User Guide

Why Use Email?

In short, it is to give you a better service.

The phone isn't the main way we do things, it's entirely impractical for most parts enquiries as you can't give links, drawings, images and so on through it so, largely it's useless for much of what we do. It's faster and more efficient by email and more accurate as often what people describe they want isn't what we see as we only usually see line drawings, and blowouts of the machines by section.

Then atop that, we often will have to track part number alterations, amended parts and so forth with all that info you get on the fly as you hunt down parts and find alternatives if there are any; you cannot do that on the phone either as it's too distracting, to be honest, whilst holding a conversation.

Hence, when people phone we do get comments that it's annoying to be directed to email but, it really is a far, far superior way that saves everyone time, hassle and money. It saves our customers a lot of time and money and allows us to provide you with a far superior service level than we could offer on the phone.

No SpamZero Spam!

Our policy on email and other marketing stuff is really simple: we don't do it.

We will send you emails in relation to an enquiry or your order and that's all we will send you an email about.

We will not send unsolicited emails to you about other products or services, and we do not share our customer database with anyone, ever. We won't even put marketing leaflets in any packets we send to our customers.

We hate spam as much as everyone else, so we do not do this as company policy.

Adding To Your Cart & Checkout

Once you find the item that you are looking for simply click the "Buy Now" button and that item will be added to your shopping cart.

You can either continue to shop for other items or click "Checkout" to pay for your items and complete the order.

Once you click "Checkout" you will be taken to the checkout page where you simply enter the details required to deliver your item and your preferred payment method.

Payment can be made using most major credit or debit cards as well as by Paypal.

After You Order

After your order is completed you will receive an email confirming your purchase; usually, this will simply confirm that the order has been received and that the order is "Processing".

When your order is shipped or updated in any way, you will receive an email keeping you informed of the progress. For multiple-part orders that may be shipped from several locations, you will receive updates as each item is dispatched. 

Should there be any problem with the order, such as out-of-stock parts or an error we will contact you and ask how you wish to proceed.

Delivery Times

Please note that delivery times vary on certain parts with some being factory orders, we list as accurately as we possibly can on each part listing the normal lead times for that particular spare part. These can vary however and if a part is urgent then please contact us in advance so that we may advise the best and fastest way to get a spare part to you.

Transit times are entirely under the control of the provider which is a choice that you can make when ordering.

It is important to note that Royal Mail basic services cannot be tracked.

How We Look Up Spare Parts

When it comes to looking for parts we go about it in a very methodical way and there are only really a few ways to deal with the vast bulk of lookups we do for you so there is no errors.

So as people can easily understand how it works, here's how it goes:

Step 1 : Lookup on the main distributor/manufacturer website

This will always be the first thing to do and how that magic works varies on what make and model it is and sometimes what part/s it is as often extended information will only be on the OEM or factory parts portal, not anywhere else.

So when we look up a part for you, we're doing it in a way that you cannot. We do this for a reason, it means we can't really get it wrong but without training on how to do that, the general public really can't.

Step 2: We can't find it!

If we can't find it and we know it's a "live" item as in, not obsolete we may have to query it for you and this takes time. We often answer emails in minutes, most others do not and for some it can be a long and painful wait to get info (for us that's more then a few minutes!), but if you can't find it, there's no choice.

Or, it's a make/model we know we cannot source parts for and advise such, not a lot we can do if we're blocked (which is the most common cause) from getting information or parts.

Step 3: It's obsolete or unavailable

We sell parts. We do not want to tell you things are obsolete or you can't get them or there's nothing that will fit... that's kinda not good for us!

But sadly, if we can't get the part or we can't get any info on it, we've no other option. And, we'd rather tell you that than guess at it and be wrong.

Spare Parts Can Be Confusing

We get it! If you're not used to the industry, how it works, the plethora of makes, models and versions within those based on serial numbers, product codes and so on that can all determine what part you need and why you will often see several options.

If you don't want the hassle and want the correct part as quickly and cheaply as possible, just give us the details here and we will scuttle off and find what you need for you.

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