Cooker Hood Air Diverter

Genuine Part
Typically with you in 1 to 9 days
Commonly used on these brands

Cooker hood airflow adaptor to put the hood into recirculation mode, fits the models shown or ass advised

This part is only confirmed to fit the models as shown or as specifically advised and will not fit any others even if it looks the same, it probably won't be as there are several that look alike yet are not, please take time to ensure this is correct before ordering. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to contact us and ask for assistance.

Bauknecht Cooker Hood

DDG 3660 IN, DDB 3660 IN, DDB 3690 IN, DDG 3690 IN, DTR 5890/02 IN, DDS 5990 IN, DBRI 6910/IN/PT, DBRI 5810 IN, DBR 5890/01 IN PT, DBR 5890/02 IN, DBR 6990/01 IN, DBRI 6910/01 IN PT, DBR 5812/01 IN PT, DBR 6990/01 IN PT, DBR 5890/02 AL, DKR 5890/02 IN, DBR 6790 IN, DDLE 5790/1 IN, DDLI 5710/1 IN, DGM 2660 IN, DGM 2690 IN, DBRI 6910/01 IN, DBR 5890/01INPT, DDBI 5790 IN, DDG 3660/2, DDG 3690/2 IN, DDB 3660/2, DDB 3690/2, DGM 2660/2 IN, DDLE 5790 IN, DKEL 5760 IN BK, DKEL 5790 IN, DDE 5790 IN, DDE 5760 IN, DBR 6990 IXL, DBR 5890 IXL, DDB 7760 IN, DDB 7790 IN, DDLE 5890 IN, DDG 5660 IN, DDG 5690 IN, DBHBS 63 LL IX, DBHBS 92 LTI X, DBHC 92 LT X, DBHF 65 AM X, DBHF 63 LB X, DBHBS 93 LL X, DBHF 95 AM X, DBHBS 64 AM X, DBHF 93 LB X, DBHBS 94 AM X, DBHVS 82 LT K, DBHVS 81 LT K, DBHC 62 LT X, DBR 5890/02 PT, DBHBS92LTIX, DBHBS 94 LM X, DBHBS64LMX

Cooker & Lewis Cooker Hood


Elica Cooker Hood

FREE SPOT H6 LX IX A, SPOT NG 01 M20 P4T3V, FLAT GLASS M20 P4T3V, GLASS BOX ST IX A/90, ANTARTICA IX/A, CIRCUS 01 M20 P4T3V, SPOT NG 02 M20 P4T3V, CHROME ISEDS TC3I, VOGUE METAL A/100, VOGUE BLACK LEATHER, CHROME EDS IX/A/46, CHROME EDS IX/A/58, CHROME EDS IX/A/85, SPOT NG 01 M20 IXA90, SPOT NG 01 IXA60, FLAT GLASS S50 IXA60, FLAT GLASS S50 IXA90, CIRCUS 02 M20 IX/A90, SPOT NS H6 S35, SPOT H10 LX IX A/60, SPOT H10 LX AL A/902, SPOT NS H10 K42 P4T3, SPOT H10 ST IX A/90, SPOT H10 LX IX A/90, SPOT H10 ST IX A/60, ALUMINIUM Soft AL/A, SPOT NS H6 K42 PU3V, SPOT H6 LX AL A/60, SPOT H6 ST INOX A/70, SPOT NS H6 S35 PU3V, SPOT H12 LX AL A/90, SPOT H12 ST IX A/120, SPOT H12 LX IX A/120, SPOT H12 LX AL A/120, SPOT NS H12 K42 P4T3, SPOT H12 LX AL A/60, SPOT H12 LX IX A/60, SPOT H12 ST IX A/90, SPOT H12 LX IX A/90, FLAT GL. NS S40, SPOT NG 01 M20 PMBL3, CIRCUS 02 M20 PMBL3V, FLAT GLAS M20 PMBL3V, CIRCUS IX/A/70, FLAT GLAS.M20 PMBL3V, SPOT H6 ST AL A/90, SPOT H6 LX AL A/90, SPOT H6 LX IX A/60, CIRCUS IX/A/60, CIRCUS IX/A/90, SPOT H10 ST INOX A/7, SPOT H10 LX AL A/120, SPOT H10 LX IX A/120, MADDALENA TC/IX/A/90, MADDALENA TC/IX/A120, MADDALENA TC/IX/A/60, FLAT GLASS IXA/60, CHROME WALL IX/A/55, TUBE ISLAND IX/A/43, FLAT GLASS IXA/90, SPOT NG IXA/90, SPOT NG IXA/60, GALAXY WHIX/A/80, GALAXY BLIX/A/80, GALAXY BL/A/80, GALAXY WH/A/80, FARO IX/A/90, SPACE EDS DIGITAL+R, 208339404404 PRF0041, 208339404402 PRF0041, 208339404403 PRF0038, 208339404401 PRF0038, 208202704401 PRF0046, 20834576602 55915393, 208300704403 PRF0018, 208309304401 PRF0044, 208202746610 PRF0047, 208334604404 PRF0091, 208334604403 PRF0091, 208334504404 PRF0091, 208334704404 PRF0091, 208254346601 5591541, 208254346602 5591541, 208254346603 PRF0011, 208254346604 PRF0011, 208334704401 PRF0031, 208334504403 PRF0091, 208334704405 PRF0091, 208345304401 PRF0079, 208345304402 PRF0079, 208345746604 PRF0020, 208283804402 5591754, 208262504407 5591638, 208262604403 5591638, 208262704407 6811639, 208262604404 5591638, 208262704406 6811639, 208262804406 6851639, 208262804407 6851639, 208284004405 PRF0031, 208284004406 PRF0031, 208293046603 PRF0088, 208283904410 PRF0014, 208302204401 PRF0008, 208302204402 PRF0009, 208304904401 PRF0054, 208345746601 5591538, 208345746603 PRF0020, 208302004402 PRF0009, 208309304402 PRF0090, 208309204402 PRF0090, 208337804417 PRF0095, 208337804416 PRF0095, 208309204403 PRF0090, 208309304403 PRF0090, 208337804425 PRF0095, 208315604408 PRF0097, 208315604406 PRF0097, 208315604407 PRF0097, 208337804424 PRF0095, 208315604409 PRF0097, 208350704403 PRF0098, 208350704405 PRF0098, 208350704404 PRF0096, 208350704406 PRF0098, 208350704402 PRF0098, 208350704401 PRF0098, 208202904407 PRF0097, 208245304402 PRF0097, 208254204402 PRF0097, 208283904408 PRF0015, 208283904411 PRF0015, 208350746601 PRF0107, 208350746602 PRF0107, 208350746604 PRF0107, 208350746603 PRF0107, 208283904409 PRF0015, 208284004408 PRF0015, 208202904409 PRF0098, 208242504402 PRF0104, 208242504403 PRF0104, 208242504404 PRF0104, 208202904412 PRF0099, 208245304403 PRF0098, 208245504408 6931597, 208245504409 6931581, 208245504410 6931597, 208202846611 PRF0109, 208202846612 PRF0109, 208203346608 PRF0109, 208203346607 PRF0109, 208262704408 PRF0105, 208195504412 PRF0086, 208245504413 6931597, 208247904404 6931597, 208247904405 6931597, 208247904407 6931597, 208262804408 PRF0105, 208345304403 PRF0079, 208202904410 PRF0100, 208202904411 PRF0099, 208281304402 5171369, 208202904413 PRF0099, 208242504401 PRF0104, 208337804426 PRF0102, 208337804427 PRF0102, 208337804428 PRF0102, 208337804429 PRF0102, 208302261101, 208245504412 6931581, 208281304403 5171369, 208281345001 5171369, 208281345002 5171369, 208281804401 5081633, 208302204405 PRF0009, 208337804436 PRF0095, 208337804437 PRF0095, 208202746612 PRF0109, 208334704406 PRF0098, 208202746611 PRF0109, 208347904401 PRF0115, 208347904402 PRF0115, 208347904403 PRF0115, 208347904404 PRF0115, 208081340602 4751058, 208202746601 6811524, 208262504408 5591638, 208002304405 5081678, 208177504401 6421450, 208279904402 5591134, 208350704413 PRF0110, 208350704414 PRF0110, 208343304401 PRF0038, 208343304402 PRF0038, 208343304403 PRF0041, 208343304404 PRF0041, 208279904404 5591134, 208279904406 5591135, 208314004402 PRF0110, 208306304401 PRF0010, 208279904407 5591135, 208280004402 5591135, 208280404401 5591114, 208280404404 5591117, 208280404406 5591120, 208280404407 5591120, 208280504401 5591115, 208280504403 5591118, 208280804404 5591127, 208314004401 PRF0110, 208280804406 5591128, 208280904402 5591129, 208350761102 PRF0101, 208350761107 PRF0101, 208350761108 PRF0101, 208345361101 PRF0091, 208254204403 PRF0118, 208245304404 PRF0118, 208302204406 PRF0118, 208242504405 PRF0118, 208242504406 PRF0118, 208242504407 PRF0118, 208242504408 PRF0118, 208345304405 PRF0118, 208345304404 PRF0118, 208347904408 PRF0098, 208347904412 PRF0100, 208347904406 PRF0096, 208350704422 PRF0100, 208350704415 PRF0110, 208347904410 PRF0098, 208350704420 PRF0100, 208350704416 PRF0110, 208347904411 PRF0098, 208350704423 PRF0100, 208350704421 PRF0100, 208347904407 PRF0098, 208350704424 PRF0100, 208347904409 PRF0098, 208283961104 PRF0049, 208345361103 PRF0079, 208345361102 PRF0091, 208284061103 PRF0048, 208350761106 PRF0101, 208350761105 PRF0101, 208283961103 PRF0049, 208284061104 PRF0048, 208350761101 PRF0101, 208350761104 PRF0101, 208350761103 PRF0101, 208350761110 PRF0101, 208355404541PRF01011, 208343761101 PRF0113, 208343761102 PRF0113, 208242546601 PRF0118, 208243246602 PRF0118, 208350746605 PRF0107, 208350746608 PRF0107, PRF0101143A208350761, 208350746606 PRF0107, 208350746607 PRF0107, 208350704429 PRF0123, 208226404401 PRF0032, 208347904415PRF01173, 208347904416PRF01169, 208347904413PRF01174, 208347904414PRF01173, 208337804438PRF01246, 208350704435PRF01009, 208350704437PRF01105, 208350704438PRF01105, 208350704431PRF01009, 208350704432PRF01009, 208350704433PRF01009, 208350704434PRF01009, 208350704436PRF01009, 208350746609PRF01078, 208350746610PRF01078, 208350746611PRF01078, 208350746612PRF01078, 208350763817PRF01114, 208347904420PRF01242, 208347904421PRF01242, 208347904422PRF01242, 208347904423PRF01242, 857958601000PRF01263, 208202904428PRF00973, 208202904429PRF00973, 208202904430PRF00989, 208202904431PRF01002, 208245304405PRF00973, 208245304406PRF00973, 208254204405PRF00973, 208245304407PRF00988, 208254204404PRF00973, 208314004403PRF01105, 208314004404PRF01105, 208315604410PRF00971, 208315604411PRF00973, 208315604414PRF00977, 208315604415PRF00979, 208334704407PRF00988, 208347904419PRF01151, 208350704426PRF01151, 208350704427PRF01151, 208350704428PRF01151, 208202904453 PRF0099, 208262504409 5591638, 208262504410 5591638, 208262604405 5591638, 208262604406 5591638, 208262704409 PRF0105, 208334504405 PRF0091, 208262704410 6811639, 208262704411 6811639, 208262804410 6851639, 208334504406 PRF0091, 208334604405 PRF0091, 208334604406 PRF0091, 208334704408 PRF0091, 208334704409 PRF0091, 208202904451 PRF0099, 208202904452 PRF0099, 208283961101 PRF0049, 208068204401 4849918, 208350761115 PRF0101, 208262546901PRF00860, 208355404543 PRF0101, 208262546902PRF00860, 208350761117PRF01011, 208202746616 6811538, 208202946608 5591541, 208350761113PRF01011, 208343746606PRF00529, 208355404731PRF01022, 208355404732PRF01022, 208355404733PRF01022, 208355404734PRF01022, 208355404812PRF01046, 208355404813PRF01046, 208355404815PRF01046, 208355404814PRF01046, 208355404810PRF00994, 208355404811PRF00994, 208355404809PRF00994, 208355404817 5591638, 208355404799 5591638, 208355404800 5591638, 208355404803PRF00203, 208355404804PRF00203, 208355404761PRF00095, 208355404765PRF00447, 208355404766PRF00907, 208355404767PRF00907, 208355404704PRF01470, 208355404705PRF01470, 208355404588PRF01009, 208279904405 5591135, 208355404819 6811639, 208355404818 6811639, 208355404802 6851639, 208355404801 6851639, 208355404572PRF01242, 208355404571PRF01242, 208355404570PRF01242, 208355404569PRF01174, 208355404567PRF01173, 208355404566PRF01169, 208355404565PRF01105, 208355404547PRF00098, 208355404591PRF01009, 208355404816 5591638, 208355404519PRF01370, 208355404590PRF01009, 208355404589PRF01009, 208355404573PRF01242, 208355404568PRF01173, 208355404586PRF01009, 208202746615 6811524, 208202746617PRF01094, 208202746618PRF01094, 208303304401PRF01326, 208303304402PRF01326, 208202846615 6851538, 208202846616 6851542, 208202846617PRF01094, 208202846618PRF01094, 208202946609 5591541, 208203346609PRF01094, 208203346610PRF01094, 208243246605 6851703, 208355405120PRF01078, 208355405121PRF01078, 208355405122PRF01078, 208355405123PRF01078, 208355404435PRF01237, 208355404436PRF01237, 208254346608 5591541, 208334546603PRF00271, 208334546604PRF00271, 208345746611 5591538, 208345746612 5591539, 208334646603PRF00270, 208334746603PRF00270, 208334746604PRF00271, 208343546603PRF00530, 208343546604PRF00530, 208343646603PRF00528, 208343646604PRF00528, 208343746605PRF00529, 208355404685PRF01078, 208355404686PRF01078, 208355404687PRF01078, 208355404688PRF01078, 208355404776PRF00165, 208355404777PRF00166, 208355404658PRF01237, 208355404661PRF01009, 208355405207PRF01502, 208355405206PRF01502, 208355405202PRF01502, 208355405203PRF01502, 208355404647PRF01009, 208355404656PRF01173, 208355404663PRF01169, 208355404659PRF01242, 208355404670PRF01242, 208355404660PRF01009, 208355404648PRF01009, 208355404649PRF01009, 208355404662PRF01009, 208355404651PRF01105, 208355404650PRF01105, 208355404615PRF00071, 208355404616PRF00072, 208355405128 5591538, 208355405129 5591539, 208355404652PRF01151, 208355404653PRF01151, 208355404654PRF01151, 208355404655PRF01151, 208355405130 5591541, 208355405131 5591541, 208355405132PRF00113, 208355405133PRF00113, 208355405190PRF01052, 208355404974PRF00145, 208355404973PRF00123, 208355404906 6421450, 208355405192 6811538, 208355405191 6811524, 208355405199PRF01147, 208355405197PRF01139, 208355405169PRF00113, 208355405194PRF00113, 208355405182PRF00528, 208355405183PRF00528, 208355405375PRF01517, 208355405376PRF01517, 208355405372PRF01517, 208355405181PRF00271, 208355405180PRF00270, 208355404564PRF01105, 208355404587PRF01009, 208334646604PRF00270, 20835540490664214507, 208355405184PRF00530, 208355405185PRF00530, 20835540516568515420, 20835540516468515381, 208355405170PRF00113, 208355405195PRF00113, 208355405196PRF01139, 208355405198PRF01146, 208355405211 5591638, 208355405208PRF01470, 208355405209PRF01470, 208355405210 5591638, 208355405101PRF01183, 208355405104PRF01183, 208355405105PRF01183, 208355404755PRF01477, 208355404779PRF01477, 208355404862PF009554, 208355404863PRF00955, 208355405384PRF01515, 208355405385PRF01515, 208355405045PRF00529, 208355405046PRF00529, 208355405047PRF01139, 208355405048PRF01139, 208355404860PRF01131, 208355404861PRF01370, 208355404864PRF01246, 208355404554PRF00487, 208355404546PRF00089, 208355404545PRF0101, 208355404557PRF0049, 208355405503PRF0147, 208355405496PRF0147, 208355405497PRF0147, 208355405501PRF0147, 2082033466125591539, 208355404540PRF0101, 208355404553PRF0113, 208355404682PRF0101, 208355404558PRF0049, 208355404542PRF0101, 2082840044026811754, 208355405538PRF0118, 208355405537PRF0118, 208355405531PRF0079, 2083554055286421450, 208297761103PRF0048, 208355406241

Ignis Cooker Hood

AKS 464 IX, AKS 465 IX, AKS 437/1, AKS 464/1, AKS 603/IX, AKS 921/IX, AKS 4900 IX, AKS 4600 IX, DNHBS 65 AM X, DNHBS 95 AM X, DNHBS65LMX, DNHBS 95 LM X

Ikea Cooker Hood

HDN SW800 601.238.52, 001.515.55 HDD W00 S, 801.515.56 HDD W10 S, 601.515.57 HDD W40 S, 00151555 HDD W00 S HDD W00 S HOOD IK, 601.238.47 HDN SW600 HOOD IK, 301.238.58 HDN SI810 HOOD IK, 201.238.49 HDN SW610 HOOD IK, 401.238.48 HDN SW640 HOOD IK, 801.238.51 HDN SW810 HOOD IK, 001.238.50 HDN SW840 HOOD IK, 601.238.52 HDN SW800 HOOD IK, 401.257.67 HDN G600 HOOD IK, 202.265.50, 002.265.51, 401.257.67, 002.446.92 HD MT00 60S HOOD IK, 302.446.95 HD MT00 60AN HOOD IK, 802.446.93 HD MT10 60S HOOD IK, 102.446.96 HD MT10 60AN HOOD IK, 602.446.94 HD MT40 60S HOOD IK, 902.446.97 HD MT40 60AN HOOD IK, 702.446.98 HD KT00 90S HOOD IK, 502.446.99 HD KT10 90S HOOD IK, 102.447.00 HD KT40 90S HOOD IK, 902.447.01 HD VG00 60S HOOD IK, 702.447.02 HD VG10 60S HOOD IK, 502.447.03 HD VG40 60S HOOD IK, 702.447.16 HD TS00 40S HOOD IK, 502.447.17 HD TS10 40S HOOD IK, 302.447.18 HD TS40 40S HOOD IK, 202.447.14 HD MT10 80S HOOD IK, 902.447.15 HD MT40 80S HOOD IK, 00125769 HDN G610 HDN G610 COOKERHOO, 402.447.13 HD MT00 80S HOOD IK, 902.446.64 HD FE00 80S HOOD IK, 502.447.22 HD OD00 90S HOOD IK, 302.447.23 HD OD10 90S HOOD IK, 102.447.24 HD OD40 90S HOOD IK, 602.446.65 HD FE10 80S HOOD IK, 402.446.66 HD FE40 80S HOOD IK, 802.819.11, 102.819.19, 202.819.09, 902.819.15, 403.045.99 HD MT41 60S HOOD IK, 003.045.96 HD MT41 60AN HOOD IK, 603.033.58 HD KK00 90S HOOD IK, 803.033.57 HD KK10 90S HOOD IK, 003.046.00 HD MT11 60S HOOD IK, 803.045.97 HD MT11 60AN HOOD IK, 603.045.98 HD MT01 60S HOOD IK, 203.045.95 HD MT01 60AN HOOD IK, 103.046.28 HD VG01 60S HOOD IK, 503.046.26 HD VG41 60S HOOD IK, 030.335.6 HD KK40 90S HOOD IK, 303.046.27 HD VG11 60S HOOD IK, 803.045.83 HD KT01 90S HOOD IK, 603.045.84 HD KT41 90S HOOD IK, 503.046.45 HD TS01 40S HOOD IK, 203.046.42 HD OD01 90S HOOD IK, 303.045.85 HD KT11 90S HOOD IK, 003.221.52, 803.221.48, 203.221.46, 903.221.24, 503.453.92 HD FE40 80S HOOD IK, 903.453.90 HD FE00 80S HOOD IK, 803.453.95 HD OD01 90S HOOD IK, 303.453.93 HD FE10 80S HOOD IK, HDFE8080S

Samsung Cooker Hood


Whirlpool Cooker Hood

AKR 918 IX, AKR 503 IX, AKR 669 IX, AKR 950/1 IX, AKR 798 IX, AKR 966 IX, AKR 468/IX, AKR 951/1 IX, AKR 703 IX, AKR 891 IX, AKR 799 IX, AKR 799/IX, AKR 861 IX, AKR 995/1 IX, AKR 972/1 IX, AKR 506 IX, AKR 509 IX, AKR 513 IX, AKR 510 IX, AKR 979 IX, AKR 511 IX, AKR 524 IX, AKR 562 IX, 208307904401 AME325, AKR 016 IX, AKR 696 IX, AKR 982 IX, AKR 694 IX, AKR 808 UK BK, AKR 554/1 IX, AKR 555/1 IX, AKR 558/1 IX, AKR 559/1 IX, 208202753203 AME 251, 208300704402 AME300, 208296304401 AME281, 208245504407 AME319, 208245504408 AME320, 208247904404 AME321, 208302204403 AME326, 208315604403 AME339, 208315604404 AME340, 208202746607 AME280, 208296304402 AME282, 208296304403 AME283, 208300704401 AME285, 208202753204 AME252, 208281345002 AME352, 208281345001 AME353, 208241804403 AME 387, 208302204401 AME 389, 208262704404 AME 439, 208262504405 AME 444, 208262504404 AME 445, AKR 943 IX, 208262746901 AME 438, 208284046901 AME 440, 208297746901 AME 441, 208315604402 AME 447, 208283946901 AME 047, AKR 965 IX, 208315604401 AME 446, 208262846902 AME 449, 208262846901 AME 045, 208297846901 AME 048, 208297746901 AME 442, 208283946902 AME 046, AKR 5890 IXL, AKR 669 WH, AKR 799 IXL, AKR 767 IX, AKR 558/2 IX, AKR 559/2 IX, AKR 768 IX, AKR 471 IX, AKR 712 IX, AKR 030 IX, AKR 032 IX, AKR 7030 IX, AKR 031 IX, AKR 757 IX, AKR 474 IXL, AKR 759 IX, AKR 756 IX, AKR 746 IX, AKR 767/1 IX, AKR 558/2 UK IX, AKR 030 UK IX, AKR 808 BK, AKR 746 UK IX, AKR 808 MR, WHG 66 AM UK X, AKR 809 UK MR, AKR 809 MR, 208350761112PRF01011, AKR 694 UK IX, WHG 66 AM X, WHF 66 AM X, WHF 96 AM X, WHG 96 AM X, WHBS94FLMX, AKR5593IX, WHC63FLTX, AKR94LX, WHBS 92F LT K, WHFG65FLMX, AKR 558/3 IX, WHGC93FLMX, WHFG94FLMX, WHVS 90F LT A K, WHVS 90F LT C K, WHBS 93 F LE X, WHBS 63 F LE X, WHFG64FLMX, WHFG93FLEX, AKR7591IX, WVS 93F LT K, WHC93FLEX, WHBS 93 F LK X, WHC93FLTX, WHBS95LMK, WHFG63FLEX, WHC63FLBX, WHGC63FLMX, WHBS95LMX, KEWTC60020, WHVS93FLTBSS

More Information
Alternate Part Number 480122100655, C00316272, DG81-02281A, KIT00597, 9178005392
Manufacturer Elica Spare Parts
Genuine Part Yes

   Cooker Hood Spare Parts

Many cooker hoods or extractor hoods are made by leading suppliers in Europe for a number of different brand names and that can be a good thing as it means that a lot of spare parts can be cross referenced into different part numbers that will often allow you to find cheaper alternative spare parts.

This means that many cooker hood spare parts can be generic such as switch assemblies, motors, filters and so on but, you may still often have to give us the model number to be able to locate spare parts for your particular cooker hood model.

  Finding Cooker Hood Parts?

We tend to list cooker hood parts that have been asked for or used by the engineers and not ones that have not.

There are reasons that we operate this way, the first is that if it has been used once then it is likely that the spare part will be needed again and it limits the items tagged to each model to a manageable level making it easier to find the spare parts needed.

Cleverly though, it also saves people from seeing hundreds of irrelevant results and only shows parts that we know fail and have been used, not parts that are almost never required.

This means that we rely on our customers to tell us what breaks and why we ask that, if you are having trouble finding a spare part, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you with the relevant information to help you. Often, we will also be able to offer alternative parts that in many cases may save you money.

Please use email or the contact page to get in touch as that way we can send you images, diagrams and any other files or information that might just help you repair your cooker hood as cheaply as possible.

It is very common for people to order the wrong part please, don't be hasty in ordering parts as it is at times a very, very precise thing to do and if you go one step wrong, you'll get the wrong part!

This is a hassle and inconvenience to you obviously but, it makes our life harder as well and can prove costly to all.

We want you to get the right part, the first time.

Please have a look at this guide on finding the correct spare parts and if you've any doubt at all, just ask. We'll answer you quickly and accurately saving you time, hassle and money most often.


Component parts may vary in shape and size to the images shown as parts are model specific and subject to change or alteration at any time without notice. This spare part will only fit the models as described in the listing unless specifically advised otherwise by ourselves.

Also note that many cooker hood and components can, depending on the model, be used in different positions so please, take care when ordering and don't rely solely on images as, they pretty much all look the same and there are often hundreds, if not thousands of variations of any one type of part!

Read why this is important here

  Technical And Fault Help

If you need help to track down a fault or try to work out what a fault or error code is telling you then please ask in the forums for assistance.

This is a free service that is available to all and you can access the forums from this link

In there you can get free advice and help from appliance repair technicians who will, if they can, assist you with nailing down what the problem with you r appliance might be.

This service is completely free to use and we do not send you emails etc, share your details or anything else. It is purely there as a free service to help people.


Spare parts help and support forums where you can get help and advice from us about parts for washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Spare Parts Help

We can assist you directly with identifying spare parts for your  appliance from our support help desk via email and you will also find lots of information to help you locating model numbers, product codes and more across many pages on the site. And advice on how to find compatible and alternative parts.

You can also email us on or use the live chat (the blue button below right).

We aim to answer you quickly, normally during the week the longest you will weait for a response is an hour at most but, often we're answering you in minutes.

If you are unsure if a part will fit your  model or you want to confirm any details, just get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.


Appliance help and support forums where you can talk to actual domestic appliance engineers about washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

Help From Experts

Get help from  repair experts in our forums, a totally free to use service we provide to all.

Talk to engineers that repair applainces and get support from there with diagnosing faults and repair advice.

To use this function simply login or regiter on the forum, select the forum for the appliance you need help with (for example, washing machine forum for a washing machine question), post your question and, if someone can help you they will do so.


Find a domestic appliance service engineer to repair your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, oven, fridge or any other major domestic appliance

Get A Repair

Find a local approved service engineer to repair your  appliance with no charges to you for the use of this service.

Deal directly with the field service technicians that repair  appliances and cut out the middlemen.


More help, advice and information on how you can repair your own washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more

More Repair Information To Help You

Find out more about how to repair your appliance and much more from the self help section of our website

We have a huge number of help articles that cover the most common issues and problems with most appliances that you can use to help diagnose the cause of many problems yourself

UK Whitegoods Limited

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We are going to get any part/s your order to you as fast as we possibly can.

We use a variety of means to do that but we also give you, the customer, the choice of how fast you want the transit time to be as well as the features and convenience levels that suit you on delivery so, there are options. There is a lot of information here on how we do this and an explanation of the choice you have as well as the impact of each in speed and cost as we are very open and transparent.

Orders placed outwith our normal business hours will not be shipped until the next working day and are subject to stock availability.

Please be aware that we show availability and that we do not display live stock levels online.

What we do is give an average here based on where parts are and typically take to ship as well as an average of transit times based on how people order parts so these can vary depending largely on the shipping method that we allow you to select depending on your own individual needs.

The estimated normal time that an item will take to reach you (excluding weekends and public holidays) is indicated on every listing at the top of the listing in orange with the truck next to it, an explanation of these is as follows:

1 to ** Days: Normally a UK stock item and usually dispatched the same or next working day but some items may take a little longer depending on where the stock is.

3 to ** Days: Usually a UK/EU stocked item but may have a longer lead time, for clarification of the time please contact us before ordering and we will advise further if required.

* to ** Days: Variable lead times that are based on normal order supply times, often parts that do not have a “1 to“ at the start will ordinarily be factory or custom order items and we would ask that you please allow the time indicated for your order to arrive with you. Please note that these items are specially ordered upon request that is not normally stocked therefore cannot be ordinarily returned, this does not affect your statutory rights.

Again, please note that your chosen delivery method may affect the delivery time to both shorten and lengthen that delivery time and that these estimates apply to UK mainland orders only. The faster delivery method that you choose, the lower on that estimated delivery time you will likely receive the items ordered.

If you need clarification or a more accurate lead time please contact us for assistance on that and we will do our utmost to provide that as our estimated lead times are based on normal stock availability, average lead times, average shipping times and this can vary depending on shipping methods etc.

Our standard delivery charges are quoted online when you place an order on the checkout page and are determined by weight, size and method so can alter based on those parameters.

Large (oversized/overweight) items (panels, dishracks, cooktops, tubs, drums, etc.) may incur additional shipping fees, especially when off the mainland UK.

Our estimated delivery times do not apply to international or offshore orders, only to UK mainland addresses and delivery times to more rural areas may vary depending on the service used.

Delivery times can vary at times of very high volumes, such as Christmas period and also due to bad weather etc and at such times deliveries, regardless of service used, may not happen as normal.

Please do understand that manufacturers can change specifications, pricing and delivery times without notice and we do try to take account of this as best we can but we cannot absolutely guarantee these things when outside of our control.

  Order Transit Times

If the item you have ordered is in stock and the order is placed before 3.00 pm Monday to Friday then we will endeavour to dispatch the order on the same day. Subsequent delivery times are usually between 1-3 working days depending on the service you have chosen, the time your order is placed and stock availability.

If an item is required for a guaranteed next-day delivery please contact us in advance to check that this is possible

Please note that the times given can be subject to availability, however, more than 98% of all orders are delivered on or faster than the estimated times. And that especially busy times, adverse weather and so on that shipping can be slower than normal.

Economy courier Service

Delivery by HermesOrders placed before 3pm on working days will normally dispatch within 24 hours depending on stock availability by Evri (Hermes).

Most orders are expected to reach UK postcodes in 1-4 business days from dispatch using this service.

Premium Delivery

Delivery by premium DPD serviceYour order will receive priority handling and packing and be normally be delivered the next working day after dispatch using DPD, UPS or Royal Mail Special Delivery for smaller items where with DPD or UPS you also have the ability to change the delivery address with DPD (may cause delay), times and so on, services that are not available on other carrier options.

This option does get the items to you as fast as we can make that happen within the confines of where the stock is held etc.

Please note that on large or bulky items, this may be the only option available due to restrictions on other services on both sizes and weights.

Economy Services

Royal Mail deliver service

Most orders are expected to reach UK postcodes in 1-15 business days from dispatch depending on the service level selected.

* Royal Mail postal service - This is not a guaranteed next day service, Royal Mail aim to deliver 85% of 1st Class mail items the next working day after posting but this can take longer. Economy services are slower than this and can take several working days to arrive.

Whilst we have tried our best to cover the most common questions here, there are some product and location-specific exceptions that may also result in additional charges. If this is the case, then a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss the various options before the item is dispatched.

Should you have any delivery queries, please get in touch with a member of our team at

Please do not arrange to have a tradesman on site until after your goods have arrived and you have checked them (We will not pay your tradesman's costs in the event that the item is damaged in transit or not suitable for any reason).

The products you order will be delivered by one of our contracted couriers: Royal Mail, Hermes or DPD/Interlink Express. When the item is dispatched you will receive an email with additional delivery information where available.


Returns can be sent back to us and we want to make this as easy as possible for you but please follow the instructions here to ensure your requirements are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us at should you wish to return any item.

Please disclose the reason for returning the item along with details of your order number.

It is important that you do not damage or deface the original packaging of any of the products being returned as this may affect our ability to provide any refund.

Please do not return items without first contacting us and receiving instruction on the returns address as this can vary depending on the item(s) being returned. Failure to do so may result in delay or loss which you may be responsible for.


Please contact us on within 24 hours of delivery to report any damage.

To deal with damages quickly please send us a brief description of the damage and include a photograph where possible as this will speed the process up considerably.

Please note we will not accept any liability where freight forwarding is used for damage or loss.

  Return of Faulty Goods

You should open all boxes carefully and thoroughly check the goods for damage on the day of delivery and notify us of any damage within 24 hours of the delivery. If we are not notified of damage within 24 hours we are unable to claim from either the manufacturer or the carrier and you may be liable and unable to claim for damage.

If a product is faulty you can return it to UK Whitegoods for an exchange or refund.

Returned items are always inspected and tested, please note that should we determine that the product is not faulty you may not receive a refund for that item and you may be charged any delivery and collection costs we incur.

  Return of Non-Faulty Goods

At UK Whitegoods we are determined to go to every length to ensure that you are a happy customer. If however, the event arises that you wish to cancel your order, then you may do so in accordance with the provisions below.

You can cancel your contract before delivery, and up to 14 days after delivery. To do this, please email us or raise a support ticket, you cannot do this on the phone or live chat.

It will speed up the returns process if you can also provide a brief explanation of your reason for cancellation and order number. We will refund your money, excluding postage charges, within 14 days of receiving the item(s) back.

Any returns must be received by us within fourteen days of instruction or authorisation to return the item(s).

If you cancel, you must return the goods to us at your own expense. You are responsible for the risk of loss or damage when you return goods, so you should take out enough postal insurance to cover their value.

It is recommended that - for your own protection - you should send the products back to UK Whitegoods per our instructions using recorded delivery so you have proof of delivery. Additionally, it is the customer's responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods during the cancellation period and we would, therefore, recommended the product(s) are returned with the original packaging in good condition to avoid the products being damaged on the return journey.

If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods before they are returned to us, and this results in damage or deterioration, we will charge you for the reduction in value or the return may not be authorised.

If you wish to make a return please note that we cannot accept returns if:

  • The products have been used, personalised or customised in any way.
  • The products have been fitted for fault finding purposes, we will deem it to have been used.
  • The product/s were custom special order only items.
Some, not all it varies on a case by case basis, special order items can be returned but to do so will incur costs, typically restocking fees charged by manufacturers etc and those can be hefty so it is as always better to check suitability before ordering.

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