069130 (LSCI7300XOS), 32148108 (LSCI7850N), 32148009 (LSCI7850W), 32148116 (LSCI7850X), 32147126 (LSCI7950BA), 32147118 (LSCI7950BD), 32147001 (LSCI7950GH), 32147100 (LSCI7950X), 32158131 (LSECOTEMPO), 32158156 (LSECOTEMPO-1), 39665625 (PCPSC321STB)

Candy Tumble Dryer

31100081 (ABCDC165-83), 31100080 (ABCDC179X-88), 31100030 (ABCDC263), 31100037 (ABCDC263), 31100026 (ABCDC266), 31100029 (ABCDC266X), 31100039 (ABCDC266X), 31100053 (ABCDC267E), 31100034 (ABCDC268EX), 31100083 (ABCDC668-37), 31100084 (ABCDC668-47), 31100082 (ABCDC668-SY), 31100085 (ABCDC679X-SY), 31100086 (ABCDC679XT88), 31100087 (ABCDC768-47), 31100089 (ABCDC779XT88), 31100090 (ABCDC779XTSY), 31100073 (ABCDV160-SY), 31100027 (ABCDV262), 31100031 (ABCDV262), 31100032 (ABCDV262), 31100035 (ABCDV265E), 37615192 (ABCIC200X), 37615762 (ABCIC200XES), 37616737 (ABCIC209TX), 37616729 (ABCIC209X), 31100002 (ABCIC209XCH), 31100018 (ABCIC258E), 37616745 (ABCIC259EX), 37616760 (ABCIC259TEX), 37616489 (ABCIC60), 37615168 (ABCIV100), 37615721 (ABCIV100ARG), 37615747 (ABCIV100ES), 37615739 (ABCIV100OS), 37615150 (ABCIV100UK), 37616687 (ABCIV109), 37616695 (ABCIV109OS), 37615176 (ABCIV130X), 37616703 (ABCIV139X), 37615184 (ABCIV140EX), 37615754 (ABCIV140EXES), 37616778 (ABCIV145E), 37616711 (ABCIV149EX), 31100012 (ABCIV14M), 37616471 (ABCIV60), 31100006 (ABCIVD14EX), 31100166 (CC217-80), 31100148 (CC266-S), 31100126 (CC266T-47), 31100156 (CC266T-47), 31100136 (CC267-37), 31100167 (CC267-80), 31100164 (CC267T-01S), 31100147 (CC267T-84), 31100168 (CC267T-88), 31100172 (CC277T-86S), 31100078 (CDC168-SY), 31100174 (CDE107-80), 31100057 (CDV262-04ARG), 34000673 (CFO3350E), 37616752 (CIC259TEXCH), 31100165 (CV116-80), 31100173 (CV117-04S), 31100189 (CV117-OS), 31100158 (CV166-47-0), 31100496 (EVOC591CT-80), 31100468 (EVOV570C-S), 31100645 (EVOV580C-ISR), 31100469 (EVOV580C-S), 31100543 (EVOV580NC-S), 34000082 (FRHCA352K), 31100749 (GCC51013NB-47), 31100680 (GCC5101NB-80), 31100596 (GCC560NB-S), 31100508 (GCC570B-47), 31100538 (GCC570NB-S), 31100509 (GCC580B-47), 31100579 (GCC580NB-47), 31100656 (GCC580NB-80), 31100658 (GCC580NBB-80), 31100539 (GCC580NB-S), 31100657 (GCC580NBS-80), 31100559 (GCC580NC-80), 31100634 (GCC5813NB-80), 31100732 (GCC581NB-80), 31100591 (GCC581NB-S), 31100636 (GCC590NB-80), 31100694 (GCC590NB-S), 31100560 (GCC591NB-80), 31100659 (GCC591NBB-80), 31100510 (GCC6912PPB-47), 31100580 (GCC6912PPNB-47), 31100686 (GCC770NBT-84), 31100597 (GCC770NBT-S), 31100672 (GCC780NBT-S), 31100592 (GCC781NBT-S), 31100583 (GCC7913NB-47), 31100695 (GCC7913NBB-47), 31100748 (GCC7913NBS-47), 31100685 (GCH970NA1T-84), 31100682 (GCH980NA1T-47), 31100644 (GCH980NA1T-S), 31100758 (GCS91013A2-S), 31100757 (GCS9101A2T-S), 31100759 (GCS9913A1-S), 31100756 (GCS991A1T-S), 31100542 (GCV570NC-S), 31100802 (GCV570NC-UK), 31100677 (GCV580C-ISR), 31100546 (GCV580NC-47), 31100671 (GCV580NC-S), 31100729 (GCV581NC-80), 31100730 (GCV590NC-80), 31100409 (GOC560C-S), 31100411 (GOC570C-S), 31100412 (GOC580C-S), 31100374 (GOCD57F-47), 31100418 (GOV570C-S), 31100419 (GOV580C-S), 31100420 (GOV780C-S), 31100737 (GV56-S), 31100662 (GVC71013NB-S), 31100669 (GVC71013NBX-47), 31100663 (GVC7813NB-S), 31100674 (GVC7813NBX-47), 31100653 (GVC7913NB-S), 31100675 (GVC7913NBX-47), 31100678 (GVC791NB-OS), 31100799 (GVCD1013B-07), 31100735 (GVCD1013B-80), 31100700 (GVCD1013B-S), 31100745 (GVCD1013BX-47), 31100794 (GVCD101BBC-80), 31100793 (GVCD101BC-80), 31100736 (GVCD101WB-80), 31100766 (GVCD813B-12), 31100743 (GVCD813B-47), 31100698 (GVCD813B-S), 31100791 (GVCD81B-80), 31100792 (GVCD81BB-80), 31100812 (GVCD81BX-47), 31100767 (GVCD913B-12), 31100818 (GVCD913BBC-47), 31100744 (GVCD913BX-47), 31100733 (GVCD91CB-80), 31100734 (GVCD91CBB-80), 31100763 (GVCD91WB-80), 31100679 (GVH9813NA1-S), 31100667 (GVH9913NA1-S), 31100683 (GVH9913NA1X-47), 31100668 (GVH9913NA2-S), 31100702 (GVHD1013A2-S), 31100701 (GVHD813A1-S), 31100774 (GVHD813A2-S), 31100731 (GVHD913A2-80), 31100796 (GVHD913A2BC-80), 31100795 (GVHD913A2C-80), 31100703 (GVHD913A2-S), 31100747 (GVHD913A2X-47), 31100770 (GVSD913A2-S), 33001004 (RCV6498PN-1), 31100811 (SLCD101BX-47), 31100771 (SLCD813B-S), 31100808 (SLCD81B-47), 31100810 (SLCD81BS-47)

Candy Oven

33701253 (ACOM609XM), 33701202 (CCOM6099X), 33700848 (FHP609X), 33700945 (FHP629XL), 33701029 (FHP649X), 33701101 (FPP209X), 33701141 (FPP439X), 33700963 (FPP6091X), 33700877 (FPP609X), 33701206 (FPP609XFR), 33700878 (FPP609XL), 33700899 (FPP629X), 33700844 (FPP629XL), 33700881 (FPP649N), 33700880 (FPP649W), 33700882 (FPP649X), 33700970 (FPP649XL), 33700964 (FPP8291X), 33700864 (FVP929XL), 33701098 (FXH609X), 33701096 (FXH629VX), 33701159 (FXMH629X), 33701156 (FXMH649NX), 33701149 (FXMH7490X), 33701087 (FXP609X), 33701095 (FXP629X), 33701154 (FXP649NX), 33701155 (FXP649WX), 33701085 (FXP649X), 33701204 (FXP694X), 33701091 (FXP695-1X), 33701086 (FXP695X), 33701150 (FXP696SX), 33701097 (FXP829X)

Candy Washing Machine

31000531 (AQUA600-45), 31000532 (AQUA600T), 31000533 (AQUA600T-01), 31000534 (AQUA600T-45), 31079007 (AQUA6TITES), 31079601 (AQUA6TUNI), 31079304 (AQUA6UNI), 39000688 (CFS7164018), 31001482 (CKDCN541TS-M), 31000708 (CKDCN641T), 31001481 (CKDCN642TS-M), 31001133 (CN402-F), 31001138 (CN40T-04S), 31001136 (CN43-37S), 31001137 (CN45T-01S), 31001140 (CN50T-04S), 31001135 (CN54.1T-D), 31001139 (CN55AT-01S), 31001134 (CN63TRU-03S), 31001141 (CN65AT-01S), 31000617 (CSN62AT-01S), 31001142 (CSN62T-03S), 31000833 (CTS40SY), 31000468 (CTS50), 31000425 (CTS60), 31000369 (CTS6A), 39700000 (FRDNF631WW), 38058152 (KITCB52T), 38058137 (KITCB63TR), 31001167 (KITCN541TCKD), 31000765 (KITCN55AT), 31000307 (KITCN63T), 31001180 (KITCN642TCKD), 31127251 (LBCB412XT), 31127269 (LBCB414), 31127186 (LBCB42T), 31127160 (LBCB42TRIT), 31125222 (LBCB43XTRIT), 31125321 (LBCB43XTRSY), 31127426 (LBCB50ATIT), 31127442 (LBCB51XATIT), 31127343 (LBCB52TSING), 31125214 (LBCB53XTRIT), 31000473 (LBCB60.6T), 31127434 (LBCB60ATIT), 31125297 (LBCB612XT), 31127459 (LBCB61XATIT), 31125313 (LBCB623XTRHC), 31127145 (LBCB62TRFR), 31127350 (LBCB62TRIT), 31125305 (LBCB633XTR), 31000044 (LBCB634XT), 31127319 (LBCB63TES), 31127178 (LBCB63TR), 31127384 (LBCB63TRRU), 31125206 (LBCB63XTRIT), 31127236 (LBCB813TRRU), 31123383 (LBCB824T), 31127210 (LBCB82T), 31127152 (LBCB82TRFR), 31125339 (LBCB833XTR), 31127335 (LBCB83TES), 31127228 (LBCB83TR), 31133119 (LBCG424T), 31133135 (LBCG434), 31133101 (LBCG454T), 31133002 (LBCG463), 31133143 (LBCG473), 31133226 (LBCG484XTHC), 31133150 (LBCG544T), 31133176 (LBCG564T-C), 31133184 (LBCG574T-D), 31133192 (LBCG623T), 31133267 (LBCG644.3TRU), 31133200 (LBCG644T), 31133234 (LBCG654XT), 31133242 (LBCGAQ665XT), 31125180 (LBCHIA55XTR), 31125255 (LBCHIA652XTR), 31125172 (LBCHIA65XTR), 31127277 (LBCHIAR552TR), 31000013 (LBCHIAR553AT), 31094659 (LBCHIARA45T), 31048903 (LBCHIARA46XT), 37505377 (LBCHIARAT65), 39982301 (LBCHIS642XTR), 31125123 (LBCI40XTR), 31106107 (LBCI440T), 31125115 (LBCI50XTR), 31125198 (LBCI60XH-C), 31125107 (LBCI60XTR), 31129000 (LBCI620TP), 31106115 (LBCI622T), 31125008 (LBCI80XTR), 31106123 (LBCI833T), 31129158 (LBCI833TP), 31129232 (LBCI834TP), 31800020 (LBCIN60T), 31000226 (LBCN40.1-F), 31000382 (LBCN402-F), 31000141 (LBCN40T), 31000210 (LBCN41XT), 31000144 (LBCN43), 31000147 (LBCN44), 31000252 (LBCN45T), 31000142 (LBCN50T), 31000232 (LBCN53.1-C), 31000229 (LBCN53.1-D), 31000231 (LBCN54.1T-C), 31000230 (LBCN54.1T-D), 31000145 (LBCN55AT), 31000254 (LBCN60ATFR), 31000143 (LBCN60T), 31000273 (LBCN63TCORTE), 31000146 (LBCN65AT), 39982269 (LBCSB440XTRI), 31000015 (LBCSB51XATIT), 39982277 (LBCSB640XTR), 39982251 (LBCSB640XTRI), 39982384 (LBCSB640XTRR), 39981162 (LBCSG424T), 39981170 (LBCSG624T), 31000199 (LBCSN62T), 37506490 (LBCTR55), 37506482 (LBCTR65), 37506474 (LBCTR67T), 37507316 (LBCTR68TFR), 31000339 (LBCTR69TFR), 37504966 (LBCTS40FR), 37505237 (LBCTS41T), 37505195 (LBCTS42T), 37507092 (LBCTS43T), 31000093 (LBCTS44UNI), 31000092 (LBCTS45TUNI), 37505054 (LBCTS51FR), 31000469 (LBCTS52), 37507126 (LBCTS52T), 37507134 (LBCTS54TES), 37507142 (LBCTS55TES), 31000091 (LBCTS55TUNI), 31000069 (LBCTS56AT), 31000944 (LBCTS6), 37505211 (LBCTS60T), 37505468 (LBCTS60TRU), 37505047 (LBCTS62FR), 37507100 (LBCTS63T), 31000110 (LBCTS66ATIT), 31000109 (LBCTS67TES), 37505203 (LBCTT53T), 37505187 (LBCTT53TIT), 37505021 (LBCTT63TFR), 37505518 (LBCTT63TS), 37505179 (LBCTT64TITA), 37507159 (LBCTT65TES), 31000094 (LBCTT68ATUNI), 31000104 (LBCTT68TCI), 31125289 (LBEXCL451XTR), 37505369 (LBEXCLEST65), 39982285 (LBEXCS641XTR), 37505351 (LBSELECT450), 31127285 (LBSLCB62XT), 37653870 (SCS322F)

Hitachi Washing Machine

31000218 (LB DWF 638), 31000190 (LB DWT668ES)

Hoover Washing Machine

31000489 (CKD A 055 S), 31000488 (CKD A 054 S), 31000998 (CKD H 45 T), 31001160 (HT 265-30 A), 31001019 (KIT LB H66 T CKD), 31136187 (LB AM511S 11), 31136203 (LB AM540S 11), 31136237 (LB AM540S 14), 31136211 (LB AM542SX11), 31136195 (LB AM640S 11), 31136229 (LB AM642SX11), 31000212 (LB H50 AT SY), 31000211 (LB H60 AT SY), 31000163 (LB HT 65 AT), 31136294 (LBAM640SIS11), 31000214 (LBHX60 AT SY)

Hoover Dishwasher

32000621 (DDY 062-80), 39400214 (DDY 062-80), 32000666 (DDY 062-AUS), 32000898 (DDY 062B-80), 32000711 (DDY 062-E), 32000747 (DDY 062-E-17), 34111005 (DDY 062-E-17), 32000762 (DDY 062S-80), 32000710 (DDY 062X-E), 39000958 (DDY 062X-E), 32000748 (DDY 062X-E-17), 32000757 (DDY 065TA-80), 32000709 (DDY 065T-E), 32000718 (DDY 075-AUS), 32000708 (DDY 075-E), 32000696 (DDY 088T-80), 32000971 (DDYN 162-80), 32000941 (DYN 062-E), 32000960 (DYN 062X-E), 32000067 (HD 96 M ALU), 32000178 (HD312-80), 32000192 (HDGX 5000-30S), 32900578 (HDI 1L38-80), 32900076 (HDI1530-30S), 32001003 (HDP 1D39W-80), 32001097 (HDP 1D39X-80), 32000994 (HDP 1L39W), 32000995 (HDP 1L39X), 32001005 (HDP 1L57W-17), 32001018 (HDP 1L57X-17), 32900599 (HDS 1D38BK-17), 32900514 (HFI 3012-1-80), 32900047 (HFI 3015 - 80), 32900340 (HFI 3015-E-80), 32900362 (HFI 303D-E-80), 32900513 (HFI 6060-80), 32900586 (HFI 6072-80), 32900178 (HLSI 2000 - 30), 32900345 (HLSI 2000-E-30), 32900339 (HLSI 3000-E-30), 32900515 (HLSI 363-80), 32900375 (HLSI 60-17), 32000215 (HND 310 A-86S), 32000216 (HND 312-86S), 32000218 (HND 312A-84S), 32000083 (HND 315 80), 32000281 (HND 3212-30 S), 32000271 (HND 3212-80), 32000226 (HND 3515A-85S), 32000296 (HND 515-86), 32000346 (HND 542-86S), 32000372 (HND 547-86), 32000081 (HND 615 80), 32000119 (HND 615 S-80), 32000417 (HND 645-86), 32000224 (HND 6515 A AL S), 32000291 (HND 6515-80), 32000225 (HND 6515A-85S), 32000128 (HND315A-85S), 32000132 (HND315AAL-85), 32000158 (HND315AX-37S), 32000082 (HND315SILVER), 32000205 (HND325-1-80), 32000180 (HND325-80), 32000206 (HND325S-1-80), 32000179 (HND325SILV), 32000258 (HND3515AX-37), 32000195 (HND6155-83), 32000129 (HND615A-85S), 32000133 (HND615AAL-85), 32000207 (HND625-1-80), 32000177 (HND625-80), 32000208 (HND625J-1-80), 32000272 (HND7515-80), 32000335 (HOD 6 AL-S), 32000348 (HOD 6 BL-86S), 32000334 (HOD 6 BLACK-S), 32000371 (HOD 646 BL-47), 32000405 (HOD 646-47), 32000329 (HOD 6615 BL-80), 32000328 (HOD 6615-80), 32000333 (HOD 6-S), 32000306 (HOD 7 ALU-S), 32000298 (HOD 7715-80), 32000305 (HOD 7-S), 32207110 (LS D 73 A SY), 32207102 (LS D 73 SY), 32163008 (LS D 834 K), 32151128 (LS D812-1071), 32151102 (LS D814-1011), 32151110 (LS D816-1031), 32154007 (LS D820-1001), 32154106 (LS D821 001), 32151169 (LS D822-1071), 32151136 (LS D824-1011), 32146128 (LS D832-1071), 32146102 (LS D834-1011), 32146110 (LS D836-1031), 32000019 (LS DAA 835K), 32000020 (LS DAA 977K), 32177149 (LS DF997AALU), 32176109 (LS DH833A SY), 32176117 (LS DH836T SY), 32151011 (LS DS 732), 32177123 (LS DT999A FR), 32177164 (LS DT999SYAL), 32177156 (LS DT999T SY), 32207003 (LS HD 72 M), 32000057 (LS HD 73 MUK), 32000011 (LS HD 83 M), 32000010 (LS HD 95 M), 32000068 (LS HD 96 M), 32000009 (LS HD 97 E), 32000058 (LS HD 98 E), 32000059 (LS HD73M ALU), 32151003 (LSD7610-2001), 32177180 (LSDF967TNORD), 32176125 (LSDH836TNORD), 32000164 (PDF15-80), 32000163 (PDF15SILVER), 32000210 (PDF25-80)

Hoover Tumble Dryer

31100025 (AB HDC 6), 31100047 (AB HDC 60 E), 31100048 (AB HDC 60ESY), 31100016 (AB HDC 7 UK), 31100024 (AB HDC 7FM), 31100051 (AB HDC70X SY), 31100023 (AB HDV 6), 31100050 (AB HDV 60 SY), 31100022 (AB HDV 7 FM), 31100052 (AB HDV70X SY), 37616323 (AB TC650 001), 31100011 (AB TCE 64001), 37615689 (AB TCE60 021), 37615366 (AB TCE60 031), 37616240 (AB TCE61 031), 37615374 (AB TCE61 061), 37615382 (AB TCE62 011), 37616661 (AB TCE62061), 37616224 (AB TCE63 011), 37616786 (AB TCE63 021), 37616331 (AB TCE660001), 37616232 (AB TCX51 031), 37616190 (AB TCX53 011), 37615226 (AB TV 20 001), 37615234 (AB TV 30 001), 37616307 (AB TV630 001), 37616315 (AB TV640 001), 37615275 (AB TVE40 001), 37615697 (AB TVE40 021), 37615283 (AB TVE40 031), 37616257 (AB TVE41 031), 37615291 (AB TVE41 061), 37615309 (AB TVE42 011), 37615820 (AB TVE42 014), 37616653 (AB TVE42061), 37616216 (AB TVE43 011), 37616281 (AB TVE43 014), 37615242 (AB TVX30 031), 37616265 (AB TVX31 031), 37615259 (AB TVX31 061), 37615267 (AB TVX32 011), 37615812 (AB TVX32 014), 37616208 (AB TVX33 011), 37616273 (AB TVX33 014), 31100045 (ABHDC75TEXCH), 31100046 (ABHDC75TEXDE), 31100054 (ABHDC75TEXFR), 31100044 (ABHDC75TEXSY), 31100066 (ABHNC170-80), 31100065 (ABHNC170S-80), 31100092 (ABHNC171X-SY), 31100099 (ABHNC260-SY), 31100064 (ABHNC270-80), 31100093 (ABHNC271X), 31100063 (ABHNC770T), 31100062 (ABHNV160-80), 31100001 (ABTCX 52 061), 31100207 (CKD HNV 171XSY), 38730008 (DMC D1013B-80), 31100723 (DMC D1013BC-80), 37503299 (DMC D1013BX-S), 31100805 (DMCG D1013B-84), 31100722 (DNC D813B-80), 31100705 (DNC D813BXB-S), 31100704 (DNC D813BX-S), 39100160 (DNC D913B-80), 31100719 (DNC D913BB-80), 31100784 (DNC D91B-80), 31100803 (DNCG D813B-84), 31100804 (DNCG D913B-84), 31100567 (DYC 169A-80N), 31100681 (DYC 71013NB-80), 31100690 (DYC 710AV2BX-80N), 31100689 (DYC 710AVBX-80N), 31100599 (DYC 770NB-S), 31100563 (DYC 7813NB-80), 31100569 (DYC 7813NBX-84), 31100600 (DYC 7813NBX-S), 31100446 (DYC 870B-S), 31100461 (DYC 8713BX-AUS), 31100392 (DYC 88132BX-80), 31100565 (DYC 88132BXC-80N), 31100400 (DYC 88132XB-S), 31100442 (DYC 8813BX-84), 31100693 (DYC 890NB-80), 31100391 (DYC 8913B-80), 31100536 (DYC 893B-80), 31100153 (HC75XT-47), 31100067 (HNC 160-80), 31100140 (HNC 175-80), 31100198 (HNC 180-80), 31100197 (HNC 180S-80), 31100205 (HNC 180-SY), 31100104 (HNC 271 XJ-SY), 31100195 (HNC 360B-88), 31100371 (HNC 360BT-1-84), 31100295 (HNC 360BT-84), 31100128 (HNC 360-S), 31100163 (HNC 375T-30S), 31100130 (HNC 375T-84), 31100182 (HNC 380-80), 31100181 (HNC 382T-80), 31100203 (HNC 480-SY), 31100200 (HNC 485T-86), 31100098 (HNC 771 X-SY), 31100096 (HNC 771 XT), 31100097 (HNC 771 XT-84), 31100094 (HNC 771 XT-SY), 31100095 (HNC 771XT-89 SY), 31100143 (HNC 775T-80), 31100183 (HNC172S-80), 31100141 (HNC175S-80), 31100142 (HNC375T-80), 31100170 (HNC375T-88), 31100091 (HNV 160-SY), 31100102 (HNV 171X-SY), 31100180 (HNV 172-80), 31100179 (HNV 380-80), 31100199 (HNV171X-ISR), 31100139 (HNV375-80), 31100160 (HNV375-80-0), 31100150 (HNV375-S), 31100159 (HNV375-S-0), 31100368 (HPC 370T-1-84), 31100264 (HPC370T-84), 31100144 (HSC 170-80), 31100145 (HSV 170-80), 31100108 (KIT AB HNC171 SY), 31100772 (LLC D813BX-S), 31100806 (LLCG D713B-84), 31100111 (PFC 170-80), 31100110 (PFV170-80), 31100112 (PPC 160-80), 31100113 (PPC160J-80), 31100357 (VHC 180-1-80), 31100236 (VHC 180-80), 31100377 (VHC 360T-84), 31100389 (VHC 370BT-84), 31100376 (VHC 370T-84), 31100328 (VHC 380X-1-30S), 31100347 (VHC 381-1-80), 31100326 (VHC 381XT-1-84), 31100348 (VHC 391-1-80), 31100324 (VHC 391T-1-80), 31100331 (VHC 391XT-1-47), 31100561 (VHC 580NC-80), 31100401 (VHC 680BX-S), 31100395 (VHC 680C-80), 31100360 (VHC 680F-85S), 31100396 (VHC 681B-80), 31100534 (VHC 68B-80), 31100397 (VHC 691B-80), 31100651 (VHC 69BCB-80N), 31100440 (VHC 770BT-84), 31100441 (VHC 771BT-84), 31100311 (VHC 781XTB-1-37S), 31100314 (VHC 781XTB-1-80), 31100436 (VHC 790BTX-47), 31100346 (VHC 791T-1-OS), 31100317 (VHC 791XT-1-14S), 31100332 (VHC 791XT-1-47), 31100313 (VHC 791XT-1-84), 31100318 (VHC 791XT-1-86S), 31100316 (VHC 791XT-1-88S), 31100519 (VHC 980ATXX-S), 31100384 (VHC168A-80), 31100235 (VHC380-80), 31100248 (VHC380X-30S), 31100283 (VHC381-80), 31100262 (VHC381XT-84), 31100282 (VHC391-80), 31100234 (VHC391T-80), 31100244 (VHC391XT-30S), 31100239 (VHC391XT-47), 31100255 (VHC392T-80), 31100364 (VHC680F-80), 31100250 (VHC781XT-14S), 31100256 (VHC781XTB), 31100251 (VHC791XT-14S), 31100238 (VHC791XT-47), 31100261 (VHC791XT-84), 31100247 (VHC791XT-86S), 31100252 (VHC791XT-88S), 31100233 (VHV 180-80), 31100302 (VHV 380-1-80), 31100319 (VHV 380-1-86S), 31100333 (VHV 380X-1-47), 31100334 (VHV 381-1-80), 31100301 (VHV 381-80), 31100398 (VHV 680C-80), 31100643 (VHV 680C-OS), 31100406 (VHV 680C-S), 31100361 (VHV 680F-85S), 31100533 (VHV 68C-80), 31100407 (VHV 780CX-S), 31100320 (VHV 780X-1-14S), 31100399 (VHV 781C-80), 31100549 (VHV 781NC-80), 31008064 (VHV380-80), 31100232 (VHV380-80), 31100237 (VHV380X-47), 31100365 (VHV680F-80), 31100245 (VHV780X-14S), 31100717 (VTC 580NB-80), 31100781 (VTC 581B-80), 31100782 (VTC 581BB-80), 31100610 (VTC 58NC-80), 31100783 (VTC 590B-80), 31100788 (VTC 591BB-80), 31100635 (VTC 591NB-80), 31100598 (VTC 680NBX-S), 33000680 (VTC 680NBX-S), 31100574 (VTC 760NBT-84), 31100575 (VTC 770NBT-84), 34411264 (VTC 770NBT-84), 31100661 (VTC 781NBBC-80), 31100697 (VTC 86NB-80), 31100780 (VTC C580B-80), 31100577 (VTH 980NA1T-84), 31100552 (VTH 980NA1TX-S), 31100654 (VTV 57NC-80), 31100605 (VTV 580NC-80), 31100544 (VTV 580NC-S), 31100712 (VTV 581NC-80), 31100768 (VTV 581NCC-80), 31100696 (VTV 590NC-80), 31100713 (VTV 591NC-80), 31100545 (VTV 780NC-S)

Hoover Oven

33701227 (HCM 906X), 33701215 (HO 423-6VW), 33701214 (HO423-6VB), 33701213 (HO423-6VX), 33701681 (HO786VX WIFI), 33701174 (HOA 1BX), 33701173 (HOA 1X), 33701175 (HOA 2 VX), 33701511 (HOA03VX WIFI), 33701229 (HOC709-6BX), 33701230 (HOC709-6X)

Hotpoint Dishwasher

BCI45, BCI450, BCI450.C, BFI62, BFI620, BFI670, BFI68, BFI680, BFQ700I, BFQ700T, BFT680X, BFT68X, BFV620B, BFV620K, BFV620W, BFV620X, BFV62B, BFV62K, BFV62W, BFV62X, BFV680X, BFV68X, BFZ680X, BFZ700X, CISLI420.C-HA, CISLI460A.C-HA, CISLI470ACHA, CISLI480A.C-HA, DC27P, DC28N, DC28P, DC28S, DWF40P, DWF40P.2, DWF50N, DWF50P, DWF50PT, DWF50S, DWF70N, DWF70P, DWF70S, DWM55A, DWM75A, DWT10P, DWT10P.2, FDW20P, FDW60G, FDW60P, FDW60P.1, FDW60T, FDW65A, FDW80G, FDW80P, FDW80T, FDW85A, LD44EU.C-HA, LI420.C-HA, LI425.C-HA, LI460.C-HA, LI470A.C-HA, LI480A.C-HA, LI485A.C-HA, LL40EU.C-HA, LL42EU.C-HA, LL42SK.C-HA, LL430FR.C-HA, LL430XFR.C-HA, LL43SEU.C-HA, LV460ABK.C-HA, LV460AIX.C-HA, LV460AWH.C-HA, LV460BK.C-HA, LV460WH.C-HA, LV465ABK.C-HA, LV465AIX.C-HA, LV465AWH.C-HA, LV465IX.C-HA, LVR645AAN-HA, LVR645AOW-HA, LZ705IXEXTRA-HA, SDW60P, SDW60P.C, SDW80G, SDW80G.C, SDW80P, SDW80P.C, SDW80T, SDW85A, SDW85A.C

Iberna Dishwasher

32900611 (IBDWI600), 32900120 (IDI 1010-47), 32900064 (IDI 12-02), 32900118 (IDS 110 N-47), 32900117 (IDS 110 W-47), 32900119 (IDS 110X-47), 32000202 (LS IDF 80), 32900063 (LS IDS 20 N), 32072019 (LS LSI 47), 32181000 (LS LSI 48 N), 32000025 (LS LSI 50 N), 32142010 (LS LSI 51 B), 32900011 (LS LSI 51-1), 32072639 (LS LSI 57), 32072647 (LS LSI 67), 32000027 (LS LSI 77), 32000026 (LS LSI 87)

Iberna Tumble Dryer

37615390 (AB ABI 30 V), 37615408 (AB ABI 31 VB), 31100009 (AB ITD 54 V), 31100010 (AB ITD 55 CX), 31100103 (IDC 60), 31100115 (IDC 60-SY)

Iberna Washing Machine

31000731 (ILB 60T-04 S), 31000728 (ILB40-01S), 31000730 (ILB40T-01S), 31000726 (ILS50AT-01S), 31001410 (ITL 60-37), 31126121 (LB IAF 435), 31126147 (LB IAF 635), 31126105 (LB IAF 655 T), 31126154 (LB IAF 656TX), 31126162 (LB IAF 855 T), 31126170 (LB IAF856 TX), 31126196 (LB IAS 444T), 31126204 (LB IAS 644T), 31000345 (LB ILB 423 T), 31131006 (LB ILF 436), 31131196 (LB ILF 4361), 31131105 (LB ILF 457 T), 31131121 (LB ILF 458TX), 31131204 (LB ILF 637), 31131113 (LB ILF 657 T), 31131147 (LB ILF 857 T), 31131188 (LB ILF4571 T), 31000055 (LB ILF558 AT), 31131139 (LB ILF658 TX), 31000018 (LB ILF658AT), 31131154 (LB ILF858 TX), 31131162 (LB ILS 445 T), 31131170 (LB ILS 645 T), 31000054 (LB ILS546AT), 31000278 (LB ITL 40 FR), 31000266 (LB ITL 40 T), 31000262 (LB ITL 416 T), 31000280 (LB ITL 50), 31000682 (LB ITL 60), 31000677 (LB ITL 60 A), 31000264 (LB ITL 60 AT), 31000279 (LB V 540)

Indesit Dishwasher

F005442 (D3020WN), F008060 (D4000), F011780 (D4000115-60S), F006518 (D4000BG-1-BG), F011777 (D4000-S1), F006519 (D4000WE), F014315 (D4000WE-S1), F011689 (D4000WG), F006272 (D4000WG-1-WG), F008390 (D4000WH), F006276 (D4000WI), F007264 (D4000WN), F008387 (D4000WS), F014223 (D4000WS1115), F008389 (D4000WS115V), F011779 (D4000WS-S1), F011781 (D4000WU-S1), F007141 (D4000WZ), F006516 (D4020WN), F027207 (D41EU), F027225 (D41FR), F027212 (D41GE), F027194 (D41IT), F027210 (D41SP), F027195 (D41UK), F006274 (D4200WG-1-WG), F006278 (D4200WI), F027208 (D42EU), F027224 (D42FR), F027213 (D42GE), F027193 (D42IT), F027222 (D42SEU), F027211 (D42SP), F027223 (D42SSP), F007198 (D4300NI), F006520 (D4300WE), F006282 (D4300WI), F008061 (D4300WU), F007199 (D4500WE), F006284 (D4500WI), F006517 (D4500WN), F018334 (D6050), F018334 (D6050-1), F024953 (D60TK), F024956 (D61AG), F024949 (D61DE), F025804 (D61DUK), F023485 (D61EU), F027916 (D61EX), F023511 (D61EX115-60), F023510 (D61EX50-60), F024178 (D61PSP), F023453 (D61SP), F023521 (D61SUK), F023454 (D61UK), F023509 (D61Z), F027931 (D62A), F024920 (D62EU), F023457 (D62IT), F024924 (D62SIEU), F023524 (D62SIIT), F025117 (D62SK), F024954 (D62TK), F023456 (D63EU), F023458 (D63FR), F023460 (D63IT), F025133 (D63SUK), F023463 (D63UK), F025805 (D642SIT), F026272 (D643GIT), F023462 (D64EU), F023464 (D64FR), F023465 (D64IT), F025120 (D64SK), F023486 (D64UK), F027727 (D65FR), F027220 (D66SUK), F027948 (D70IT), F007137 (D740PE), F007138 (D740PE), F007139 (D743PE), F007140 (D743PE), F030219 (DA3), F024950 (DA62DE), F024951 (DA62SIDE), F023455 (DA62SP), F025820 (DA635PSP), F025821 (DA635SP), F025822 (DA635SSP), F024179 (DA63PSP), F023459 (DA63SP), F024180 (DA63SSP), F025888 (DA6421SP), F025823 (DA645SP), F024134 (DA64SP), F024952 (DA72DE), F024952 (DA72DE-B), F027941 (DB1IT), F027209 (DE43EU), F027196 (DE43UK), F027218 (DE72FR), F024454 (DE72UK), F024455 (DE73UK), F024432 (DE74EU), F024937 (DE74IT), F024934 (DE74SIEU), F024433 (DE74SIIT), F026066 (DE75NL), F027709 (DE75SNL), F015444 (DG5000WG), F015497 (DG5000WI), F015498 (DG5000WZ), F013651 (DG5100), F007868 (DG5100BG), F013565 (DG5100SK), F012260 (DG5100WEU), F011673 (DG5100WF), F007867 (DG5100WG), F008027 (DG5100WI), F013563 (DG5100WS), F014224 (DG5100WS1115), F013562 (DG5100WZ), F011674 (DG5110WF), F013566 (DG5110WSK), F015166 (DG5300), F013712 (DG5300BE), F013650 (DG5300WE), F007869 (DG5300WG), F008028 (DG5300WI), F008030 (DG5310), F011688 (DG5310WF), F008029 (DG5310WI), F013845 (DG5310WI), F008031 (DG5400), F013713 (DG5400), F013567 (DG5400SK), F013648 (DG5400WE), F007866 (DG5400WG), F016773 (DG5400WG.1), F013649 (DG5410), F016902 (DG6050W), F016902 (DG6050W-1), F018673 (DG6100AG-1), F017083 (DG6100W), F017083 (DG6100W-1), F016903 (DG6100WE), F016903 (DG6100WE-1), F016904 (DG6100WG), F016904 (DG6100WG-1), F018439 (DG6100WS(50-60)), F018431 (DG6100WSK), F018431 (DG6100WSK-1), F018438 (DG6100WZ), F022299 (DG6109S), F018237 (DG6145W), F018462 (DG6145WE), F018463 (DG6145WG), F022365 (DG6200SI), F016905 (DG6200WE), F016905 (DG6200WE-1), F016907 (DG6200WI), F018432 (DG6210WSK-1), F017845 (DG625), F017845 (DG625-1), F023559 (DG6300SE), F016906 (DG6300W), F016909 (DG6300WE), F016908 (DG6300WF), F023774 (DG6300WF.1), F016914 (DG6300WG), F018440 (DG6300WS-115), F016911 (DG6310), F016912 (DG6310), F016910 (DG6310W), F018238 (DG6345W), F022958 (DG6345WSK), F023934 (DG635G), F017846 (DG640), F016913 (DG6400W), F016915 (DG6400WF), F023775 (DG6400WF.1), F018428 (DG6400WTK), F022766 (DG6402WF), F018465 (DG6445W), F016916 (DG6450), F016917 (DG6450), F016918 (DG6450), F022300 (DG6450SI), F017823 (DG6450WG), F018433 (DG6450WSK), F023452 (DG6EU), F022546 (DGA6310W), F022547 (DGA6450W), F025889 (DHA65SP), F025890 (DHA66SP), F058022 (DI420.C), F030381 (DI450A), F040241 (DI450A.C), F030382 (DI450UK), F018483 (DI45A), F018483 (DI45A-B), F058023 (DI460.C), F029930 (DI6), F027710 (DI6000), F018449 (DI61), F018451 (DI61UK), F024757 (DI62), F029931 (DI620), F029932 (DI620A), F030351 (DI620UK), F041552 (DI623), F042061 (DI623A), F024758 (DI62A), F024758 (DI62A-B), F024757 (DI62-B), F024995 (DI62UK), F024995 (DI62UK-B), F030369 (DI630A), F025537 (DI63A), F025537 (DI63A-B), F028464 (DI63Z), F042062 (DI650A), F043218 (DI653A), F026375 (DI65UK), F027984 (DI67SUK), F027215 (DI67UK), F028502 (DI70FR), F027190 (DI71IT), F027949 (DI71SIIT), F024172 (DI72ANIT), F024944 (DI72EU), F024944 (DI72EU-B), F024170 (DI72IT), F024170 (DI72IT-B), F024945 (DI72SIEU), F024945 (DI72SIEU-B), F024171 (DI72SIIT), F024171 (DI72SIIT-B), F024955 (DI72SITK), F024955 (DI72SITK-B), F025125 (DI72SK), F025125 (DI72SK-B), F025126 (DI72SSK), F025126 (DI72SSK-B), F023500 (DI72TK), F027191 (DI73IT), F027932 (DI74EL), F027217 (DI74FR), F025138 (DI74SFR), F028503 (DI75FR), F029969 (DI78FR), F011775 (DSGJ4), F017022 (DV61), F017023 (DV61), F017024 (DV61), F017025 (DV61), F017022 (DV61-1), F017023 (DV61-1), F017024 (DV61-1), F017025 (DV61-1), F018446 (DV61BRUK), F018446 (DV61BRUK-1), F018447 (DV61IXUK), F018447 (DV61IXUK-1), F018445 (DV61WHUK), F018445 (DV61WHUK-1), F029927 (DV620BK), F030349 (DV620BKUK), F029929 (DV620IX), F030350 (DV620KIXUK), F029928 (DV620WH), F030348 (DV620WHUK), F024391 (DV62BK), F024993 (DV62BKUK), F024393 (DV62BR), F024394 (DV62IX), F024994 (DV62KIXUK), F024392 (DV62WH), F024992 (DV62WHUK), F030695 (DV630ABR), F030693 (DV630AIX), F030694 (DV630AWH), F030368 (DV640AIX), F025114 (DV64AKIX), F030698 (DV650ABR), F030696 (DV650AIX), F030697 (DV650AWH), F017030 (DV66), F017032 (DV66), F017033 (DV66), F017030 (DV66-1), F017032 (DV66-1), F017033 (DV66-1), F030701 (DV670ABR), F030699 (DV670AIX), F030700 (DV670AWH), F033236 (DVG622BKUK), F033235 (DVG622KIXUK), F033234 (DVG622WHUK), F042063 (DVG623BK), F042064 (DVG623IX), F042065 (DVG623WH), F033229 (DVG652AIX), F033230 (DVG652AWH), F033232 (DVG672AIX), F033233 (DVG672AWH), F043942 (DVGN623BK), F043943 (DVGN623IX), F043944 (DVGN623WH), F012942 (DW60S), F014673 (DW60S-1), F014674 (DW60SA-1), F012849 (DW9S), F012850 (DW9S), F012851 (DW9S), F012852 (DW9S(IX)), F012853 (DW9SA), F012854 (DW9SA), F012855 (DW9SA), F012856 (DW9SA(IX)), F016756 (DW9SI), F016757 (DW9SI), F016758 (DW9SI), F016759 (DW9SI(IX)), F014278 (DW9SUK), F014279 (DW9SUK), F042870 (IDE1000EU.2), F041206 (IDE1000SIT.2), F030044 (IDE1000UK), F034121 (IDE1000UK.2), F030045 (IDE1005SUK), F034122 (IDE1005SUK.2), F030666 (IDE100EU), F030216 (IDE100SIT), F030758 (IDE100SK), F036388 (IDE102SK.2), F030423 (IDE44EU), F040689 (IDE44EU.C), F030394 (IDE44UK), F030428 (IDE45SEU), F040690 (IDE45SEU.C), F046382 (IDE750IT.2), F046346 (IDE750UK.2), F046346 (IDE750UK2), F048419 (IDF800EU.2), F038730 (IDL40D), F032308 (IDL40DE), F030417 (IDL40EU), F040219 (IDL40EU.C), F030403 (IDL40FR), F031956 (IDL40SUK), F040685 (IDL40SUK.C), F030393 (IDL40UK), F037521 (IDL40UK.C), F048038 (IDL410FR.C), F048040 (IDL410SFR.C), F056294 (IDL411SFR.C), F039333 (IDL41FR), F040686 (IDL41FR.C), F056293 (IDL420FR.C), F032309 (IDL42DE), F040687 (IDL42DE.C), F030419 (IDL42EU), F040041 (IDL42EU.C), F030404 (IDL42FR), F040220 (IDL42FR.C), F032304 (IDL42SK), F057116 (IDL42SK.C), F040885 (IDL500EU.2), F030014 (IDL500FR), F034865 (IDL500FR.2), F040890 (IDL500SEU.2), F030040 (IDL500UK), F031984 (IDL500UK.2), F032554 (IDL500UK.2T), F034457 (IDL502FR.2), F042230 (IDL5055SK.2), F030041 (IDL505SUK), F032001 (IDL505SUK.2), F039329 (IDL506FR.2), F045240 (IDL507FR.2), F030217 (IDL50EU), F032006 (IDL50EU.2), F034499 (IDL50SEU.2), F032221 (IDL50SK.2), F031075 (IDL51EU), F032217 (IDL51EU.2), F034283 (IDL52EU.2), F034140 (IDL530UK.2), F055587 (IDL530UK.3), F034501 (IDL535SUK.2), F055588 (IDL535SUK.3), F040886 (IDL550EU.2), F030015 (IDL550FR), F041202 (IDL550IT.2), F041203 (IDL550SIT.2), F034458 (IDL552FR.2), F036154 (IDL553FR.2), F034459 (IDL555SFR.2), F039330 (IDL556FR.2), F039331 (IDL556SFR.2), F046410 (IDL556TC), F046347 (IDL557FR.2), F046348 (IDL557SFR.2), F030561 (IDL55DE), F032220 (IDL55DE.2), F030634 (IDL55EU), F032215 (IDL55EU.2), F030212 (IDL55IT), F034119 (IDL55IT.2), F030565 (IDL55SDE), F032224 (IDL55SDE.2), F030213 (IDL55SIT), F034120 (IDL55SIT.2), F043668 (IDL55T49EU.2), F041754 (IDL55T4C), F033816 (IDL55T50EU), F035318 (IDL55T50EU.2), F031086 (IDL57PT), F035314 (IDL57PT.2), F040887 (IDL600EU.2), F041204 (IDL600IT.2), F040888 (IDL600SEU.2), F041205 (IDL600SIT.2), F041166 (IDL6021EU.2), F042242 (IDL6049SK.2), F034503 (IDL60AUS.2), F030644 (IDL60EU), F032216 (IDL60EU.2), F030214 (IDL60IT), F032219 (IDL60NL.2), F034502 (IDL60SAUS.2), F030647 (IDL60SEU), F032225 (IDL60SEU.2), F032222 (IDL60SK.2), F030680 (IDL61EU), F032218 (IDL61EU.2), F034284 (IDL61IT.2), F033149 (IDL62DE), F030686 (IDL62EU), F032223 (IDL62EU.2), F036387 (IDL62SK.2), F041165 (IDL63EU.2), F032226 (IDL63SNL.2), F030016 (IDL700FR), F030042 (IDL700UK), F034118 (IDL700UK.2), F030603 (IDL7021SP), F035317 (IDL7021SP.2), F034462 (IDL702FR.2), F030043 (IDL705SUK), F034117 (IDL705SUK.2), F039332 (IDL706FR.2), F030572 (IDL70DE), F030600 (IDL70DEU), F034566 (IDL70DEU.2), F030654 (IDL70EU), F030215 (IDL70IT), F030017 (IDL710FR), F035319 (IDL71EU.2), F034286 (IDL71IT.2), F034498 (IDL730UK.2), F034500 (IDL735SUK.2), F040891 (IDL750EU.2), F040889 (IDL750SEU.2), F030661 (IDL75EU), F032627 (IDL75EU.2), F030604 (IDL75SEU), F032845 (IDL75SEU.2), F036766 (IDL76EU.2), F032271 (IDLB2EU), F034519 (IDTMEU), F034520 (IDTMUK), F007369 (INDW9S), F007371 (INDW9S), F007372 (INDW9S), F007373 (INDW9S(IX)), F007467 (INDW9SA), F007468 (INDW9SA), F007470 (INDW9SA), F007469 (INDW9SA(IX)), F007374 (INDW9SUK), F007375 (INDW9SUK), F007195 (INDWS60), F011526 (INDWS60A)

Indesit Washing Machine

F015351 (HL6T), F015182 (IW460D-S), F015355 (W402WF-S), F016936 (W405PWF), F018587 (W405TXU), F016937 (W406PDI), F018031 (W406PDI), F013736 (W40DI), F016938 (W415TPDI), F018032 (W415TPDI), F027505 (W41SP), F013737 (W41TDI), F021986 (W428TPZ(IT)), F018092 (W42TPE), F018312 (W42TPE), F023373 (W431TXEX), F025545 (W431TXEX), F023318 (W432PT), F024806 (W432SIT), F024810 (W432XSIT), F023319 (W435PT), F024766 (W43AG), F023311 (W43EX), F023312 (W43FR), F023299 (W43IT), F027506 (W43SP), F023323 (W43TAG), F023306 (W43TEX), F023324 (W43TEX50-60HZ), F017583 (W43TXE), F018297 (W43TXE), F025546 (W43X(IT)), F024022 (W43XIT), F023384 (W43XSP), F024808 (W443XGIT), F017142 (W445TPI), F023294 (W44IT), F013738 (W44TXDI), F018027 (W44TXDI), F024406 (W44XIT), F025547 (W44XIT), F025377 (W4521E), F027507 (W51SP), F024626 (W524PT), F023385 (W535PT), F025471 (W53FR), F023300 (W53IT), F023338 (W53SP), F024767 (W53TEX), F025688 (W543GIT), F021987 (W610TPZ(IT)), F013739 (W61TXDI), F018028 (W61TXDI), F015199 (W62TE), F024613 (W630FR), F024627 (W634PT), F023307 (W63EX), F023341 (W63FR), F023295 (W63IT), F023316 (W63SP), F023305 (W63TEX), F024761 (W63TK), F025544 (W63X(IT)), F023359 (W63XIT), F023389 (W63XSP), F028410 (W63Z), F025548 (W642TX(EX)), F024769 (W642TXEX), F023383 (W646XPT), F026658 (W646XSPT), F024413 (W64IT), F025378 (W6521E), F017584 (W65TE), F018532 (W65TE), F016944 (W665TPI), F016752 (W666TXIT), F015269 (WE462WE-S), F013574 (WG420E), F013569 (WG420P), F018305 (WG420POM), F024519 (WG420PRA), F017505 (WG420PU), F018133 (WG420PU), F013632 (WG420S), F013635 (WG420T), F014726 (WG420TH), F008438 (WG420TI), F013623 (WG420U), F015468 (WG421TI), F018081 (WG421TPEX), F018307 (WG421TPOM), F017506 (WG421TPR), F018070 (WG421TPR), F018306 (WG421TPRA), F014487 (WG421TR), F014500 (WG421TRA), F013633 (WG421TS), F016356 (WG421TS50-60), F013624 (WG421TU), F008439 (WG421TXI), F014488 (WG421TXR), F018058 (WG421TXR), F013634 (WG421TXS), F018256 (WG421TXS5060), F013625 (WG421TXU), F013543 (WG422TF), F018308 (WG422TPOM), F013636 (WG422TT), F013575 (WG422XE), F013576 (WG424TE), F013570 (WG424TPT), F017577 (WG425E), F018291 (WG425E), F016939 (WG425PI), F018033 (WG425PI), F017597 (WG425PP), F018298 (WG425PP), F017578 (WG426TE), F018292 (WG426TE), F017100 (WG426TPF), F018278 (WG426TPF), F023297 (WG426TPIT), F017598 (WG426TPP), F018299 (WG426TPP), F013577 (WG426TXE), F018253 (WG426TXE), F015469 (WG42I), F015198 (WG42TE), F012837 (WG430TXEI), F018023 (WG430TXEI), F013542 (WG431F), F014229 (WG431TI), F022159 (WG431TXOM), F008440 (WG432TXI), F013571 (WG432TXP), F018250 (WG432TXP), F008441 (WG433TXI), F021971 (WG434TX(R)), F018279 (WG435PF), F016941 (WG435TPI), F018035 (WG435TPI), F016866 (WG436TPI), F018029 (WG436TPI), F013572 (WG436TXP), F016940 (WG437TPEI), F018034 (WG437TPEI), F021767 (WG439TPS), F012839 (WG43TXGI), F018025 (WG43TXGI), F021768 (WG49TXS), F016899 (WG4PD), F014598 (WG521F), F013544 (WG522TF), F016141 (WG522TXU), F018066 (WG522TXU), F017102 (WG525PF), F018281 (WG525PF), F015475 (WG525TXP), F018264 (WG525TXP), F021705 (WG526T-1(E)), F017579 (WG526TE), F018293 (WG526TE), F017103 (WG526TPF), F018282 (WG526TPF), F014438 (WG530TI), F014599 (WG531F), F016942 (WG535TPI), F018036 (WG535TPI), F013558 (WG620G), F018082 (WG620G), F018057 (WG620PG), F013578 (WG622TE), F017507 (WG622TPR), F018069 (WG622TPR), F014489 (WG622TR), F013626 (WG622TU), F017797 (WG623PZ), F018309 (WG623PZ), F013640 (WG623Z), F013637 (WG624TS), F013638 (WG624TXS), F018257 (WG624TXS), F018079 (WG625PEX), F021835 (WG625PF), F013520 (WG625SK), F017580 (WG625TE), F018294 (WG625TE), F008442 (WG630TXI), F018018 (WG630TXI), F008443 (WG631TXI), F013545 (WG632TF), F013627 (WG633TXR), F018061 (WG633TXR), F014490 (WG633TXU), F022160 (WG634TXOM), F018310 (WG635TPEX), F013639 (WG635TS), F012838 (WG635TXEI), F018024 (WG635TXEI), F017104 (WG636TPF), F018284 (WG636TPF), F016869 (WG636TPI), F018030 (WG636TPI), F013580 (WG636TXE), F018531 (WG636TXE), F013572 (WG636TXP), F018251 (WG636TXP), F012840 (WG63TXGI), F018026 (WG63TXGI), F021769 (WG67TXS), F008446 (WGS434TXI), F018021 (WGS434TXI), F008447 (WGS632TXI), F008448 (WGS633TXI), F018022 (WGS633TXI), F014493 (WGS636TXR), F018060 (WGS636TXR), F013743 (WGS637TXEI), F013742 (WGS65TXGI), F018093 (WH665TXE), F025375 (WH66TXE), F015194 (WN404WO-S), F015306 (WN421WS-S), F015192 (WN421WU-S), F015193 (WN421XWU-S), F014992 (WN462WI-S), F014991 (WN463WI-S), F015270 (WN463XWE-S), F015271 (WN464WE-S), F015195 (WN464WO-S), F015304 (WN464XWI-S), F015272 (WN661WE-S), F015276 (WN663XWE-S), F015305 (WN671XWI-S), F027758 (WP41IT), F027759 (WP42IT), F027760 (WP62EX), F023347 (WS431TXEX), F024451 (WS43XIT), F023344 (WS44XIT), F013740 (WS46TXDI), F013741 (WS62TXDI), F024452 (WS63XIT), F023354 (WS642TXEX), F023345 (WS64XIT)

Rosieres Dishwasher

32049017 (LS LV139RB-1), 32107021 (LS LV205RB-1), 32108102 (LS LVI 551), 32108011 (LS LVI 977 E), 32156002 (LS LVI256RIN), 32049025 (LS R6241HPB), 32049108 (LS R6241HPN), 32194003 (LS RC 225), 32187114 (LS RSI268 B), 32187007 (LS RSI268 IN), 32187106 (LS RSI268 N), 32198004 (LS RSI522 PN), 32198103 (LS RSI522 RB), 32199002 (LS RSI622 RU), 32213100 (LS RSI622RU), 32199101 (LS RSI622RUB), 32199119 (LS RSI622RUV), 32201006 (LS RSIC777PN), 32201105 (LS RSIC777RB), 32900027 (LS RSIC780IN), 32126104 (LSLVI239PN-1), 32126013 (LSLVI239RB-1), 32156150 (LSLVI255IN-1), 32156143 (LSLVI256RU-1), 32128639 (LSLVI423PN-1), 32128621 (LSLVI423RB-1), 32128613 (LSLVI633IN-1), 32128019 (LSLVI633RB-1), 32900002 (LSRSI 269 RB), 32900019 (LSRSI622-1RU), 32199127 (LSRSI622RUBM), 32900001 (LSRSIC269 IN), 32900004 (LSRSIC269 PN), 32197006 (LSRSIC522PN), 32197105 (LSRSIC522RB), 32900012 (LSRSIC777 IN), 32900078 (LVI 990-80 S), 32156135 (LVI256RUB-1), 32156119 (LVI256RUBM-1), 32156127 (LVI256RUV-1), 32900172 (RLF 100-1-47), 32900128 (RLF 100-47), 32900352 (RLF 4912-E-47), 32900171 (RLF 58-47), 32900123 (RLI 60 IN-47), 32900107 (RLI 60 RB-47), 32900108 (RLI 70 AV-47), 32900109 (RLI 70 BAV-47), 32900111 (RLI 70 BMV-47), 32900110 (RLI 70 VV-47), 32900074 (RSI 580 IN-04), 32900051 (RSI580PN-47), 32900052 (RSI580RB-47), 32900021 (RSI622-1RUBM), 32900016 (RSI622-1RURB), 32900020 (RSI622-1RUV), 32900065 (RSI680AV-47), 32900066 (RSI680BAV-47), 32900068 (RSI680BMV-47), 32900053 (RSI680RU-47), 32900056 (RSI680RUBM), 32900054 (RSI680RURB), 32900055 (RSI680RUV), 32900067 (RSI680VV-47), 32900018 (RSIC522-1PN), 32900017 (RSIC522-1RB)

Rosieres Oven & Cooker

33701182 (RFA 55FIN), 33701117 (RFA23IN), 33701116 (RFA64FIN), 33701135 (RFA64FPN), 33701114 (RFA65IN), 33701115 (RFA65NX), 33701312 (RFAD93IN), 33701315 (RFAD93IN DEMO), 33701313 (RFAD93NX), 31004067 (RFAD93RB), 33701314 (RFAD93RB)

Rosieres Tumble Dryer

37615481 (AB RS E 65)

Smeg Dishwasher

450CDW, 600CDW, 653ELCN, ADP8242, ADP8252, AP410, AP612CA, APA113, APA6148N, APA6148X, APK450, APKE450, APL12, APL12-1, APL1250ES, APL1259ES, BI2608W, BLV1AZ, BLV1AZ-1, BLV1NE, BLV1NE-1, BLV1O, BLV1O-1, BLV1P, BLV1P-1, BLV1R, BLV1R-1, BLV1RO, BLV1RO-1, BLV1VE, BLV1VE-1, BLV1X, BLV1X-1, BLV495, BLV495-1, BLV496ES, BLV515, BLV532, BLV535, BLV552, CA01-1, CA01-2, CA01-3, CA01-4, CA01-5, CA01S, CA12B, CA12S, CL6S-2, CL6S-3, CL6S-4, CL6W-2, CL6W-3, CW448, D452I, D4B, D4SS, D4W, DD410S, DD410W, DD410W1, DD612S, DD612S7, DD612SC, DD612SCA, DD612SCA7, DD612WC, DF1255W, DF41, DF410B, DF410BA, DF410BL, DF410BL1, DF410S, DF410S1, DF410SDX, DF410SDX7, DF410SF, DF410SF7, DF410W, DF410W1, DF41-7, DF4SS, DF61, DF612B, DF612BL, DF612FAS, DF612S, DF612SDX, DF612SDX7, DF612SE, DF612SI, DF612W, DF612WD, DF612WE, DF614BE, DF614FAS, DF614FAS7, DF614S, DF614SF, DF614WE, DF61-7, DF67, DF6FABAZ, DF6FABNE, DF6FABO, DF6FABP, DF6FABR, DF6FABRO, DF6FABVE, DF6FABX, DF6SPLUS, DFC410BK, DFC612BK, DFC612S, DI4, DI409C, DI409CA, DI41, DI410C, DI41-7, DI4510, DI452, DI453, DI4SS, DI607, DI607C, DI61, DI612, DI612A, DI612A1, DI612C, DI612CA, DI612CA1, DI612DA, DI612M, DI612SD, DI614, DI614H, DI61-7, DI6FABNE, DI6FABP, DI6FABR, DI6FABRO, DI912, DW2003WH, DW2003X, DW2003X-1, DW2005WH, DW2005X, DW2005X-1, DW2006W, DW2006X, DW2006X7, DW9S, DW9W, DWAFI75, DWB45FI, DWD1SSE-1, DWD409SS, DWD409WH, DWD612CSS, DWD612CWH, DWD612SS, DWF1-2, DWF409BL, DWF409SS, DWF409WH, DWF410SS, DWF410WH, DWF612BL, DWF612SS, DWF612WH, DWF614SS, DWF614WH, DWI409C, DWI410, DWI450, DWI600, DWI612, DWI612C, DWI614, EL961X, ELV431, ELV451I, ELV471, ELV472B, ELVI451F, ELVI461B, ELVI461I, ELVI461N, FN52B, GS45-3VI, GS62-2CN, GSB4080E, GSI4210, GSI6210, GSI6310XL, GSV4050E, GSV4220, GSV6050E, GSV6110, GSV6220, GSV6320XL, IG60521B2, JLDWS907, KAB45-1, KLS01-2, KLS02IL, KLS1256B, KLS1256S, KLS51B, KLS51S, KLSAX52-1, KLSB30-1, KLSN31-1, KLSX33-1, KLVS30EB, KLVS32X, KLVS50EB, KLVS51NE, KLVS52X, KM45FI, KM45SI, KM60FI, KM60SI, KS45-2, KS45-3T, KS60-2, KS60-3T, LLI6057, LS12B, LS12N, LS12X, LS19-2, LS19-3, LS19-7, LS40C-1, LS40C-2, LS4647XH7, LS6002X-1, LS6147XH7, LS645XSA, LSA1257BE, LSA1257LB, LSA12XPQ, LSA14X, LSA14X7, LSA447B, LSA447X, LSA449B, LSA449X, LSA451B, LSA453B, LSA4547B, LSA4547X, LSA4548XD, LSA4549B, LSA4549G, LSA4549X, LSA4551B, LSA4551G, LSA4552B, LSA4645B, LSA4645X, LSA4645X7, LSA4647G, LSA4647X, LSA4647X7, LSA4647XH, LSA4649B, LSA4650B, LSA4745B, LSA4745X, LSA4845B, LSA4845G, LSA4845X, LSA6045X, LSA6047B, LSA6047G, LSA6047X, LSA6049B, LSA6049BD, LSA6049X, LSA6050B, LSA6051B, LSA612G, LSA6143B, LSA6143X, LSA6143X7, LSA6145B, LSA6145G, LSA6145N, LSA6145X, LSA6145X7, LSA6147B, LSA6147BD, LSA6147BH, LSA6147X, LSA6147X7, LSA6147XH, LSA6148B, LSA6149B, LSA614G, LSA614X7, LSA6151B, LSA6245B, LSA6245G, LSA6245N, LSA6245X, LSA6246B, LSA6246G, LSA6246X, LSA6248B, LSA6248G, LSA624G, LSA643BPQ, LSA643XPQ, LSA647B, LSA647X, LSA649B, LSA649X, LSA650B, LSA651B, LSA651BD, LSA653B, LSA653E, LSA653PE, LSA657BE, LSAP6245X, LSAP6248X, LSAP6251G, LSB01-2, LSB03-1, LSB05-1, LSB05S, LSE1004EB, LSE3004BA, LSE3004TA, LSG62, LSG62S, LSG63, LSG63X, LSP1449B, LSP1449N, LSP1449X, LSP1453B, LSP1453N, LSP1453X, LSP653B, LSP653B1, LSP653N, LSP653N1, LSP653X, LSP653X1, LSPX1253, LT45, LVF10B, LVF53B, LVF610B, LVF612X, LVF612X7, LVF613G, LVF613X, LVF649B, LVF650B, LVF651B, LVF652B, LVIN12, LVS1249B, LVS1251B, LVS1251B1, LVS1251N, LVS1251S, LVS1251X1, LVS1255B, LVS1255B1, LVS1255S, LVS1255S1, LVS1256B, LVS1256S, LVS1257B, LVS1257B1, LVS1257S, LVS1257S1, LVS1447X, LVS1449B, LVS1449N, LVS1449X, LVS1453B, LVS1453N, LVS1453X, LVS1559BE, LVS4107X, LVS4109B, LVS450B, LVS450B1, LVS450B2, LVS450N, LVS450N1, LVS450N2, LVS450X, LVS450X1, LVS450X2, LVS450X7, LVS452B, LVS452B1, LVS452X, LVS452X1, LVS454B, LVS454B1, LVS454X, LVS454X1, LVS456B, LVS60ELMN, LVS649B, LVS649B1, LVS649N, LVS649N1, LVS649X, LVS649X1, LVS653B, LVS653B1, LVS653N, LVS653N1, LVS653X, LVS653X1, LVS655B, LVS655B1, LVS655EG, LVS655N, LVS655N1, LVS655X, LVS655X1, LVS657B, LVS657SI, LVS657SI1, LVS949X1, LVS953X1, LVW1257, LVX1255, LX1253, PI2003X, PI2003X-1, PK121EB, PK121NE, PK121X, PK123EB, PK123NE, PK123X, PK144EB, PK144NE, PK144X, PL108EB, PL108NE, PL108X, PL1107EB, PL1107EB1, PL1107NE, PL1107NE1, PL1107X, PL1107X1, PL1107X7, PL1108NE, PL1108X, PL1123EB, PL1123NE, PL1123X, PL1123X7, PL113EB, PL113NE, PL113X, PL1144EB, PL1144NE, PL1144X, PL1144X7, PL1145NE, PL1145X, PL1145X7, PL115NE, PL115X, PL123EB, PL123NE, PL123X, PL144EB, PL144NE, PL144X, PL145EB, PL145NE, PL145X, PL148NE, PL148X, PL19-2, PL19-3, PL19-4, PL19-7, PL19X-3, PL19X-4, PL19X-7, PL2006X, PL300KX, PL4107NE1, PL4107X, PL45XME, PL4648XD7, PL60XME, PL60XME1, PL6148XD7, PL614WH, PL614WH-1, PL614X, PL614X-1, PL623X, PL623X-1, PL648GSA, PL663WH, PL663X, PL663X-1, PL673WH, PL673X, PL700KX, PL700KX1, PL700X, PL8210X, PL8210X-1, PL8210X-2, PL823X, PL8605WTD, PL8605X, PL8605X7, PL8605X8, PL8605XT7, PL8605XTD, PL945X-2, PL945X-3, PL95EB, PL95NE, PL961-3, PL961D-2, PL961DEB2, PL961DX-2, PL961EB-3, PL961X-3, PL984EB-2, PLA447B, PLA447N, PLA447X, PLA451B, PLA451N, PLA451X, PLA4546X, PLA4550B, PLA4550N, PLA4550X, PLA4550XD, PLA4645X, PLA4645X7, PLA4648B, PLA4648N, PLA4648X, PLA4648X7, PLA4648XD, PLA4745B, PLA4745N, PLA4745X, PLA6045B, PLA6045N, PLA6045X, PLA6047B, PLA6047N, PLA6047X, PLA6047X7, PLA6049XD, PLA6051B, PLA6051N, PLA6051X, PLA612X, PLA613X, PLA6143B, PLA6143N, PLA6143X, PLA6143X7, PLA6145B, PLA6145N, PLA6145X, PLA6145X7, PLA6147G, PLA6147X7, PLA6148B, PLA6148G, PLA6148N, PLA6148X7, PLA6148XD, PLA615X7, PLA6245B, PLA6245N, PLA6245X, PLA6246B, PLA6246N, PLA6246X, PLA6248B, PLA6248N, PLA6248X, PLA6248X7, PLA6348B, PLA6348N, PLA6348X, PLA6348XD, PLA643XPQ, PLA647B, PLA647N, PLA647X, PLA649B, PLA649N, PLA649X, PLA651B, PLA651BD, PLA651N, PLA651ND, PLA651X, PLA651XD, PLA653B, PLA653N, PLA653X, PLA8645X, PLA8743X, PLA8743X7, PLB653BD, PLB653ND, PLB653XD, SA4510X, SA4510X1, SA5563WH, SA614W, SA614X, SA614X-1, SA623WH, SA623X, SA623X-1, SA626X, SA628WH, SA628X, SA628X-1, SA663WH, SA663WH-1, SA663X, SA663X-1, SA673BK, SA673WH, SA673X, SA683X, SA683X-1, SA683X-2, SA8200X, SA8210BI, SA8210W, SA8210W-1, SA8210X, SA8210X-1, SA8211X, SA8211X-2, SA8211XWS, SA823X, SA8600X, SA8605BI, SA8605W, SA8605WTD, SA8605X, SA8605X7, SA8605X8, SA8605XT7, SA8605XT8, SA8605XTD, SA945W-2, SA945W-3, SA945X-2, SA945X-3, SA945X7, SD947P, SDCY66, SDCY66-1, SDCY66X1, SNZ2003W, SNZ2003X, SNZ2004W, SNZ2004X, SNZ414IS, SNZ414S, SNZ442S, SNZ614X, SNZ642IS1, SNZ642IS2, SNZ642IS3, SNZ642S-1, SNZ642S-2, SNZ642S-3, SNZ642W-1, SNZ642W-2, SNZ642W-3, SNZ643IS, SNZ643S, SNZ643S-1, SNZ643S7, SNZ653S, SNZ693IS, SNZ693S, SNZ693S7, ST107, ST108, ST1105, ST1107, ST1107S, ST1108, ST1108S, ST111, ST111E, ST112, ST112-1, ST112-2, ST1123, ST1123S, ST1123S-1, ST1124, ST1124S, ST1124S-1, ST1125, ST1125-1, ST113S, ST114, ST1144, ST1144S, ST1145, ST1145S, ST1146, ST1146SE, ST114S, ST115S, ST116S, ST12, ST122, ST123, ST124, ST143, ST144, ST145, ST146, ST147, ST147AT, ST148, ST149, ST14XSA, ST1FABNE, ST1FABP, ST1FABR, ST1FABRO, ST212, ST214, ST4, ST4105, ST4106, ST4107, ST4108, ST5, ST648SA, ST663, ST663-1, ST663-2, ST693, ST693-1, ST8605, ST8605-1, ST863, ST863S, ST864S, ST865, ST865S, ST868, ST93P, ST95-1, ST970EK, ST996-1, ST997, ST997-1, STA12XPQ, STA14X, STA14X7, STA445, STA447, STA451, STA4546, STA4550, STA4550D, STA4552, STA4645, STA4648, STA4648A, STA4648D, STA4745, STA4845, STA4846, STA6043, STA6045, STA6045BE, STA6047, STA6049D, STA6051, STA612, STA613, STA6143, STA6145, STA6147, STA6148, STA6148D, STA6149D, STA6149D1, STA6245, STA6246, STA6248, STA6248D, STA6249, STA643PQ, STA645Q, STA645S, STA647, STA649, STA653, STA653D, STA8614X, STA8614X7, STA8645, STA8647, STA8743, STA8743PQ, STA8745, STA945-2, STA945-3, STB453, STC75, STC75NZ, STG1, STG2, STG3, STH903, STH905, STL827A, STL827B, STL867A, STLA828A, STLA828B, STLA868A, STMW10, STMW24A, STMW24S, STMW25S, STMW26, STO903, STO903-1, STO905, STO905-1, STO905SA, STX1-3, STX1-4, STX1-5, STX1C, STX20-2, STX2-2, STX2-3, STX2C, STX2C7, STX2DK, STX2L, STX2LA, STX2P, STX2SA, STX4-3, STX45-3, STX45S, STX643, STX6L, STX6S, STX6S1, TDS45, UKSTX1-1, UKSTX2-1, UKSTX2-2, UKSTX4-1, UKSTX45-1, UPOD450, UPOD452, VIS-1, WDI6043, WF710-2, WF711, WF715-2, WF720, WS60-1, WT1105, WT112, WT112-1, WT112-2, WT1123, WT1123-1, WT1123-2, WT1124, WT1125, WT1125-1, WT12, WT122, WT144, WT95-1

Whirlpool Dishwasher

A-126, BR812, DW12, DW6006, DW867X(LI), DW897X(LI), DWN17X, DWN17X(NZ), DWN21, DWN21-1, DWN28B, DWN28BX, DWN28S-S(NZ), DWN28S-S.1, DWN28X, DWN28X(NZ), DWN31, DWN31BX, DWN38L, DWN38LX, DWN38S, DWN41, DWN41BK, DWN41BX(BK), DWN49X, DWN51, DWN51BX, FR1200, GSA302-1CN, GSA302-1SW, GSA302B, GSA302B-1, GSA302CN, GSA302CNNEW, GSA302SW, GSA302SWNEW, GSA302W, GSA302W-1, GSA302WNEW, GSA602-1CN, GSA602B, GSA602B-1, GSA602CN, GSA602CNNEW, GSA602SW, GSA602SW-1, GSA602SWNEW, GSA602W, GSA602W-1, GSA602WNEW, KDW39X(NZ), LL4000Q, PGS6, PSG6.1(IX), PSG6.1-1BK, PSG6.1-1BR, PSG6.1-1WH, PSG6.1BK, PSG6.1BR, PSG6.1WH, RDW1217, RDW1217G, RDW1221, RDW1221F, RDW1238D, RDW1241F, VOG914-1

Whirlpool Washing Machine

HL428TPP, LRE400Q, LRI600Q

More Information
Further Description

250V 50/60Hz 16A 0,1µF - temperature max 40°C

Alternate Part Number C00065987, 252009, 252011, 252012, 813410341, 482000029761, 482000029761, C00065987, C00143383, 91200489, 91200192, 91200489, 91200192, 91200489, 813410489, 482000029761, 91200192, 91200489, D068001
Manufacturer Low Cost Spare Parts
Genuine Part Alternative

   Dishwasher Spare Parts

As with all appliances, when looking for a spare part for your dishwasher we recommend strongly that the first thing you should do is locate down the proper model number for your dishwasher. We advise you not to trust the user guide or manual as all too often these will be generic and cover a range of dishwashers and not just the particular dishwasher that you own.

For most dishwashers you will normally find the rating plate inside the oven door or on the lip of the door opening of the dishwasher. It is not unknown but far from common for the rating plate to be found anywhere else.

With this you can then search for the model number and find any parts that we have tagged to fit that particular dishwasher, including both genuine spare parts as well as any low cost compatible spares that might be available.

  Finding Dishwasher Spare Parts

We generally list spare parts that have been asked for or used by the engineers and not ones that have not.

There are reasons that we operate this way, the first is that if it has been used once then it is likely that the spare part will be needed again and it limits the items tagged to each model to a manageable level making it easier to find the spare parts needed.

Cleverly though, it also saves people from seeing hundreds of irrelevant results and only shows dishwasher parts that we know fail and have been used, not parts that are almost never required.

This means that we rely on our customers to tell us what breaks and why we ask that, if you are having trouble finding a dishwasher spare part, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you with the relevant information to help you. Often, we will also be able to offer alternative parts that in many cases may save you money.

Please use email or the contact page to get in touch as that way we can send you images, diagrams and any other files or information that might just help you repair your dishwasher as cheaply and as quickly as possible.

It is very common for people to order the wrong part please, don't be hasty in ordering parts as it is at times a very, very precise thing to do and if you go one step wrong, you'll get the wrong part!

This is a hassle and inconvenience to you obviously but, it makes our life harder as well and can prove costly to all.

We want you to get the right part, the first time.

Please have a look at this guide on finding the correct spare parts and if you've any doubt at all, just ask. We'll answer you quickly and accurately saving you time, hassle and money most often.


If you are not sure if this will fit or, which spare part that it is you need then please contact us before you order and we will be only too happy to assist you.


Component parts may vary in shape and size to the images shown as parts are model specific and subject to change or alteration at any time without notice. This spare part will only fit the models as described in the listing unless specifically advised otherwise by ourselves.

Also note that many dishwasher spare parts and components can, depending on the model, be used in different positions, be different sizes, mouldings and more so please, take care when ordering and don't rely solely on images as they pretty much all look the same!

Read why this is important here

  Technical And Fault Help

If you need help to track down a fault or try to work out what a fault or error code is telling you then please ask in the forums for assistance.

This is a free service that is available to all and you can access the forums from this link

In there you can get free advice and help from appliance repair technicians who will, if they can, assist you with nailing down what the problem with you r appliance might be.

This service is completely free to use and we do not send you emails etc, share your details or anything else. It is purely there as a free service to help people.


Low cost spare partsLow cost compatible spare parts are not generic spare parts, they are quite different and fall into several different categories. This means that with some, care must be taken to ensure you get the most appropriate replacement part to suit you.

The most common that we use here is the exact same part as the manufacturer used only from a different source. Most commonly this is as the brand that has its name on the front of the appliance you own will almost certainly not have made all the components themselves so, with a bit of clever sourcing, you can often get exactly the same part but cheaper from elsewhere, even from another manufacturer just using a different part number.

  Save Money On Spare Parts

The savings to be made in some cases are very substantial, in others, it may less and with some not be worth the bother and normally if this is the case we don't even list the compatible.

Another reason for a compatible part being available is more tricky, a part that has been produced specifically as a replica as it is a common or popular part. The simple truth is, some of these are good and some bad with some of the bad ones being extremely cheap indeed but, not very good almost in equal measure.

We do try to weed out these parts, the ones that really aren't worth buying if you ask us and not even list them but for a few, we have for some basic reasons.

The primary one is that people get the idea when they see parts that cheap on certain auction sites and suchlike that these are a bargain and, they are, just not a good one as the part is liable to fail again, often quickly. Sellers on many sites don't care about this, we do so we will tell you not to buy these parts, we will sell them but we are happy to tell you it's a bad idea and why.

If there's no warning about the quality then it means that we have not had any issues with this particular replacement, even if it's not from exactly the same source.

  Obsolete Spare Parts

Another common reason for using compatible parts is that the original is no longer available and an alternative may be the only option available or, a universal spare part.

We are confident on the parts we sell like this as we have a simple yardstick to judge them by that many do not or cannot, we're field service engineers, if we wouldn't fit it then we don't expect our customers to fit them either if the replacement part is inferior.

  Fault Finding

For help with fault finding, diagnostics, fault codes and other technical assistance please use our forums where you can get help and advice from field technicians totally free.

You can access the forums from this link

Spare parts help and support forums where you can get help and advice from us about parts for washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Spare Parts Help

We can assist you directly with identifying spare parts for your  appliance from our support help desk via email and you will also find lots of information to help you locating model numbers, product codes and more across many pages on the site. And advice on how to find compatible and alternative parts.

You can also email us on or use the live chat (the blue button below right).

We aim to answer you quickly, normally during the week the longest you will weait for a response is an hour at most but, often we're answering you in minutes.

If you are unsure if a part will fit your  model or you want to confirm any details, just get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.


Appliance help and support forums where you can talk to actual domestic appliance engineers about washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Help From Experts

Get help from  repair experts in our forums, a totally free to use service we provide to all.

Talk to engineers that repair applainces and get support from there with diagnosing faults and repair advice.

To use this function simply login or regiter on the forum, select the forum for the appliance you need help with (for example, washing machine forum for a washing machine question), post your question and, if someone can help you they will do so.


Find a domestic appliance service engineer to repair your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, oven, fridge or any other major domestic appliance

Get A Repair

Find a local approved service engineer to repair your  appliance with no charges to you for the use of this service.

Deal directly with the field service technicians that repair  appliances and cut out the middlemen.


More help, advice and information on how you can repair your own washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

More Repair Information To Help You

Find out more about how to repair your appliance and much more from the self help section of our website

We have a huge number of help articles that cover the most common issues and problems with most appliances that you can use to help diagnose the cause of many problems yourself

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We are going to get any part/s your order to you as fast as we possibly can.

We use a variety of means to do that but we also give you, the customer, the choice of how fast you want the transit time to be as well as the features and convenience levels that suit you on delivery so, there are options. There is a lot of information here on how we do this and an explanation of the choice you have as well as the impact of each in speed and cost as we are very open and transparent.

Orders placed outwith our normal business hours will not be shipped until the next working day and are subject to stock availability.

Please be aware that we show availability and that we do not display live stock levels online.

What we do is give an average here based on where parts are and typically take to ship as well as an average of transit times based on how people order parts so these can vary depending largely on the shipping method that we allow you to select depending on your own individual needs.

The estimated normal time that an item will take to reach you (excluding weekends and public holidays) is indicated on every listing at the top of the listing in orange with the truck next to it, an explanation of these is as follows:

1 to ** Days: Normally a UK stock item and usually dispatched the same or next working day but some items may take a little longer depending on where the stock is.

3 to ** Days: Usually a UK/EU stocked item but may have a longer lead time, for clarification of the time please contact us before ordering and we will advise further if required.

* to ** Days: Variable lead times that are based on normal order supply times, often parts that do not have a “1 to“ at the start will ordinarily be factory or custom order items and we would ask that you please allow the time indicated for your order to arrive with you. Please note that these items are specially ordered upon request that is not normally stocked therefore cannot be ordinarily returned, this does not affect your statutory rights.

Again, please note that your chosen delivery method may affect the delivery time to both shorten and lengthen that delivery time and that these estimates apply to UK mainland orders only. The faster delivery method that you choose, the lower on that estimated delivery time you will likely receive the items ordered.

If you need clarification or a more accurate lead time please contact us for assistance on that and we will do our utmost to provide that as our estimated lead times are based on normal stock availability, average lead times, average shipping times and this can vary depending on shipping methods etc.

Our standard delivery charges are quoted online when you place an order on the checkout page and are determined by weight, size and method so can alter based on those parameters.

Large (oversized/overweight) items (panels, dishracks, cooktops, tubs, drums, etc.) may incur additional shipping fees, especially when off the mainland UK.

Our estimated delivery times do not apply to international or offshore orders, only to UK mainland addresses and delivery times to more rural areas may vary depending on the service used.

Delivery times can vary at times of very high volumes, such as Christmas period and also due to bad weather etc and at such times deliveries, regardless of service used, may not happen as normal.

Please do understand that manufacturers can change specifications, pricing and delivery times without notice and we do try to take account of this as best we can but we cannot absolutely guarantee these things when outside of our control.

  Order Transit Times

If the item you have ordered is in stock and the order is placed before 3.00 pm Monday to Friday then we will endeavour to dispatch the order on the same day. Subsequent delivery times are usually between 1-3 working days depending on the service you have chosen, the time your order is placed and stock availability.

If an item is required for a guaranteed next-day delivery please contact us in advance to check that this is possible

Please note that the times given can be subject to availability, however, more than 98% of all orders are delivered on or faster than the estimated times. And that especially busy times, adverse weather and so on that shipping can be slower than normal.

Economy courier Service

Delivery by HermesOrders placed before 3pm on working days will normally dispatch within 24 hours depending on stock availability by Evri (Hermes).

Most orders are expected to reach UK postcodes in 1-4 business days from dispatch using this service.

Premium Delivery

Delivery by premium DPD serviceYour order will receive priority handling and packing and be normally be delivered the next working day after dispatch using DPD, UPS or Royal Mail Special Delivery for smaller items where with DPD or UPS you also have the ability to change the delivery address with DPD (may cause delay), times and so on, services that are not available on other carrier options.

This option does get the items to you as fast as we can make that happen within the confines of where the stock is held etc.

Please note that on large or bulky items, this may be the only option available due to restrictions on other services on both sizes and weights.

Economy Services

Royal Mail deliver service

Most orders are expected to reach UK postcodes in 1-15 business days from dispatch depending on the service level selected.

* Royal Mail postal service - This is not a guaranteed next day service, Royal Mail aim to deliver 85% of 1st Class mail items the next working day after posting but this can take longer. Economy services are slower than this and can take several working days to arrive.

Whilst we have tried our best to cover the most common questions here, there are some product and location-specific exceptions that may also result in additional charges. If this is the case, then a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss the various options before the item is dispatched.

Should you have any delivery queries, please get in touch with a member of our team at

Please do not arrange to have a tradesman on site until after your goods have arrived and you have checked them (We will not pay your tradesman's costs in the event that the item is damaged in transit or not suitable for any reason).

The products you order will be delivered by one of our contracted couriers: Royal Mail, Hermes or DPD/Interlink Express. When the item is dispatched you will receive an email with additional delivery information where available.


Returns can be sent back to us and we want to make this as easy as possible for you but please follow the instructions here to ensure your requirements are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us at should you wish to return any item.

Please disclose the reason for returning the item along with details of your order number.

It is important that you do not damage or deface the original packaging of any of the products being returned as this may affect our ability to provide any refund.

Please do not return items without first contacting us and receiving instruction on the returns address as this can vary depending on the item(s) being returned. Failure to do so may result in delay or loss which you may be responsible for.


Please contact us on within 24 hours of delivery to report any damage.

To deal with damages quickly please send us a brief description of the damage and include a photograph where possible as this will speed the process up considerably.

Please note we will not accept any liability where freight forwarding is used for damage or loss.

  Return of Faulty Goods

You should open all boxes carefully and thoroughly check the goods for damage on the day of delivery and notify us of any damage within 24 hours of the delivery. If we are not notified of damage within 24 hours we are unable to claim from either the manufacturer or the carrier and you may be liable and unable to claim for damage.

If a product is faulty you can return it to UK Whitegoods for an exchange or refund.

Returned items are always inspected and tested, please note that should we determine that the product is not faulty you may not receive a refund for that item and you may be charged any delivery and collection costs we incur.

  Return of Non-Faulty Goods

At UK Whitegoods we are determined to go to every length to ensure that you are a happy customer. If however, the event arises that you wish to cancel your order, then you may do so in accordance with the provisions below.

You can cancel your contract before delivery, and up to 14 days after delivery. To do this, please email us or raise a support ticket, you cannot do this on the phone or live chat.

It will speed up the returns process if you can also provide a brief explanation of your reason for cancellation and order number. We will refund your money, excluding postage charges, within 14 days of receiving the item(s) back.

Any returns must be received by us within fourteen days of instruction or authorisation to return the item(s).

If you cancel, you must return the goods to us at your own expense. You are responsible for the risk of loss or damage when you return goods, so you should take out enough postal insurance to cover their value.

It is recommended that - for your own protection - you should send the products back to UK Whitegoods per our instructions using recorded delivery so you have proof of delivery. Additionally, it is the customer's responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods during the cancellation period and we would, therefore, recommended the product(s) are returned with the original packaging in good condition to avoid the products being damaged on the return journey.

If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods before they are returned to us, and this results in damage or deterioration, we will charge you for the reduction in value or the return may not be authorised.

If you wish to make a return please note that we cannot accept returns if:

  • The products have been used, personalised or customised in any way.
  • The products have been fitted for fault finding purposes, we will deem it to have been used.
  • The product/s were custom special order only items.
Some, not all it varies on a case by case basis, special order items can be returned but to do so will incur costs, typically restocking fees charged by manufacturers etc and those can be hefty so it is as always better to check suitability before ordering.

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