Bosch Water Valves

Water Valves
Water vales and Aquastop water valves for Bosch dishwashers including built in and integrated Bosch dishwashers. Please do be careful when ordering and Bosch water valves tend to be range and, on occasion, model specific and they may have special connectors or fittings specific to certain models.

If you have any trouble finding or can’t identify the Bosch water valve you require for your Bosch dishwasher or you need more help please contact us and we will happily assist you find the correct part for your Bosch dishwasher.

For Bosch technical help please use our dishwasher forum to get free advice from technicians that repair Bosch dishwashers.

We are shipping orders as quickly as possible all the spare parts that we can during this difficult period. Orders where possible will ship as normal but delivery times may vary due to the pandemic and freight issues etc, please allow extra time for delivery.

For up to date information on how this is affecting the industry please see the news item here

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  1. 00357038 Dishwasher Fill Hose & Valve Complete
    Dishwasher Fill Hose And Valve Complete
    Aquastop anti flood and leak protection fill hose complete with the Aquastop fill valve fitted to fit the range of dishwashers shown Learn More
  2. 00167025 Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve
    Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve
    Solenoid water inlet have to fit dishwashers including some integrated and built in dishwashers Learn More
  3. 00263789 Dishwasher Aquastop Fill Valve
    Dishwasher Aquastop Fill Valve

    Genuine replacement dishwasher aquastop safety fill valve to fit dishwasher models

    Learn More
  4. 00091058 Dishwasher Aqua Stop Fill Valve
    Dishwasher Aqua Stop Fill Valve

    Aqua stop Bitron type fill valve to fit popular dishwasher models including some built in or integrated dishwashers

    Learn More
  5. 00166875 Dishwasher Regeneration Valve
    Dishwasher Regeneration Valve

    Regneration valve used on the salt chamber or water softener in many popular dishwasher models

    Learn More
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Finding Bosch dishwasher parts can be hard as they are often very specific to a model or even a production run, even if they look alike.

Please see this page for general help in how to get the correct Bosch dishwasher spare parts that you need.

If you need help with any Bosch spare part please ask for assistance as we're only too happy to help you.

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