Teka Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products
Oven & cooker cleaning products that are designed to get your cooker looking as good as possible and keep it that way.

We are still shipping as quickly as possible all the spare parts that we can during this difficult period. Orders wherever possible will ship as normal but delivery times may vary, please allow extra time for delivery.

For up to date information on how this is affecting the industry please see the news item here

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  1. BKFPOWDER Bar Keepers Friend Powder
    Bar Keepers Friend Powder

    Bar Keepers Friend is one of the best cleaning products ever in our opinion and as it is so cheap it also represents amazingly good value for money

    Learn More
  2. EasyDo Powder Cleanser
    EasyDo Powder Cleanser

    Designed for occasional usage, once or twice weekly to remove stubborn burnt on deposits as well as salt and mineral stains and keep your ceramic hop top in tip to condition

    Learn More
  3. EasyDo Hobcare Cleaner Conditioner
    EasyDo Hobcare Cleaner Conditioner
    Cleaner Conditioner by Easy Do is specially formulated to clean, polish and protect Ceramic and Halogen Hobs Learn More
  4. 14UN14 Oven Cooker Base Liner
    Protective Oven & Cooker Liner
    Nifty little idea to stop grease and fat from getting baked onto the bottom of the oven and means that any spillage is easily removed Learn More
  5. 50284158008 Ceramic Hob Scraper Blades
    Ceramic Hob Scraper Blades
    A pack of ten blades specially designed to be used on ceramic hobs to scrape off food residues that have burnt onto the glass hob top Learn More
  6. 50284157000 Ceramic Hob Scraper
    Ceramic Hob Scraper
    A universal hob scraper used to clean off stubborn burnt on residues from your ceramic hob using special blades Learn More
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Finding Teka spare parts for ovens, cooker and hobs can be hard as they are often very specific to a model or even a production run, even if they look alike and are about the same sizes it doesn't mean that they are correct.

Please see this page for general help in how to get the correct Teka spare parts that you need.

If you need help to find a part for your cooker, oven or hob please ask for assistance as we're only too happy to assist you.

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