Most of the parts we sell carry a twelve-month guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship. In the unlikely event of component failure please contact our technical department by e-mail to to confirm the fault and if appropriate arrange the return of the faulty item(s) for testing and repair/replacement.

Please do understand that we are unable to supply replacement spare parts under warranty without the old item/s being returned for inspection to ascertain if it is problem with the part or an external cause. We are unable to issue replacement until we have inspected the alleged faulty item/s.

You are responsible for the safe return of the goods for inspection as it is an RTB (Return To Base) warranty.

Please note that glass, bulbs, plastics, ceramics and lighting elements etc are not covered by any warranty.

Please do bear in mind that spare parts rarely fail and, should they fail shortly after replacement then there is almost certainly another underlying cause of that failure. Without identifying the reason it is highly probable (99%+) that any replacement will fail again in the same or similar manner.

You can learn more about how warranties work in the spare parts industry more in-depth from this article:


We do not accept any liability for incorrect spare parts supplied or any value greater the transactional value of the order.

UK Whitegoods shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss to the purchaser which results from delayed delivery of spare parts or other goods.

Please do not arrange to have a tradesman on site until after your goods have arrived and you have checked them because, as per the above, we will not pay your tradesman's costs in the event that the item is damaged in transit or not suitable for any reason.

We will obviously do our utmost to ensure that any issues are resolved in any event to the best of our ability.

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