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Indesit spares for fridge, freezer and fridge freezer models that do not fit into any of the current major sections that we have on the site.

For Indesit technical support please use the fridge and freezer forum where you can get expert help from fridge engineers. There is also a lot more help and advice about fridge faults in the fridge and freezer help area of the website.
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  1. Ice Making Motor
    Ice Making Motor

    Ice maker motor to suit the makes and models as shown only

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  2. Electronic Air Damper Assembly
    Electronic Air Damper Assembly

    Air damper assembly that controls the flow of cold air from the freezer into the fridge on the models as shown only

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  3. C00021325 Internal Freezer Door Catch
    Internal Freezer Door Catch

    Genuine repalcement door latch or catch for the internal freezxer door of the models as shown

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  4. Door Hinge Bushing
    Door Hinge Bushing

    Internal freezer door, door hinge bush for the models as shown or only as advised otherwise

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  5. Freezer Door Handle
    Freezer Door Handle

    Freezer door handle used on the internal freezer door of the models as shown only

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  6. C00314323 Whirlpool Internal Freezer Door
    Internal Freezer Door

    Complete evaporator freezer door assembly to fit Whirlpool, Ikea, hotpoint, Indesit and CDA fridge models

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  7. 481246228545 Thermostat Housing Cam
    Thermostat Housing Cam
    Thermostat casing or housing can to fit the models as shown or as advised Learn More
  8. 481249868226 Internal Freezer Door Handle
    Internal Freezer Door Handle
    Replacement internal freezer or evaporator door handle to fit only the models as shown or as advised Learn More
  9. C00141802 Fridge Door Seal Gasket
    Fridge Door Seal Gasket

    Door seal or gasket used on the models as shown only unless advised otherwise

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  10. C00281560 Evaporator Support Bar Trim
    Evaporator Support Bar Trim

    Support bar used on the fridge freezer models as shown to support the evaporator pipework in the freezer

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Finding Indesit spare parts for fridges, freezers or fridge freezers can be hard as they are often very specific to a model or even a production run, even if they look alike and are about the same sizes it doesn't mean that they are correct.

Please see this page for general help in how to get the correct Indesit spare parts that you need.

If you need help to find any Indesit spare part please ask for assistance as we're only too happy to help you.

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