We will try to get any part/s you order you as fast as we possibly can but some of that can be determined by how you order them as well as what they are.

On every item we sell you will see an estimated average delivery window.

We use this to give people some indication of how Long delivery will take in reality but the lower end of those ETAs is usually on the faster delivery platforms whilst the higher end tends to be the cheaper but lower cost ways.

We do not know how badly or quickly that you need a part and we want to allow customers the freedom to choose what they wish both on cost and speed, hence we offer these options to you.

Please do note that on factory order items that we cannot speed up the time between ordering and arrival in the UK however, once parts come under our control then the chosen shipping method will apply.

But in the end, we will get it done as fast as is possible.

  Dispatch Times

Normally dispatch of stock items is made the same or next working day.

We do also use numerous storage locations and sadly cannot hold every spare part of the tens of thousands available from scores of manufacturers in stock at all times in one location. This means that on occasion we will have to transfer stock from one location to another before dispatch but all items will be dispatched as quickly as possible.

Where there is any significant delay that we know or are advised of, we will inform you and allow you to either wait for the part or cancel for a full refund as soon as we possibly can.

  • Please pay attention to the estimated lead times on product pages as some spare parts are special factory orders (non-returnable) and can take some time to arrive!

  Holiday Periods & Other

Around Christmas and some other holiday periods as well as large events such as Black Friday, deliveries both inbound and outbound can be subject to disruption that is outwith our control and, at such times we strongly recommend that economy delivery services are not used where a spare part or any other time may be required within a set timeframe.

Please note that many manufacturers also close at periods through the year, generally in the autumn and again over the festive holidays that can lead to delays at these times.

Any delays at these periods are normally due to distribution services and are sadly unavoidable during these periods however it will normally affect only a few orders and wherever possible we will advise of any delay should it occur with your order.

Through the holiday periods, we operate normal service on all non-bank holiday days and doing our utmost to ensure that all orders are shipped as quickly as possible.

Also at times of inclement weather such as snow, ice etc deliveries can be delayed beyond the control of ourselves and all carriers. Terms for such instances is built into the shipping terms for each but the upshot and outcome for ourselves and our customers are the same whereby that, in effect, there is no responsibility for delays caused by such instances and high volumes by any of the carriers.

Obviously, we do our level best to mitigate such instances and advise accordingly but it is the case that circumstance may on occasion be complete outwith our control and we would ask that people try to plan in advance around these periods or understand where it is exceptional circumstances.

  Customer Choice

UK Whitegoods offers a range of delivery options that all have their own pros and cons as well as varying levels of service and differing price points.

By offering delivery this way we are able to allow you to judge what suits you best for any particular item in the level of service, track and trace, features and of course cost.

  Delivery Using Economy Shipping

Please note that this service is not prioritised in any way, it is sent using the most practical and lowest-cost methods. Therefore, it will be slower to dispatch normally and, especially so during busy periods and will take longer in transit. It is not recommended for items that are required quickly.

Tracking on this service is not normally available.

This service should only be used where there is no urgency and you do not need to track an item.

  Economy Courier Service

Economy courier services are provided by Evri.

Typically from the day of dispatch, this will take 1-3 days however most packages will be delivered within 48 hours and this service comes with complimentary insurance covering loss or damage. This can vary by area though and it can take longer, especially in more remote areas.

For most spare parts that are not absolutely urgent, this is the service we recommend as it can be tracked, it is a signed-for service and has many advantages over standard Royal Mail services for very little extra cost if any as it often proves to be cheaper.

Delivery Using Premium Service

For premium courier services, we normally will use Interlink/DPD, UPS or Royal Mail Special Delivery, which will deliver Mon-Fri during normal business hours however in more remote areas other services may be used. We will use the most appropriate service to get the item/s to you as quickly as we possibly can and orders using this service does get it a priority through the entire process.

  • To ensure the safe delivery of your order courier services will require a signature upon delivery for most packages

If they cannot get a signature they will not leave the package but will return it to the local depot where you can call and have redelivery or collection arranged.

These services are excellent and offer you text and/or email updates to track your order, anticipated delivery time and more but sadly it does cost more.

After dispatch, like Royal Mail, the delivery address cannot be altered.

Couriers do not deliver on Bank Holidays or at the weekend without incurring a significant premium.

  Estimated Delivery Times

Most items in our store have an estimated delivery date on the listing. This is the estimated time for the item to be delivered to you from the point of order in working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays and are often better than indicated.

The exception is certain manufacturers' products that are not stocked in the UK.

Notably, Liebherr, Amica and Lofra spares are often ordered from the factory and can take several weeks to arrive, we are not given guaranteed delivery times or dates and there is normally no way to track these factory orders. Whilst we give the best indication possible in our listings it is not possible to be completely accurate in some cases as spare part orders can, on occasion, take longer to arrive in the UK.

  Spare Parts & Other Goods Collection

If required spares can be collected from our Kilmarnock offices by arrangement.

  • Please check that we have stock available in the Kilmarnock warehouse before travelling!

Should you require to collect a spare part it is not a problem but we do ask that you please inform us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can arrange to have the spare part available when you call. This is simply as we have several distribution points and it may not always be that stock of a particular part is held in the Kilmarnock warehouse.

  Shipping Costs

Our philosophy on shipping costs is very simple, we charge no more than it costs us to package items and to ship them.

In order to simplify for customers, our charges are tiered based on weight and size along with the estimated packaging required to ensure that items arrive safely. This means that fragile items that require more care in packing can cost more than similar-sized or even larger and heavier items that do not require as much packing or protection during transit.

Very large, very heavy or larger orders may be upgraded to courier delivery service at no extra charge as this can often be the cheapest and, sometimes the only way, to send such orders.

This means that our shipping charges are relatively transparent and allow us to show the cost to you along with offering you the choice of how you want an item shipped using the methods as shown above.

Meaning that if an item is not urgent for example, you can opt for an economy service and balance that while it may take longer to arrive, the saving on shipping cost is more important. Or, you may require an item quicker so you can choose a better and faster service.

To get live shipping charges simply add any items you require to your basket and go to your cart. On that page, there is a shipping cost calculator on the bottom right of the cart page that will calculate the rate for you.

**Please note we will not accept any liability where freight forwarding is used for damage or loss.

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