Universal Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning
This section contains floor cleaning fluids, sprays and stain removers and powders such as Zorb and various carpet shampoos etc.. If you have trouble finding or can’t identify the spare part you require or you need more help please contact us and we will assist you to find the correct dishwasher part you need. Or for technical queries please use our vacuum cleaner forum to get free help and advice from engineers that repair hoovers

We are still shipping as quickly as possible all the spare parts that we can during this difficult period. Orders wherever possible will ship as normal but delivery times may vary, please allow extra time for delivery.

For up to date information on how this is affecting the industry please see the news item here

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  1. QUAVAC502 1 Litre Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
    1 Litre Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

    Special shampoo for all wet and dry vacuum cleaners for use washing both carpets and upholstery with a lemon fragrance

    Learn More
  2. Dyson Dyzolv Stain Remover for Carpets and Rugs
    Dyson Dyzolv Stain Remover
    A very highly rated cleaner from Dyson that has four active agents remove spots and spills from carpets and rugs Learn More
  3. 46UN10 Air Freshener Pellets
    Air Freshener Pellets
    Handy little pellets you just pop in the bag to keep the air coming out your cleaner smelling a bit better as well as helping to kill dust mites Learn More
  4. Sebo Duo P Clean Box Carpet Cleaning Powder
    Sebo Duo P Clean Box Carpet Cleaning Powder
    SEBO duo-P all-in-one carpet cleaning powder is an easy and convenient way of cleaning and protecting your carpets Learn More
  5. 90391409 Dyson Zorb Carpet Cleaning Powder
    Dyson Zorb Carpet Cleaning Powder
    Dyson Dry Zorb Powder suitable for all makes and models of vacuum cleaner Learn More
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Finding Universal spare parts for cleaners or hoovers can be hard as they are often very specific to a model or even a production run, even if they look alike and are about the same sizes it doesn't mean that they are correct.

Please see this page for general help in how to get the correct Universal spare parts that you need.

If you need help to find a spare part please ask for assistance as we're only too happy to help you.

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